akem_Hey, so i got the last LTS, but i get this annoying notification about "upgrade", isn't upgrade for new version? I wanna keep this LTS version. I think i just wanna get rid of this notification.08:43
akem_That is 20.04 LTS iirc.08:44
kc2bezakem_: the upgrade notification is for upgraded packages not a new version of Lubuntu. They most likely contain security fixes and other stable upgrades.08:46
akem_kc2bez, Oh really? I thought this was just "update". So i guess i can safely click yes for that.08:47
akem_I thought "update" was for security fixes etc and "upgrade" for new version.08:47
akem_Nevermind then, thanks kc2bez.08:48
kc2bezYes, they are safe. It is the same as apt update && apt full-upgrade on the command line.08:48
kc2bezIt just updates packages.08:49

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