mborzeckipstolowski: hey07:00
mvogood morning pstolowski and mborzecki07:07
mborzeckimvo:  hey07:07
pedronismvo: hi, why is #9399 not merged?07:50
mvopedronis: let me check07:51
pedronisI might have confused you07:51
mvopedronis: yeah, it did not get a +1 from you so I did not merge it07:51
mvopedronis: if it's good I will merge it now, but the boat for 2.47 is missed :/07:52
pedronismvo: I pushed to it07:52
mvopedronis: uh, sorry, then I was just too cautious07:52
pedronisit sounded you wanted it in 2.47 ?07:52
mvopedronis: yes, it's a bit unfortuante07:53
pedronissorry, I pushed to it and then ignored it, I thought you would just merge it or ask me again07:53
mvopedronis: I mostly want it for groovy, I would do a 2.47+20.10.1 with just this merge in the deb07:53
pedronisalso I hoped my follow up would get a review07:53
mvopedronis: sorry for that, but it's not the end of the world, let me squash merge it now07:53
mborzeckipedronis: hi, i've updated #9427, sadly with the s/ChangePreserveBefore/ChangeIgnore/ and the other tweaks it grew a bit07:55
mvopedronis: merged and cherry picked07:55
pedronismborzecki: yea, it's a bit big now :/07:55
mborzeckipedronis: and there's a separate change that uses bootloader.ForGadget() in makebootable, which i can propose separately if that's easier to review07:55
mborzeckipedronis: fwiw, i can propose the ChangePreserveBefore -> ChangeIgnore rename separately too07:56
mvopedronis: I will look at the followup today. quick question about the snapshot setid work from pawel, would you prefer to review all of those prs or do you think two regular reviews are sufficient? was wondering if that the import is something we could finish before the sprint (or do you think this is utterly unrealistic?)07:57
pedronismvo: they are on my list to look at them quickly today07:57
mvopedronis: cool, thanks07:58
pedronismborzecki: if we can make it a bit smaller it would be better I think08:03
mborzeckipedronis: ok08:04
pedronismvo: anyway my PR #9424 needs a little bit more work08:05
zygamvo thanks for the review, that really speeds things up08:16
zygaI'll merge and iterate as there is more :)08:16
zygaI will look at both pawel's and your comments08:16
mvozyga: they where style comments on my side08:17
mvozyga: how is the snapd->snap userd part comin along?08:17
mvozyga: would be amazing to demo something08:17
mvozyga: shame we don't have lightning talks08:18
zyganot much progress yesterday but that's my focus now08:18
zygais that due this week or next week?08:18
mvozyga: next week is the sprint08:20
mvozyga: the better story we have then, the better08:20
zygamvo, I think I will have a demo for the standup tomorrow08:23
pedronispstolowski: mvo: I reviewed #941708:37
pedronispstolowski: and #943408:45
pstolowskigreat, ty08:47
mborzeckipedronis: split out the gadget bits, `3 files changed, 447 insertions(+), 57 deletions(-)` that should make it more manageable09:39
pedronismborzecki: thx10:04
mborzeckizyga: do you recall whether the apparmor profile allows to run ping? https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/cant-run-the-simplest-ping-script/2027510:11
mborzeckiiirc ping used to be (is still?) setuid10:11
pstolowskipedronis: i've solved XXX in #9417 (by passing setid to Open) but it affects a few other places, ok if this is a followup?10:25
mvopstolowski: fwiw, I'm in favor of a follwup10:29
mvopstolowski: then I can merge 9417 into the import PR and make it slightly smaller10:29
mvopstolowski: but there is a shellcheck issue in this PR that is real and will need attention10:39
pstolowskimvo: yes i just fixed it and checking10:40
mvopstolowski: just run "./spread-shellcheck tests/main/"10:40
mvopstolowski: nice10:40
zygamborzecki looking10:41
zygamvo I don't remember10:41
zygamborzecki, nope, no ping10:41
zygamvo notifications work now10:41
zygamvo should brainstorm for 3 minutes the wording10:42
zygabut I just did a "run chrome, switch and refresh"10:42
zygaso if you want it in edge tomorrow I need reviews :)10:42
zygamvo GNOME experience is, sadly, terrible10:42
zygabut I will check why and try to fix it10:43
zyga(the notification is on screen far too short to read comfortably)10:43
zygait gets stashed in the roster though, so that's oka10:43
zygaI will try the plethora of hints available10:43
zygabut it really works ")10:43
mvozyga: nice!10:46
* mvo hugs zyga10:46
zygahttps://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9438 is short and simple10:48
zygaimproves how to pass expiration timeout10:48
pedronispstolowski: as you prefer, that PR is not big either way10:51
jameshzyga: sorry for not giving a review of your notifications branch.  I notice you're implementing a lot of features not used by modern shells.  That's one of the reasons I was looking at both the fdo and gtk APIs together rather than focusing on fdo11:06
pstolowskimhm, i've seen "cannot sign assertion: bad GPG produced signature: .." more often recently11:28
zygajamesh: I'm aware of that, we can trim it down later, most of the "features" are really just constants11:38
zygaall of the APIs there are working in current gnome (fortunately)11:39
zygajamesh I wrote some code using this now, from snapd, via userd, so that's going to be a good chance to discuss what we want to show exactly11:40
zygamvo: I need a review of small 942211:44
zygaperhaps someone could do it before samuele can do the architecture review11:44
pedroniszyga: I reviewed #857311:47
zygathank you, let me look11:47
zygagreat feedback, thank you11:49
zygaI will pick that up tomorrow, today is the notifications side day11:49
pedroniszyga: ok, I'll ty to also look at #7700 today, that should be simpler?11:51
jdstrandmborzecki: ogra is right, you need network-control because ping is setuid so need 'capability setuid'. there are other higher up the stack was to check networking that don't need that cap if people don't want network-control11:56
pedronispstolowski: I did a quick pass on #944211:57
mborzeckijdstrand: thanks for confirming11:57
pstolowskipedronis: ty11:57
dariballhi, ubuntucore docs (https://core.docs.ubuntu.com/en/stacks/disk/udisks2/docs/installation) mention using "udisks2" for automount support, but the snap is not found: https://snapcraft.io/search?q=udisks2 ... any hint on what I am doing wrong ?11:58
dariballor is there a replacement for "udisks2" which is not yet part of the docs?11:59
zygadegville ^12:00
jdstrandnetwork-observe would also do12:00
jdstrandI responded to the topic12:00
degvilledariball: sorry - the udisk2 snap has been deprecated. We should definitely add that to the Ubuntu Core docs. I'm not sure of an alternative, but this may provide a clue: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/udisks2-snap-removed-alternatives/12467/12:04
dariballdegville: ok, good to know, thank you12:07
pedronisdegville: pstolowski: I updated based on feedback https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9424#issuecomment-70135779212:57
degvillepedronis: thank you! on first glance, it looks really good.12:59
mvopstolowski: I merged master into 9442 and will review now14:01
pstolowskiquick errand, bbiab14:31
mvopstolowski: I did merge but the reviewing did not quite work out due to meetings, will try again a bit later14:40
pstolowskisure np14:48
pedroniszyga: the work you are doing will partly replace #7700, right ?14:50
parker__Hi everyone, does anyone here know how I might install a `.deb` as a part?14:55
parker__http://pastie.org/p/5TdqAudVPiPfRR1GMRI7aU -- I'm trying to install faudio before I install wine14:58
zygapedronis: in a way, yes14:58
zygapedronis: I think the "hold and wait" aspect will not change but the UI will14:58
pedronispstolowski: I approved it but I noticed this in the other PR: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9434/files#r49758039815:00
pedronispstolowski: actually, maybe I'm just confused15:02
pstolowskipedronis: TestLastSnapshotIDErrorOnDirName hits tis15:04
pedronispstolowski: sorry, I was confused, see my comment in the PR15:05
* cachio lunch15:10
ijohnsonpedronis: I have more fun raciness I have just discovered to discuss in our meeting16:01
ijohnsonpedronis: autorefresh.Ensure() grabs a lock, then releases the lock while doing a bulk refresh assertion and console-conf-start gets the lock doesn't see a change, then unlocks and Ensure() comes back and creates a new change16:02
pedronisijohnson: well, I asked to look into that16:02
pedronisI remembered there might be something like that going on16:02
ijohnsonpedronis: and I did, but apparently I didn't look closely enough16:02
ijohnsonanyways I'm looking at remedies now16:03
parker__Hi all, got disconnected so unsure if this was answered16:21
parker__I'm trying to install wine5.18 which dependents on the library `faudio`. I've added both the 64 and i386 debs as parts but they don't seem to be getting installed http://pastie.org/p/5TdqAudVPiPfRR1GMRI7aU16:23
zygamvo: https://twitter.com/zygoon/status/131134097117567386116:24
zygaI will  tweak the text some more, remove hacks and open a PR16:24
zygabut I need to do an errand with my wife now, we'll be back in two hours, traffic permitting16:25
ijohnsonvery nice zyga !16:33
cachiozyga, when you are back could you please take a look to #9414 and #942516:46
* cachio -> kinesiologist17:43
zygaijohnson https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/944618:53
zygacachio tomorrow morning18:54
ijohnsonnice I will try and get you a review to try and land this asap18:54
zygait's behind a feature flag18:54
zygaso we can change anything without impact18:54
* ijohnson still needs to finish a review for pawel's service pr first though18:54
zygaso yeah, LGTM if we can :)18:54
zygaI suspect it will be quite a shed for bicycles though ;)18:54
ijohnson haha18:54
zygabecause it's short and man, wording ;-)18:55
parker__Another interesting problem I've been unsable to solve `The 'wine' part is missing libraries that are not included in the snap or base. They can be satisfied by adding the following entries to the existing stage-packages for this part:19:42
parker__This then lists many packages which I have added into the stage-packages list, but upon remaking the snap the error message remains the same19:43
ijohnsonparker__: is the part that uses those stage-packages also define a "prime" or a "stage" key? if so you may be accidentally removing the files from those stage-packages19:44
parker__ijohnson: not that I can tell http://pastie.org/p/1FQ7eewGAX2kDPoxgGTzK219:46
ijohnsonparker__: what is this line doing:      `rm -rf ${SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL}/usr`19:46
parker__oh shoot...19:47
parker__that would definately cause a problem19:47
parker__+1 seems to have worked! hah19:50

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