valorieaha, my husband asked if I had a way to direct sound elsewhere, which I do -- pulseaudio01:22
valoriebut for both the mic and the headphones PA shows them "unplugged"01:22
valorieif I choose the headphones, no sound from the speakers, but no sound in the headphones either01:23
valoriemost mysterious01:23
Bashing-omvalorie: A thought: ' pavucontrol ' Check the inputs are correct ?01:35
valorieI think what I was using used to be called pavucontrol01:36
valorieissue isn't that they aren't correct, but that when plugged in, it is seen but assigned "unplugged"01:37
valoriewhich indicates to me that whatever layer is supposed to "listen" for USB being plugged in or unplugged is no longer listening01:37
valorie"oh you unplugged which means you no longer want to use your earphones & mic"01:38
valoriebefore upgrading to the beta, no issues01:38
valorieI checked on my husband's windows machine -- no issues01:38
valorieworks exactly as it used to for me in 20.0401:39
valorieI just don't know if this is a KDE issue, just kubuntu, or ubuntu01:39
valoriewhat's the name of the thing we used to use in the commandline?01:40
valorieI should check it at that level01:40
Bashing-omvalorie: aplay ?01:41
valorieI just had to DDG a bit to recall01:42
valorie hmmm, I can control the laptop speakers with alsamixer but the plugged in earphones are not detected by it either01:49
valorieI guess it is a question for another day01:49
Bashing-omvalorie: Booting an older live environment still workie ?01:50
valoriedo you mean an older kernel? I think all are gone at this point01:51
valorieI might check on my travel lappy which is also on groovy but not been updated to the beta01:52
valoriebut not rn01:52
Bashing-omvalorie: :) laters \o01:59
valoriethanks for the suggestions!01:59
valorielinux sound stack is so mysterious02:00
valoriemix in USB, and ????02:00
Bashing-omvalorie: Awh - just some thoughts.02:00
CryptoSiDHi there, I'm having an annoying issue with exim4 on Ubuntu 20.10 and I would like to know if I'm the only one: https://dpaste.com/64MME5CGH10:17
CryptoSiDevery night at midnight I receive an email to notify me about the paniclog... the systam isn't read-only... it's a bug10:17
CryptoSiDall the emails are getting sent without issue but it's still creating a paniclog for some of them.. I've been struggling with this issue for months...10:18
tarzeauCryptoSiD: so touch /var/spool/exim4//input/x works?11:21
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