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lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:34
gimzmoeI've got a noob question, I've got 5 laptops I'm trying to cluster for a project.  I've installed python3 on all of them but some have 3.8.2 and others have 3.8.6 as installed from the repo when I added deadsnakes ppa... can someone explain why and maybe a clue to how to fix it?04:08
guivercgimzmoe, are all running the same release?  different releases can have different versions of packages even with PPAs05:24
gimzmoethat's what started this mess, but I upgraded.  I think... I've sorted something out, I'm stripping the python3 from each of the machines and starting over.  it's not fast or pretty but it's progress05:25
lotuspsychjewelcome xMeia17:31
xMeiawhat r we discussin?17:31
lotuspsychjexMeia: currently not much, you can start a topic :p17:31
xMeiaGive me some of your best tips on software to download and what they do17:33
xMeiaWhat is good/bad about Xubuntu (I am on it) in regards to other distributions?17:34
lotuspsychjexMeia: wich version of xubuntu?17:34
lotuspsychjelts or non-lts17:35
xMeiawhat does that mean? im new to this17:35
xMeiaand how do I check it? =)17:35
lotuspsychjexMeia: i always install these: preload, haveged, gnome-tweaks, dconf-editor, vlc, qbittorrent, stacer, bleachbit17:36
lotuspsychjexMeia: lsb_release -a17:36
xMeiacommando wont work17:38
mgedmincat /etc/os-release17:40
mgedminlook for VERSION="..."17:41
xMeia20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)17:41
mgedminthe latest ubuntu is an lts in any case17:41
xMeiaWhat is LTS17:41
mgedminlong-term support17:42
mgedminubuntu releases twice per year every year17:42
xMeiaah, thats good17:42
mgedminnot everyone likes upgrading their machines that often17:42
mgedmintherefore once every two years a release is designated the current Long Term Support release, and is supported for 5 years17:42
mgedmin(non-LTS releases are supported for 9 months)17:42
xMeiaOk, still very much 2 learn on linux so LTS for me should fit fine I think17:43
mgedminsupport == software updates are made available with bugfixes and especially security fixes17:43
xMeiahow do I configure preload with say.. Firefox17:45
lotuspsychjexMeia: preload you can just install and reboot, after that its all automatic17:46
xMeianice =)17:47
xMeiaSittin on an old laptop I breath new life into so it will be nice17:47
xMeiaand haveged, can it help me anyhow?17:47
lotuspsychjexMeia: also the same, install reboot done17:48
xMeiaexplain some software and stuff for me that I could have good use for if you'd like and what they do17:48
lotuspsychjexMeia: i highly reccomend stacer, as it can help you tweak on older machines, shred files, tweak systemd services etc17:48
xMeiais it automatic or do I manage manually?17:49
lotuspsychjexMeia: stacer has different sections, some automatic some manual tweaking17:49
lotuspsychjexMeia: like on older laptops and other cases, i disable braille,cups,openvpn,bluetooth17:52
lotuspsychjedepends on your personal case ofc17:52
xMeiahow do I do it?17:55
xMeiamaybe let bluetooth be there still as I might use a speaker for it17:55
lotuspsychjexMeia: click the services icon on the left and disable your unwanted services17:57
xMeianice with stacer!18:01
xMeiaopenvpn I cant find haha18:01
xMeiathe other ones is off!18:01
xMeiaany tips for performance software on linux to an old laptop? (4gb, dual core 1,8GHz)20:18
daftykinssoftware isn't going to polish a turd20:18
xMeiajust tweak the hardware max poss20:22
xMeiausing Xubuntu XFCE 20.04.1 LTS20:22
daftykinssuch patience20:51
sarnolddoesn't look good for using a slow machine..21:19

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