AsciiWolfteward, Hi! Is the new build (with the gpg patch, but without gnupg dependency) of torbrowser-launcher SRU available? If so, feel free to send me a link, I would like to test it :)12:16
tewardAsciiWolf: not yet.  And I still can't upload to the repos >.>18:36
tewardrbasak: ^ fwiw18:40
tewardthere we go finally18:43
tewardrbasak: finally got it uploaded but switched to FTP (which I hate using because Insecure)18:44
rbasakAccepted. THanks!19:04
rbasakI don't worry about FTP security for package uploads, since it gets verified at the other end with gpg anyway19:04
rbasak(and as for anyone else being able to read it, it ends up public anyway :)19:04
AsciiWolfteward, thanks19:06
tewardrbasak: yeah, well, it's one of the blocked protocols in my snort rules19:07
tewardso i had to rewrite my rules19:07
tewardjust to permit to upload.u.c19:07
tewardAsciiWolf: so to answer your question: you don't need to do any more testing - there's no functional difference except that we don't include gnupg in the deps19:16
tewardonce it's built/available it'll be in -updates so :p19:17
AsciiWolfteward, ok :)19:18
tewardAsciiWolf: well it's in -proposed now if you want to test it there19:42
tewardper rbasak's message about it being accepted to proposed19:42
tewardfollow testing there  :P19:43
AsciiWolfteward, done :)20:28

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