greg-gI'm getting flashbacks to, shit, what was it called?16:10
greg-gwhere your 4 desktops were sides to a cube you could rotate16:10
greg-gand you could add flames, because of course you could add flames16:11
jrwrenand wobbly windows window managers.16:15
jrwrenit is weird cuz in MS windows every control was always already a window, and so if one can wobble, they all can wobble.16:15
jrwrendefinitely feels 20yrs ago.16:15
greg-gWHAT WAS IT CALLED?!16:16
jrwrenenlightenment? :p16:18
greg-gno no16:18
greg-gthe thing from circa 2008 Ubuntu land16:19
greg-gcomposite maybe16:19
greg-gcalls out "the cube" in the first line16:19
jrwrenone of linux desktops weakest things IMO is that it hasn't had a consistent WM over the years.16:20
jrwrenalthough, I guess kwin has been the same for 20-25yrs... so maybe my gripe is with the gnome distros :)16:20

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