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DarkTrickhm.. running a VM on an external harddrive blocks (/extremely slows down) operations on my internal SSD. I think this is not how it's supposed to be. Is this something like a gvfs problem or might this be something with xfce (Thunar?)02:41
Unit193Howdy, Salem.06:03
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Unit193bluesabre: Oh FYI: debian-devel-announce had a message on "PAPT and DPMT become DPT" you may want to read.14:37
bluesabreExciting. Is that related to all the projects that got moved last week?14:47
Unit193Yeah.  They thought it didn't make sense to have two teams considering the overlap.14:49
krytarikhttps://xubuntu.org/screenshots/2004_whisker/ - huh, indeed says "20.40" in the caption.16:31

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