n-iCeTrying ubuntu00:04
n-iCeWorks great00:05
n-iCeMoving to it00:05
Bashing-omn-iCe: \o/ shudda done so 5 years ago :P00:11
Bashing-omn-iCe: "Works great" open source - if then by now you could be a contributor :D00:18
n-iCeWorks awesome00:24
n-iCeI installed it00:24
n-iCeGnime and ubunti are really well made for tablets/touchscreens00:24
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xu-help41wHi there, I've installed Xubuntu on my machine, and when the installation completed, the "restart now" window came out but the window was frozen and there's nothing I can do about it, so I just restarted manually. All went well until I logged in and found the desktop was just broken, that is, all the icons on the desktop were not properly aligned,03:08
xu-help41wthey are jagged like03:08
xu-help41w    FileSystem03:08
xu-help41w        Trash03:08
xu-help41wAnd all other menus and windows I opened just display like that. What can I do to repaire this? Thanks!03:08
drereinstall it,03:10
xu-help41wWhen I log in from restore mode, the desktop display is all right :')03:11
xu-help41wWhen I right click, the menu pop up just looks like this03:16
xu-help41wOpen in New Window03:16
xu-help41wCreate Launcher...03:16
xu-help41wCreate URL Link...Create Folder...Create Document03:16
xu-help41w          Paste03:16
xu-help41w          Open Terminal Here03:16
xu-help41w          Find this folder03:16
xu-help41wthey are splitted into three broken windows...03:17
xu-help41wAny thing I can do without reinstallation?03:17
guivercxu-help41w, I've got a few boxes that are slow to shutdown from *live* systems (feels like a hang, but they get there if you wait), if you need to hurry it I'd recommend using SysRq keys (not sure if by manual restart that's what you meant)03:20
guivercYour issue sounds like a graphics issue..03:20
guivercsome details as to your video hardware may help, but sorry I'm not good with Video hardware, so if you don't get a response here, #ubuntu can be used by Xubuntu users too - you didn't specify a release; which is usually the starting point.03:21
xu-help41wI installed the latest 20.04.1 on amd6403:22
xu-help41wAnd when I tried take a screenshot, the screenshot I got is a proper desktop image03:23
guiverc:)  my guess is also an nvidia card too, switching to terminal (eg. ctrl+alt+F4) is usually good.. to get details, such as `sudo lshw -C video` or list-hardware of class=video)03:24
xu-help41wMy machine uses Radeon graphics03:25
guivercokay amd, but specifics help, eg. my card is a "cedar radeon hd 5000/6000/7350/8350" as reported by lshw03:27
xu-help33wI'm now using Windows....and can not run linux command...03:38
xu-help33wMy graphic name is AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics03:38
xu-help33wverion number 25.20.14012.1900403:38
xu-help4wHello everyone!09:01
xu-help4wI know Ubuntu supports it, I would like to rest assured before installing Xubuntu ...09:05
pmjdebruijnxu-help4w: why just boot the xubuntu live see, and see if it works before installing09:13
extrem|MiSt|huhu ^.^12:32
extrem|MiSt|https://xubuntu.org/screenshots/2004_whisker/ << version 20.40?12:32
Maikthat would mean i could retire right now12:33
Maikif it would be 204012:33
extrem|MiSt|but that would be version 40.XX ?12:33
extrem|MiSt|not 20.40?12:34
Maiki'd be 67 by then12:34
extrem|MiSt|anyways who do I need to ping to get that fixed? it made me giggle more than is socialyl acceptable12:34
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