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rbasakGunnarHj: o/ I've been using ibus-avro. It works quite nicely!10:27
GunnarHjrbasak: Glad to hear that. Packaging it in Debian/Ubuntu seems to have been quite important. Take a look at the reviews in Ubuntu Software to see what I mean. (It's been in the archive about a year.)10:49
rbasakThere seems to be something very wrong with my Ubuntu Software app :-/11:34
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xnoxis it a deb?13:23
bdmurrayseb128, jibel: Do either of you know how to update the translation templates for ubiquity? bug #189744415:34
ubottubug 1897444 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Cannot find and translate the new Active Directory strings" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189744415:34
seb128bdmurray, do 'debconf-updatepo' in the source15:48
bdmurrayxnox: ^15:57
xnoxseb128:  then upload; then wait for trnaslations; then somehow export them; and update them?17:54
xnoxseb128:  i don't know how to export&update them later either.17:54
xnoxalso doesn't debconf-updatepo update the packaging ones, but not the real ones?17:54
seb128xnox, right, update-po basically gives you the template update, which is imported in launchpad, then translators can do their job. At the end of the cycle we do an export from launchpad, e.g https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+source/ubiquity/+pots/ubiquity-debconf/+export then copy the files back to the vcs19:40
seb128well, end of cycle or whenever you want to refresh the translations for users19:41
xnoxack, thanks.20:30
ItzSwirlzseb128: What's your status on Bug #1887312? You said you'd help me with it21:52
ubottubug 1887312 in cinnamon-session (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Cinnamon session doesn't shutdown until all apps close regardless if they act to Cinnamon's logout request" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188731221:52
ItzSwirlzOr look into it*21:52

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