lotuspsychjegood morning04:27
marcoagpintoThe cola demon!!!!04:57
lordievaderGood morning07:36
lordievaderHeho marcoagpinto08:07
hggdhoerheks: to answer your question: there is (was) no requirement for Canonicalers to be members of the community; they apply if they so wish20:28
hggdhbut, when they apply, they go thru the same process as anybody else20:28
oerhekshggdh, i know it is not demandatory.20:30
oerheksand sorry, i should not ask during meeting, sadly20:30
hggdhI frankly see no issue if the question is pertinent20:30
oerheksbut i am really impressed, by his resume20:31
hggdhanyways -- at least of old, the Canonicalers that applied had presence in the community -- meaning they were, already, interested in Ubuntu more than just because it was their job20:32
oerheksI think it is logical to do so, to keep feeling as a volunteer with the community.20:32
hggdha a co-worker of mine, years ago, was a theoretical physicist, PhD, that worked for years at a supercomputing centre, working on boundary problems -- then just moved to pure software20:33
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