sarnoldjayjo_: this bit looks promising for the "usb drive" part: "Create an ISO to use as a cloud-init data source"00:01
sarnoldjayjo_: I haven't tested that myself, I don't know if it actually needs to be a CD :( or if it's enough for a suitable filesystem to be visible00:01
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lordievaderGood morning07:36
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tewarddoes anyone have a ton of experience with pxe boot and preprovisioning a systme with a cloud-init, and can give some guidance on telling the LVM system to use the entire available disk for the LVM LV rather than only half the PV that it gets?  (I think the lvm defaults for cloud-init/curtin are fubar, but not sure how to tell it to use full disk, when using the plain jane 'lvm' storage option without custom configuration of the storage)15:34
powersjteward, probably a better question for #cloud-init or even #curtin18:29

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