robertparkerxis there a way to prevent a specific file from being created from a specific path ?00:20
robertparkerx- /opt/lampp/mild/kunder/liljekvists/wp-content/uploads/queue.lock00:21
robertparkerx- /opt/lampp/mild/kunder/liljekvists/wp-content/uploads/ao_ccss/queue.lock sorry00:21
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BUSYis there a suggested ubuntu video editing client?01:34
addedman8is there something on linux that can read the properties of windows desktop shortcuts?01:50
addedman8on ubuntu, trying to find something like that01:52
addedman8text editor is a no go01:52
untakenstupidnicthe fact that i choosed Iran(Tehran) as timezone (without installing any language packs or anything like that) doesn't mean i want month/weekday names in Arabic script Azeri.02:06
untakenstupidnicit makes the output of the date command a bunch of diamonds.02:07
untakenstupidnicit is ruining tmux.02:08
untakenstupidnichow could i turn it off?02:08
untakenstupidnicdate output: جۆمعه آخشامی ۰۱ اوْکتوْبر ۲۰، ساعات ۰۵:۳۶:۳۴ (+0330)‬02:11
untakenstupidnicand it is only the time stuff that is affected and it is not even the correct language.02:12
Maikuntakenstupidnic: time and date in the wrong language? Edit your locale02:19
untakenstupidnicLC_ALL is "" actually.02:20
rypervencheuntakenstupidnic: What does the output of "locale" show?02:24
untakenstupidnicrypervenche, https://termbin.com/5v0902:25
untakenstupidnicIt makes no sense to localize stuff without anyone telling you anything about it. Also it makes zero sense when you flip the whole UI when somebody chooses a right-to-left language. Just for programmers' information.02:27
rypervencheuntakenstupidnic: LC_TIME governs the formatting used for date and time values. If you only want to change your timezone, then you don't want this set.02:30
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xbfrogi have set 2 profiles in apparmor to complain mode. when i activate the app where do i see the complain mode comments?03:16
xbfrogis that in checking status?03:17
yeahnahmatehi guys could anyone explain what a loop & loopback device in linux is, with easy to explain analogy/example please-from what i can make out its an interface setup so that you can test manage the interface eg wifi network but not sure how that goes with a hd?04:09
rjwiiiloopback h as nothing to do with the hard drive04:10
yeahnahmateso is it only to do with networking04:12
tatertotsthat doesn't sound like a ubuntu related issue at all04:13
yeahnahmatehow about /dev/loop0 and /dev/loop2;3;4;5;6 what should i read about to understand what that is please?04:14
yeahnahmatefair call tatertots soz04:14
jonnjloopback device - in the linux/unix world a file can also act like a block device. in other words, a hard disk. of course it doesn't happen automatically. you have to create a mapping from the file to a specific device. once you do that, you can use the file as a device/hard disk.04:28
jonnjok i just googled loopback device and it is talking about networks so maybe the terminology is different for a block device.04:30
jonnjactually i am getting a mixture of both definitions04:30
jonnjthe concept is similar for block devices and networks04:31
marcoagpintomy Tor browser doesn't launch in 20.04.105:19
marcoagpintowhat is wrong with it?05:19
yeahnahmatemarcoagpinto, another channel bud06:27
marcoagpintothat is what they told me on the bugs channel06:28
drupolAny can paste me the content of the file /etc/os-release please? (on Ubuntu 20.04)06:32
yeahnahmatemarcoagpinto, join the oftc server then type here once opened /join #tor06:34
marcoagpintoyeahnahmate: but I can also no longer open .txt files with a double-click... I have to right-click and select "open with"06:35
marcoagpintoso a bug is somewhere06:35
marcoagpintoand while reinstalling Tor, Ubuntu 20.04.1 crashed and asked me to send a report06:36
yeahnahmatewell download tails burn to usb and then select boot device usb and have some fun without the risk of wrecking your daily os06:36
yeahnahmatemarcoagpinto, it runs torbrowser on a debian based operating system (forgets after reboot unless configured otherwise)06:38
yeahnahmatemarcoagpinto, it works try it06:38
yeahnahmateare you running ubuntu marcoagpinto06:39
yeahnahmatewhois marcoagpinto06:40
marcoagpintoI have VMs with 20.04.1 and 18.0406:41
marcoagpintoI installed Tor in one of the 20.04.106:41
yeahnahmatetry running tail in a vm prolly easier if your noobi06:41
marcoagpintobut both 20.04s only open .txt files with "open with", so something is messed up06:41
yeahnahmatemake a new vm after you fin dloading tails iso06:42
marcoagpintoall was working fine two weeks ago06:42
marcoagpintoI haven't changed anything, except software update06:42
yeahnahmatedont stress it will b easier if you start fresh-is there anything you must have from the vm you made if not delete them and start fresh only take a minute06:43
marcoagpintoI will start fresh once 20.04.2 is out06:43
yeahnahmategod only knows what you've done while clicking all those links on the darknet and markets lol06:43
marcoagpintobut I only have Tor in one the VMs06:44
marcoagpintoso, I have two 20.04s and both don't open a .txt file with a double-click06:44
guivercyeahnahmate, are you trying to help people? or just spamming?06:45
yeahnahmatewhat about all that came before that comment06:46
yeahnahmatemarcoagpinto, your mouse will double click on your host os, but not on your virtual machine(s)?06:50
marcoagpintoit double-clicks on both06:51
yeahnahmateim asking if your mouse works on your host os06:51
marcoagpintoyes, it works in it06:52
yeahnahmatebut your mouse wont double click on the oracle virtual box virtual machine being ubuntu...?06:53
marcoagpintois it helpful?06:58
guivercmarcoagpinto, if you want to explore that crash report, it'll be found in /var/crash/ , when submitted it will have a .uploaded appended to it, but the filename itself provides clues as to app/lib/etc that crashed.. it can be `rm` if you want the message to go away07:01
marcoagpintoguiverc: it was the tor browser launch07:07
marcoagpintowhen I clicked in the icon it downloaded it and crashed07:07
marcoagpintoand "checking signature blah blah" never ends07:07
marcoagpintobecause I went to the apps list and selected the option to reinstall it?07:08
marcoagpintoI can't remember07:08
LGeequick question I wasn't able to google: is there a user/password in the ubuntu installer for logging in via tty1 while the install is incomplete?07:08
marcoagpintonow the icon in the task bar always downloads it07:08
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OERIASthere should an ubuntu-lgbtq channel07:12
lotuspsychjeOERIAS: lxqt?07:12
OERIASlotuspsychje, lgbtq07:12
OERIASLesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer07:13
lotuspsychjeOERIAS: not here please07:13
OERIASlotuspsychje, i am talking about it in reference to Ubuntu07:14
mgedminLGee: I think 'ubuntu' and either no password or 'ubuntu' again, but I'm not 100% sure07:15
lotuspsychje!alis | OERIAS07:15
ubottuOERIAS: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"07:15
mgedminLGee: IIRC during the installer you can get a root shell in tty2 without any need to log in?  or am I thinking about the server installer?07:15
err0r404I am new to ubuntu. i was wondering if there was a way to recover browser history or files07:19
LGeemgedmin: got it - tty1, ubuntu/no password, for reference, this is the 16.04 GUI installer07:20
mgedmin... but why07:22
err0r404forgot an email to a site then deleted all my history and logins on accident. -_-07:24
EdFletcherfiles: no, not unless you’re willing to do some filesystem forensics. the browser side is application specific, it might’ve backed them up or uploaded them somewhere07:26
err0r404I am willing to do anything.07:26
err0r404there is no backup unfortunately.07:26
mgedminpeople often don't care about backups until they lose precious data07:29
EdFletcherwell first thing you have to do is unplug that drive immediately. depending on how long its been and how the fs reallocates pages, the data may already be gone.07:29
err0r404I think i figured out my problem now. thanks for the time.07:32
dw1to enable crash reports im told: Modify the /etc/apport/crashdb.conf file and comment this line 'problem_types': ['Bug', 'Package']07:46
dw1do i need to restart apport to re-read the .conf07:46
yeahnahmatelotuspsychje, how do i use the ubottu to search for a factoid07:59
yeahnahmate!alis | yeahnahmate08:00
ubottuyeahnahmate, please see my private message08:00
Ublxproblem: with xev I get my mouse buttons but with 'xbindkeys -k' no mouse button is detected. how can i solve it?08:12
acebrianjuanHi folks, how come some programs have terminal autocompletion while others don't?09:31
acebrianjuanI mean, some programs like git show me the different options or flags that I can pass to it (by hitting the TAB key)09:33
acebrianjuanBut other programs don't seem to have that feature09:34
acebrianjuanSo when I hit TAB they don't print anything at all09:34
mgedminit's not a program feature, it's a bash feature09:34
mgedminand there's a set of defined bash completions (in the bash-completion package) that knows about some programs but not about others09:35
mgedminsome shells (fish!) try to infer possible completions from installed manual pages09:35
acebrianjuanOk. So if I write my own program, can I create a bash completion?09:37
acebrianjuanIf that makes any sense09:37
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mgedminyou can, if you know a bit about shell programming09:38
acebrianjuanI don't09:38
mgedminsometimes it can be automated, e.g. for python scripts there's https://pypi.org/project/argcomplete/09:38
acebrianjuanIs there such a thing for C/C++?09:38
mgedminI haven't heard09:39
mgedminbut if you know C++, learning bash programming should be a piece of cake!09:39
mgedminhttps://opensource.com/article/18/3/creating-bash-completion-script looks like a good resource09:40
acebrianjuanmgedmin: Thanks a lot for the link and for answering my questions! :)09:41
acebrianjuanmgedmin: Does the bash-completion package infer the completions for us?10:11
mgedmin"infer"?  no, it's all hardcoded10:12
drupolIs there someone who knows how I can upgrade to 20.04.1 ?10:14
drupolSee this log ^^10:14
mgedmindrupol: to upgrade from 20.04 to 20.04.1 you don't need do-release-upgrade, you need a simple apt update && apt upgrade10:16
drupolmgedmin: ^^10:18
mgedminhm, it looks like you're already on 20.04.1?  I wonder why lsb_release doesn't say that10:21
mgedmindrupol: can you pastebin the output of apt-cache policy base-files?10:22
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lapionFor some time now cd/dvd-rw blanking does not work because the sr device is locked by gnome or systemd can anyone verify for me if this is local to me ?10:31
EriC^lapion: does "id" list cdrom as a group10:33
lapionI am using root10:33
mgedmindoes the cd-rw/dvd-rw have a valid filesystem that's currently mounted?10:34
lapionIt's an audio cd and no matter hwta I do it's not unmountable10:34
mgedmin"locked by gnome or systemd", can you elaborate what that means?10:35
lapionWell I know at least gnome keeps the disk mounted as audio.. probably systemd has nothing ot do with it..10:37
mgedminI don't believe the kernel supports mounting audio CDs10:41
mgedminI believe that gvfs allows accessing audio CDs as if it were a filesystem full of WAV files, but that's all in userspace10:41
mgedminand it shouldn't be keeping the device open all the time, if nothing accesses those files?10:42
mgedmincan you check if there are any processes keeping the device open?  fuser -v /dev/sr* /dev/sg* in a terminal can be helpful10:42
lapionI logged out, logged into a console killed all perviously logged-in's user processes and now it appears to be blanking the cd10:45
lapionBut the same problem appear at burn time because the DE locks the drive for on-the-fly creation and doesn't release for brasero or any other frontend or backend disk burining software10:46
mgedmin'DE' is a bunch of cooperating processes and it would be useful to see (via fuser and ps) which one it is10:52
lapionwell at least in lsof nothing appears to be using the sr0..10:54
lapionerm sr110:54
lapionwill login back to DE in moment to try fuser10:55
mgedminwhat about sg?  it's been years, but iirc cdroms had two devices, srX and sgX, one for cd-rom stuff and one for generic scsi commands10:56
mgedmindifferent interfaces to the same hardware device10:57
shkurataCan someone help me with setting up my openvpn connection?11:24
shkuratawhen I'm connected, I can only browse the my work websites11:25
shkurataand nothing else11:25
shkurataI have to add some gateway maybe?11:25
shkuratafor the public websites11:25
shkurataany idea?11:26
drupolapt-cache policy base-files ^^11:37
BluesKajHi folks11:39
mgedmindrupol: whoa, _where_ did you get that 11ubuntu5.2+p20.04+git20200903.1459 version?11:40
mgedmingoogle gives me 'KDE neon 20200930', which is what?11:41
mgedminsome ubuntu derivative?11:41
XATRIXHi, can you advice ? How can i stop to receive Contents while i try to update my  sources ?11:41
mgedminanyway, that's why lsb_release doesn't say 20.04.111:41
XATRIXIt takes forever to 'apt udpate'11:42
Maikmgedmin: KDE Neon is Ubuntu based but no a official flavor for which we can't provide support here11:43
Maikdrupol: ^^11:44
drupolmgedmin: Do you think I can revert?11:45
drupolMaik: ^^11:45
Maikif you need support with Neon you need to either go to their channel or forum11:45
drupolThey have a channel ?11:48
Maikdrupol: with ^^ i meant that line was also for you. :)11:48
Maikdrupol: look at their website for their official support media/channels/etc.11:49
BluesKajdrupol, #kde-neon11:50
Maikthey are also on telegram11:50
MaikBluesKaj: that channel isn't for user support and basically dead11:50
Maikit was meant for the devs11:51
Maikbt they don't seem to use it that much these days11:51
BluesKajodd , i received suppoer there when i tried it11:51
Maikhere on freenode?11:52
BluesKajsupport even11:52
Maikdrupol: https://webchat.kde.org/#/room/#kde-neon-users:kde.org11:52
BluesKajyes, freenode11:53
MaikBluesKaj: i've been there a couple of times before and there was no activity for weeks or even months.11:54
BluesKajit's been a while tho. maybe the "attitude" has changed11:55
Maikthey moved to kde.org with chat support, hence the link i posted. :)11:56
BluesKajanyway it was an unstable OS , so i drpped it11:56
drupolThank you all11:56
Maiknp, yw11:56
xMeiaHow do I get permanent root access?12:04
EriC^xMeia: sudo -i12:05
xMeiayeah but like12:07
xMeiaI cant enter media etc and stuff12:07
xMeiaaccess denied?12:07
xMeiaxubuntu 20.04.112:07
EriC^what are you trying to do exactly12:08
xMeiaIm trying to access my USB stick12:09
xMeiaI can see it mounted in Thunar but it's empty when it's not, cant copy files to it ...12:10
EriC^xMeia: try to unmount it and then mount it from thunar again12:11
EriC^xMeia: if you type "groups" in a terminal does it mention plugdev, not sure if thats it12:11
mgedminhow is the USB stick formatted?12:11
mgedminVFAT or ext4?12:11
xMeiaI don't know12:13
xMeiahow 2 check12:13
EriC^xMeia: pastebin the output of "mount"12:13
XATRIXHi, can you advice ? How can i stop to receive Contents while i try to update my  sources ?12:18
XATRIXIt takes forever to 'apt udpate'12:18
mgedminthe entire purpose of 'apt update' is to download all the updated Contents and other files12:19
mgedminyour choices are (a) wait patiently, (b) get a faster network connection, (c) not run 'apt update'12:19
StyXmanI have a system I can't boot (has 14 disks, but the bios only presents 5 and none of those boot (so I guess the one where I put Ubuntu in is not one of those, and the BIOS does not provide me with info *which* disks are those). what I do have is the PXE image I installed the system to begin with, but trying to provide root=/dev/sdm2 still breaks because even when the partition is detected by the kernel, it tries to find the live system with the12:24
StyXmaninstaller. I removed from the kernel params boot=casper, references to netboot, splash, toram (???) and more, but still tries to find the live stuff. does anyone has any idea what can I do with this?12:24
BluesKajXATRIX, perhaps a different mirror will help12:24
StyXmanI still see references to casper12:25
XATRIXBluesKaj: maybe it can switch off Contents download ?12:26
StyXmanI just even tried with init=/bin/bash, it just does nothing12:26
mgedminwhere is ~/.xsession-errors in these modern days (Wayland session on 20.04)?12:27
StyXman'unable to find a medium container a live file system' maybe I'm misunderstanding 'live' there?12:29
BluesKajXATRIX, "contents"?12:30
mgedminanswering my own question: journalctl --user -f12:30
XATRIXBluesKaj: Get:48 http://mirror.yandex.ru/ubuntu bionic-security amd64 Contents (deb) [95.5 MB]12:31
XATRIXi thinks it's too much to download12:31
BluesKajXATRIX, looks to me like you need the security/contents ...seems you have a slow internet connection as well12:33
XATRIXBluesKaj: yea, but can i disable these contents updates ?12:34
BluesKajnot advisable XATRIX12:34
BluesKajthey're 0security updates12:35
xMeiaAgain..... how do I check format on my USB?12:35
BluesKajcorrection: security, XATRIX12:35
XATRIXBluesKaj: yea, but fresh new install of ubuntu, syncs in a 5-6 seconds, and mine does it in 5 min12:36
StyXmanxMeia: do you mean the file system type in your usb device?12:36
XATRIXi only need packages12:36
StyXmanxMeia: can you attach it?12:37
xMeiacan't see any files on it12:37
StyXmanit's empty?12:37
BluesKajit's your call XATRIX..12:37
StyXmanxMeia: maybe the device has more than one partition?12:38
xMeiaI don't think so, tried another usb, same thing12:38
StyXmanthat would be weird12:38
xMeiaXubuntu 20.04.1 LTS12:38
XATRIXBluesKaj: http://i.imgur.com/0jbJx81.png12:39
StyXmanare you sure there is no warning/error messabe? I'm sorry, but I actually use kubuntu, so I can't guide more specifically here :(12:39
StyXmanxMeia: are you OK with terminal commands?12:39
StyXmank, fire up a terminal and run: mount12:40
StyXmanpaste the output in pastebin.ubunutu.com and bring the URL here12:40
XATRIXBluesKaj: and remove 'apt-fille'12:41
OnkelBladeHi all. I have a problem with my laptop: whenever I plug the charger, my laptop goes into sleep mode12:42
OnkelBladeAny ideas why is that?12:43
StyXman/dev/sdb1 on /media/philip/KINGSTON type vfat (rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,fmask=0022,dmask=0022,codepage=437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,showexec,utf8,flush,errors=remount-ro,uhelper=udisks2)12:43
StyXmanyeah, the device is mounted12:43
OnkelBladeIt is so irritating because it also break all network connections12:43
StyXmanxMeia:  can you browse to that path, /media/philip/KINGSTON ?12:43
xMeiano, access denied12:44
StyXmanI don't know how to help you there12:44
StyXmanthat disk is vfat, so you should be able to browse there12:45
StyXmanlast one: run id and just paste thr ouput here12:45
StyXman(it's just one line)12:45
BluesKajXATRIX, so you added apt-file and you think it's slowing down your updates. I guess that possible, but I have no experience with it and appears to be safe to remove, yes12:45
xMeiauid=1000(philip) gid=1000(philip) grupper=1000(philip),4(adm),20(dialout),21(fax),24(cdrom),25(floppy),26(tape),27(sudo),30(dip),44(video),46(plugdev),121(lpadmin),131(lxd),132(sambashare)12:45
xMeiaI don't understand why I can't access the os maps, like im not admin, how do I get that fixed??????12:46
xMeiaI think thats maybe why I wont reach into the USB12:46
StyXmanxMeia: it's a permission thing12:47
StyXmanyour uid/guid matches (1000 vs 1000, see the mount options)12:47
StyXmanxMeia: ok, another one: ls -ld /media/philip/KINGSTON12:47
StyXmanpaste it here, should be one line12:47
StyXmanip a12:48
xMeials: kan inte komma åt '/media/philip/KINGSTON': Åtkomst nekas12:49
xMeials: cant reach '/media....12:49
xMeiaAccess denied12:49
StyXmannamei -lx /media/philip/KINGSTON12:50
StyXmanand paste it in pastebin12:50
xMeialast words in swedish: Åtkomst nekad = Access Denied12:52
StyXmandrwxr-x--- root root media <-- that's bad12:54
StyXmanchmod 755 /media12:54
StyXmanshould fix it12:54
xMeiachmod: ändrar rättigheter på '/media': Operationen inte tillåten12:56
xMeiachanges rights on '/media': Operation not allowed12:56
wawrekhi there12:57
StyXmanyeah, I forgot sudo12:57
StyXmansudo chmod 755 /media12:57
StyXmanxMeia: see https://xkcd.com/149/ :)12:58
xMeiaI GOT IN =D12:58
wawrekMay this affect my system (on my laptop) if in /etc/ssh/sshd_config I set "PasswordAuthentication" to "no" ?12:58
xMeiaThank you!12:58
StyXmanxMeia: yeah, I wonder what happened there12:58
wawrekI want to disable password ssh login on my laptop for security12:59
StyXman /media in my system is 755 too12:59
StyXmanwawrek: man sshd_config12:59
StyXmanwawrek: PasswordAuthentication Specifies whether password authentication is allowed.  The default is yes.13:00
wawrekStyXman: I don't have it.13:00
wawrekStyXman: password authentication using ssh.13:00
StyXmanchange /etc/ssh/sshd_config, then restart the ssh service13:00
StyXmanoh, ubuntu comes without man pages by default? :(((13:01
wawrekcan this have an impact on the login, auth functionality of my machine?13:01
StyXmanwawrek: https://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/sshd_config.5.html13:01
StyXmannop, just ssh13:01
StyXmanyoure changing sshd's configuration, not something at the system level (in that case you would be meddling with /etc/pam.d/ files instead :)13:02
wawrekI will try to disable. if I connect with ssh, I want to do that with the ssh key only; without password authentication13:02
wawrekStyXman: this is really clear to me - thanks a lot13:02
BluesKajxMeia, you might consider adding the drive to /etc/fstab, run sudo blkid for the UUID and add it with the other required settings as described here https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-properly-automount-a-drive-in-ubuntu-linux/13:03
StyXmanBluesKaj: I don't know about gnome, but kde can handle that without medling with /etc/fstab13:05
BluesKajStyXman, how?13:06
BluesKajStyXman, adding a device to fstab assures an automount at boot. I13:08
StyXmanBluesKaj: yeah, but if it's a pluggable device, it makes no sense13:08
xMeiaI don't understand13:08
StyXmanI can even configure automounting by device13:09
BluesKajyeah same here, by using fstab :-)13:09
BluesKajbtw I'm on lde/plasma as well. fstab entries are insurance13:11
StyXmanBluesKaj: I missed the original question, so maybe Iḿ missing some detail13:13
StyXmanif it's just a usb stick, I don't see the point in adding it to fstab13:13
BluesKajStyXman, well, I'm guilty of ignoring the removeable devices option in the panel/system tray with the automount option13:20
BluesKaji just naturally use /etc/fstab after all these yrs ...force of habit13:20
drupolWhere can I browse the source of this package?13:23
drupolI would like to see the content of this file: /etc/update-manager/meta-release13:24
tarzeaudrupol: in the source package: dget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/ubuntu-release-upgrader/ubuntu-release-upgrader_20.04.18.dsc13:27
drupolIs it possible to force the reinstallation of that package on my system?13:28
tarzeausure but that will not guarantee anything with /etc/* changes13:28
tarzeauapt --reinstall install pkg13:28
drupoltesting this out13:29
drupolReinstallation of ubuntu-release-upgrader-core is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.13:29
StyXmanBluesKaj: ok13:30
StyXmandrupol: mybe you need to run apt update first13:31
drupolI did StyXman13:32
StyXmanthen dunno13:35
StyXmandoesn it mention any type of error? 'cannot be downloaded' is too generic13:35
drupolStyXman: nothing no...13:50
BluesKajdrupol, ask your reral questio, why do think you need to reinstall ubuntu-release-upgrader-core?13:54
drupolBluesKaj: I did a mistake by installing kde neon. I'd like to go back to regular ubuntu...13:54
BluesKajubuntu or kubuntu?13:55
drupolfirst ubuntu, then kubuntu, then kde neon13:58
drupolOh sorry13:58
drupolI'd like to restore 20.04 kubuntu.13:58
drupolYeah... get rid of KDE Neon stuff13:59
StyXmandrupol: remove kubuntu-desktop, I guess13:59
drupolnope, wont work14:00
StyXmanuse aptitude and search for kde and remove everything14:00
drupolapparently I have to reinstall ubuntu...14:00
drupolKDE Neon override base packages14:00
drupollike base-files, etc etc14:00
StyXmanyeah, sounds like a reinstall14:01
StyXmanI home your home is in another partition14:01
drupol:s this is a bit s***y14:01
StyXmanI hope*14:01
drupolthis is a corporate laptop14:01
drupolI cannot reinstall14:01
StyXmandrupol: kde neon is not part of ubuntu, is it?14:01
drupolno it's not14:01
StyXmanthen don't complain to us that kde neon fscked the system14:01
StyXmanrolling back is going to be painful14:02
StyXmanit *is* possible, just install on the same machine but remove everything *except* /home (and maybe backup /etc) and *don't* format the partitions14:03
StyXman'just' with lots of quotes14:03
goddardwhen turning on my screen from it being off why does it cut out my sound?14:06
goddardfor a moment14:07
goddardwhat software is doing that?14:07
goddardi imagine a new audio device was found, but why does that cut the sound out of an existing device?14:07
StyXmanok, I changed my problem: I'm in the TUI server installer, I just reformated a disk with GPT, I have / properly defined, I have the EFI (ef00) partition there, the installer tells me I have to select a boot disk. I try to select the disk for booting, but the meny entry is greyed. I also try to use the EFI partition, and it tells me 'this is an esp as required by uefi, if this disk is selected as a boot device, grub will use it' and doesn't allow me to14:14
StyXman use the disk to boot!14:14
EriC^StyXman: boot device or bootloader installation device?14:18
StyXmanthe (last) message says 'boot device'14:19
StyXmanand I tried to select 'use the disk for booting'14:19
EriC^hmm, maybe they mean the /boot partition?14:20
StyXmanI just erased everything and recreated it in the partition thing and it seems it's going to do the right thing14:20
StyXmanEriC^: yeah, it was not alowwing em to select it as the boot partition14:20
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EriC^maybe try selecting the rootfs14:21
StyXmanit was selected14:21
EriC^whats tui?14:21
StyXmanterminal user interface14:21
StyXmanso blocky ascii thing14:22
EriC^this is ubuntu server iso?14:23
StyXman I guess, it's all through a PXE booting14:23
StyXmanyou have no idea the fun I'm having with a HTML5 remote console (IPMI)14:24
StyXmanC-w in bash is not erase left word, it's close the browser's tab :-P14:24
StyXmanWTF di it do, I have 2 linux prtitions?14:26
hejkkihello. Can i somehow "semi automatically" build a package such as gnome-terminal from source in ubuntu? I think i need to apply some build options that aren't present on the system by default (to allow RTL text to work)15:11
sunkisthejkki: look into apt-get build-deps and apt-get source15:12
hejkkiok thanks15:12
sunkistI'm running ubuntu desktop 20:04.  I closed the lid to my laptop with programs running, and now when I open the lid, I just have a black screen.  I have access to the console if I hit ctrl-alt-F4.  If I hit ctrl-alt-F2, I get the graphical login interface, but authenticating gives me just a black screen (with mouse pointer.)15:14
sunkistHow can I kill that graphical session from the command line?15:14
hejkkisunkist: systemctl restart gdm15:18
hejkkiif you use gdm15:18
hejkkisunkist: or instead of "restart" try "stop" if you really need to stop it15:20
sunkisthejkki: thanks, that did it!15:20
xbfrogi have login password turned off but at logon or reboot it returns to the desktop ok but then opening chrome requires authorization. where is this coming from? how do i turn it off?15:23
xbfrogtrying a fix hope it works be back15:29
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xbfrogseems rm ~/.local/share/keyrings/*15:41
xbfrogdid it15:41
xbfrogno login or chrome authorizations15:41
linux_daemonhello everyone, i have lenovo thinkpad e480, installed ubuntu 20.04 on it, and the only problem i have, the laptop has headphone/mic combo, when i put the headphones on it, if i play music on youtube or anywhere else, i will not hear it on the headphones, but only on the speakers. tried all solutions i could find on google, but no luck15:45
linux_daemoncan anyone help me with that?15:46
xbfrog are your headphones plugin or bluetooth?15:47
xbfrogplugin? test your headphones on another plugin system like home stereo or boombox or smartphone15:49
linux_daemonheadphones, headphones jack. it is weird - it started working now15:50
linux_daemoni guess i have no more issues :D15:50
xbfrogperhaps loose headphone jack or computer jack15:50
xbfrogif it happens again try another headphone if you have one15:51
linux_daemonno, i guess the fixes required the laptop to be shut down, and turned back on, rather than the suggested reboot15:51
linux_daemoni have several pairs of headphones, and they all work now15:52
linux_daemonyes, odd, but it works now15:52
linux_daemonwhat does: sudo init 6 do? saw that command, not sure what it does15:53
linux_daemonah, found it15:53
linux_daemonanyways, thank you!15:54
xbfrogusually the best fixes are the ones you find yourself :)15:54
lesshaste what's the best tool for splicing and cutting videos?16:03
ThinkT510you can try openshot16:04
lesshasteThinkT510, thanks16:04
lesshastewhat about losslesscut? Any good16:05
silv3r_m00nhi there16:06
silv3r_m00ni am playing asphalt on my mobile using a gamepad connected to it via the usbc port.... how can i stream the screen of my mobile on ubuntu, with minimal or no lag16:06
silv3r_m00nits a samsung M2016:07
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xbfroghave you tried using guiscrpy via a cable? i have it works but you won't most likely get full screen16:08
silv3r_m00ni need to stream via wifi, since the only port on mobile is connected to gamepad16:09
xbfrogic, i used wirelsss ps4 controller16:09
xbfrogno usb hub?16:10
silv3r_m00nyes but not usbc connectable16:10
silv3r_m00nwait i have16:10
xbfrogright connect the controler to the usb hub16:10
silv3r_m00nalright hang on16:10
xbfrogsmartphone to laptop16:13
lokushello. i'm trying to install a package on a ubuntu 14 machine behind a network hop that can't access apt-get repos (no gateway). i have another ubuntu 18 system that is connected. what's a simple way to grab specific versioned .deb's that i could scp over to install?16:17
enyclokus: fwiw ubuntu 14.04 lts  is  no longer supported16:17
enyclokus: you could set up a  squid3  proxy on the ubuntu 18.04 system16:17
lokusenyc: okay, the machine is ubuntu 16. same problem16:17
enyclokus: you may need to use special  old-releases.ubuntu.com   in soruces.list to get some old release apt packages16:18
enyclokus: though, it seems  trusty (14.04) is actually still no  the main archive servers at the moment16:19
lokusokay, was hoping for like a command line option to provide version.16:19
enyclokus: hrrm...   packages.ubuntu.com web interface?16:19
lokusoh yes? i will look there16:19
enychrrm looks like it doesn't show trusty any more16:20
lokusmay just try ssh tunnel otherwise16:20
enycit will 16.04 xenial though16:20
enyclokus: yes, you shuold be able to get 14.04 properly updated to last released patches16:20
lokusi thought i remembered doing this before.. apt-get install'ing specific versions (not --download-only), in this case. but perhaps it was still within the same major release16:20
enyclokus: yes, you can  apt-get -yd install SOMETHING    and download debs  for CURRENT system that way, which end up in  /var/cache/apt/archives16:21
lokusah, okay. thank you16:21
enyclokus: however, do seriously consider just building a 20.04 system to do what you need  rather than patching a 14.04  in all honesty may be better use of resources16:21
enyclokus: that only good if you have another 14.04 or 16.04 system   and in any case you can have lal sorts of nonsense with  dependencies16:22
lokusenyc: this is a lab target i need to install a networking performance tool on. that's it..16:22
enyclokus: yes, may be better to ssh tunnel a proxy to it... so it can apt-get update  etc directly16:22
enyclokus: [i can help with the proxy whatnot]16:24
lokusthanks very much, will try this quick16:25
hackinghornheh hii16:35
hackinghornI read that debian is more stable. But can anyone gives an example of anything breaking due to ubuntu's less stability?16:36
xbfrogtry it find out for yourself is the best way16:38
leftyfb!ot | hackinghorn16:38
ubottuhackinghorn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:38
ThinkT510kernel updates (especially if you use proprietry graphics or wifi drivers) can sometimes cause stability issues16:38
hackinghornhmm thankss16:40
Ublxhello, my mouse is working in xev but in 'xbindkeys -k' I cannot get a result for the buttons. any ideas why? and how to solve it? thanks a lot.17:18
pavlosUblx: did you create the defaults in ~/.xbindkeysrc ... tried it on 20.04 xbindkeys -k works (pop a window, I press two keys, it tells me what I pressed. I can add this to my .xbindkeysrc17:49
pavlosUblx: control and left mouse button gives me, m:0x14 + c:105 Control+Mod2 + Control_R17:52
Ether_ManIs there some other way to install rtl8821ce module other than dkms and compiling myself and such? Doing that requires packages that I don't have access to without Wifi. I can only transfer files to it over usb. Machine does not have any wired NIC so I cannot run the apt commands the guides I find want me to run :/18:16
leftyfbEther_Man: you could use a usb -> ethernet adapter18:25
Ether_ManPossibly, but don't have any and not about to go buy one just for that :/18:26
Ublxpavlos: this does not work for me...18:38
Ublxpavlos: thanks for testing. do you have an idea why the buttons work everywhere but not in xbindkeys?18:39
Doc-SaintlyUnder Mouse And Touchpad I see the option "Left Click Only" , "Automatic", and "Emulate Mouse Buttons"18:51
Doc-Saintlyboth the AUtomatic and Emulate options make a middle click area on the touch pad. Is it possible to get a "Left and Right Click only:?18:52
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CheetzI got a nvidia gt610 to drive an extra monitor alongside those driven by my already installed gtx 1660, which uses proprietary drivers. How do I install the gt610 in the same system and make them work without driver conflicts and other possible issues?19:04
acebrianjuanHi all, random question here. If you were to define a program flag to print the version of said program in the terminal buffer but you couldn't use the obvious (-v) becuase it's already being used for another purpose, what would be your choice?19:16
Habbie-V, --version, leave it to dpkg19:16
acebrianjuanFor instance, some programs use the -v for verbose output19:16
Habbieprint it in -h19:16
acebrianjuanHabbie: Thanks!19:17
Habbienp :)19:17
acebrianjuanWhat do you mean by "leave it to dpkg" ?19:17
Habbiethis is #ubuntu; the assumption is that any software on the system was installed through the usual methods of software installation on ubuntu19:17
Habbiethat means that dpkg knows the versions of everything19:17
kxslCheetz, you will probably have to edit xorg.conf and look the docs for that and that driver19:17
pavlosCheetz: I think you need to make a custom xorg.conf and for the 4th moitor pass the BusID parameter like PCI:5:0:019:18
Cheetzpavlos, what drivers should I install? Is it safe to plug in the second gpu without any special preparation? I'm worried about breaking my OS19:18
pavlosCheetz: the primary video card would have PCI:1:0:019:18
pavlosCheetz: plug in the second card and see what nvidia detects19:19
Cheetzbrb gonna do that19:24
Ublxpavlos: do you have an idea why it's not working for me with xbindkeys -k?20:03
pavlosUblx: no, I dont ...20:12
pavlosUblx: no20:12
pavlosUblx: tried key and mouse, not just mouse20:13
pavlosUblx: mouse by itself does not show any code but some combo of alt shift ctrl and left|right mouse generates code20:14
Ublxthanks pavlos. good to know that it should work this way!20:17
subcoolstupid Q> - but serious.20:19
subcoolIs something going on with Exfat? in the world?20:19
pavlosUblx: also read about xdotool20:20
leftyfb!ot | subcool20:20
ubottusubcool: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:20
subcoolFireCube wont recogize it, but AndroidTV will. My ParrotSec OS refuses to mount it. Even with the packages installed. i saw somewhere i had to do a workaround to make it usable by users, with root use. !?!?!?! - I currently have a Ubuntu LIve running, and i cant format a External drive to exfat. -20:20
subcoolglad to see u too leftyfb20:21
Ublxi'll do, pavlos20:21
leftyfbsubcool: https://itsfoss.com/format-exfat-linux/20:22
subcoolSo why would a fresh, Ubutnu 20, with freshly installed exfat-util and exfat-fuse deny formatting a drive with exfat?20:22
subcoolim a bit scared of itsfoss - they use to be good. now u got wacky fix it guides.20:22
subcoolyeah.. cli - no20:23
subcoolidk how 20 years later, all of you are soo attached to it. - Here lets memorize EVERY aspect of this program AND ALL OTHERS. Dont know? use the man. - oh ok. :/20:23
subcoolgreat example. use ClamAV - HA20:24
Ublxpavlos: for me, control for itself shows the same as with the left button ... but I'll check it out.20:24
subcoolBut back to my point- Seriously. why is Exfat being stupid? 3 OS's later... im here to find out whats up.20:24
subcoolGparted refuses to acknowldge ive install exfat.20:25
subcoolWHen i use gdisk to create exfat - mac refuses to ackowldge it is a drive. Along with a couple android devices.20:26
oerheksi think exfat want GPT20:28
oerheksyes, not MBR20:29
subcoolthat might have been an issue.20:29
subcoolits the only universal FS, im puzzled that its breaking everywhere. i plug it in.20:30
subcoolthanks.. ill raed into that.. that might be an issue. i know when ou do that stuff, certian that to be specific.20:31
subcoollike, most of the time. if automated, i isee a 200mb efi parition;20:31
boredguyAny idea how to get ZFS to work on the new LTS distro?20:32
boredguyI tried it but the PC fails to boot20:32
subcoolboredguy, wow20:33
tomreynsubcool: utilities for native exfat support will be in !ubuntu+120:34
oerheksthat efi is for the secure boot thingy, master boot record cannot be changes to GPT easily, afaik.20:34
boredguySo basically its no surprise then?20:34
subcoolboredguy, zfs is dangerous20:34
boredguyI've been a freebsd user before. I know what it is.20:35
subcooli live booted ubutnu on my freenas machine to see what was wrong, ubuntu f'ed my zfs. given that was a long time ago. but- booting off zfs? --?????? whenever i tried booting froma ZFS it would say invalid boot medium20:35
tomreynboredguy: by "new LTS distro", do yuo mean Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? did you try the experimental zfs support option on the desktop installer?20:35
boredguytomreyn: yep, that's the one20:36
subcooloh boy20:36
tomreynboredguy: is this in response to the first or second question?20:36
tomreyn20.04.0, 20.04.1?20:37
subcoolk- thanks guys. dinner time. boredguy good luck. tomreyn thanks! leftyfb see ya soon.20:37
pavlossubcool: I added a disk in my 20.04 VM, used gnome-disks to format it to exFAT. Gparted shows /dev/sdb1 as exfat, "sudo fdisk-l /dev/sdb" says /dev/sdb1 2048 20971519 20969472  10G  7 HPFS/NTFS/exFAT20:37
boredguy20.04.1 I guess. I downloaded the latest one on the website20:37
boredguyYep, its 20.04.1. Tried the experimental ZFS option and the PC didn't boot up to Ubuntu after the installation.20:39
tomreynboredguy: hmm, did you make any other customizations during installation?20:39
tomreynalso: how much ram does it have? and: what's the error message / last screen you get to see?20:40
boredguyNope, just selected an entire 250gb SSD.20:41
boredguy12gigs of ram20:41
boredguyI'm reinstalling it. I'll post the error here when it shows up.20:42
tomreynany unusual hardware, machine / cpu architecture even?20:42
boredguyNewest thinkpad. 10th gen Intel. Will that be a problem?20:42
tomreynhmm, i *think* those work with 20.04.1, but not certain20:43
boredguyHopefully, it'll boot the second time.20:44
tomreynoh htose went to market in spring, so yes, i'd expect 20.04.1 to support them (maybe .0, too)20:45
tomreynupgrading your bios first may be a good idea20:46
steverrrrHi, I mistakenly booted into "Windows System Restore" and it seems to have corrupted my /home partition and now Ubuntu boots into emergency mode, saying I should run fsck manually.  Anyone familiar with this behavior?20:50
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darrendI'm getting about 30,000 of these lines per day in my syslog (ubunti 20.04.1): "/usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session[5424]: [5793:5813:1001/222713.134315:ERROR:ssl_client_socket_impl.cc(959)] handshake failed; returned -1, SSL error code 1, net_error -10021:28
darrendanyone know what they're caused by?21:29
tomreynsteverrrr: no, but i suggest you do as it suggests. worst case, you'll have to restore backups.21:29
tomreyndarrend: that's gdm failing to set up a TLS connection, probably due to a remote server or proxy server not supporting a compatible TLS protocol version. now why gdm would report this, i'm not sure.21:32
tomreyndarrend: are you using third party apt repositories which provide packages which override ubuntu's?21:34
tomreynor maybe you manually installed .deb's from somewhere?21:34
darrendtomreyn: I have a few third party apt repos and a few manually installed deb's but none that are overriding ubuntu packages AFAIK21:35
tomreynapt-foktracer can help identify whether that's so21:36
tomreyn* apt-forktracer21:36
darrendtomreyn: I'll check it out, thanks21:37
tomreynthis may also help: apt list gdm3 libssl1.0.0 libssl1.121:38
tomreyngdm3 should be 3.36.3-0ubuntu0.20.04.1, libssl1.1 should be 1.1.1f-1ubuntu2 and libssl1.0.0 should not be installed.21:40
iekfkk22fbdump is it there on ubuntu framebuffer dump cmd21:43
darrendtomreyn: yeah, libssl1.0.0 was installed which seems the likely culprit, now removed21:44
tomreyndarrend: so something may have gone wrong during your release upgrade21:45
tomreynalso note that, unless you desire the filtering or remote logging or any of the syslog specific features of rsyslog, you could just remove this and just live with systemd-journald.21:47
darrendseems probable. Will see if those errors disappear after a reboot (they're still flooding the log just now). Appreciate your help :)21:47
tomreynit will certainly prevail until you restart the gdm x session21:47
tomreynyou're welcome21:48
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pfloydseems I have a catch-22 problem. conflict between libpython3.6-stdlib and python3-distutils for /usr/lib/python3.6/distutils/dist.py, how do I get around this? apt --fix-broken install output:  https://pastebin.com/xkrEPTKY22:59
bumblefuzzwhen I do "netstat -tulpn" I see several ports with no process attached23:28
bumblefuzzhow can I find the processes attached?23:28
oerhekslsof -i :8023:30
genii..wel, or whichever port #  or even a wildcard23:31
bumblefuzzlsof -i :5939 shows nothing23:34
bumblefuzzok, a couple of the listening ports come up23:35
bumblefuzzbut several do not23:35
bumblefuzz...despite listening as indicated by "netstat -tulpn"23:35
oerheksteamviewer most likely23:36
oerheksTeamViewer remote desktop protocol uses ports 5938/TCP, 5939/TCP, 5353/UDP23:37
bumblefuzzzgood eye23:41
bumblefuzzzit was teamviewer23:41
warsouljust did upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS23:46
warsouland im getting this error23:46
bumblefuzzzalso, my system just seizes up occasionally... how do I view live logs to see what's causing this?23:46
bumblefuzzzusually it resumes after 10-15 seconds23:46
bumblefuzzzbut I don't know why23:47
warsoul./ircd: error while loading shared libraries: libssl.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory23:47
oerhekshow did you install ircd? .. it might not be part of the upgrade, reinstall?23:50
yurtanI want to run "disk usage analyser" as an administrator. I think I use `gksudo [application_name]`? But how do I find out what the application name is?23:51
oerhekscurrent in gnome is baobab23:54
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yurtanoerheks wtf lol, I've been autocompleting gnome-disk*, disk*. I would have never got it! Thanks :D23:55
craigbass76Anyone got recommendations on a fairly cheap scanner/printer that will scan to a network location (via ssh, smb, whatever) fairly easily? I've got an ubuntu web server at work, and need something simple for our forklift driver to be able to scan our vendors' delivery tickets with just a button or two press.23:55
craigbass76I can get the kyocera we have now to do it, but it's like ten button presses.23:59

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