karlpincDoes ubuntu have a web interface to look inside source packages or do I need to download the source and unpack it?03:23
sarnoldkarlpinc: download the source and unpack it03:27
karlpincsarnold: Thank you.03:28
sarnoldkarlpinc: I've got an archive unpacked.. if it's easy / quick I might be able to help03:28
sarnoldit's also about time to make dinner :)03:28
karlpincsarnold: Mostly I need to look at the *.template file in a number of packages.  Every now and again I want to look at different versions of things like READMEs, or just at how a particular package is built.  Downloading is just-another-step that'd be nice to skip.03:30
karlpinc(different versions of the same file in different os releases)03:30
sarnoldkarlpinc: aye, yeah, that makes sense. that's part of why I've got the whole thing unpacked :) heh03:31
sarnoldI love the sources.debian.net and debian code search tools; some day..03:31
sarnoldnot .net03:31
karlpincIt's a cheat.  ;)03:31
sarnoldvery handy in a pinch :)03:32
karlpincBetter to look at the ubuntu stuff when using ubuntu.  But yes. Handy.03:32
cpaelzerdoko:  1890435 indeed it 9.x -> 10.x - any builds I should try next?06:19
cpaelzerI have updated the bug accordingly but not need you to get builds for what might end up as bisecting06:20
arunpyasiHi everyone, has anyone worked to change the cursor-theme in gui apps running with display-setup-script or greeter-setup-script ? Need help ! I am unable to change the cursor-theme.12:06
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