jayjo_Should I be running an NTP service on my local network? Is this like a DNS system where there is a root? Should I not use the ubuntu ones?01:03
jayjo_I'm referencing the ubuntu server docs (https://ubuntu.com/server/docs)01:05
sarnoldjayjo_: it depends what you're doing, how many systems you've got, etc. if you've got a few thousand machines then you'd probably like the bandwidth reductions of running your own servers; if you have a need for high-quality time information, you might like your own servers01:05
sarnoldif you've just got a dozen machines and no pressing need to have sub-ms agreement, then leaving it alone is probably fine01:05
jayjo_I've never had a need for synchronization like that. I've had machines refuse to communicate because of time drift (many minutes), but that's about as bad as it's gotten01:18
sarnoldyeah, very few sites need that kind of time sync :)01:30
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lordievaderGood morning06:11
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geniiGNU mailutils can use PostgreSQL backend so I'm wondering why libmailutils6 is insisting on installing mysql as a dependency when PostreSQL is already installed ....16:13
geniishouldn't it just look for any backend like mailutils doesn't care what MTA just so long as there IS one?16:14
sdezielgenii: it should only bring in libmysqlclient21, no?16:24
geniihttps://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/libmailutils6 indicates this but during install attempt it says: The following NEW packages will be installed: guile-2.2-libs libgsasl7 libkyotocabinet16v5 libmailutils6 libmysqlclient21 libntlm0 mailutils mailutils-common mysql-common16:26
geniiI already have sendmail running as my MTA16:26
sdezielgenii: right libmysqlclient21 also brings in mysql-common16:41
sdezielIt's rather common to see packages bring in not strictly required dependencies for your specific use case16:41
sdezielbut I guess that's the price to pay for more flexibility16:42
sdezielgenii: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mailutils/+bug/171525916:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1715259 in mailutils (Ubuntu) "mailutils package has dependency on mysql packages" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:43
geniiAh, ok, thanks16:44
* genii installs bsd-mailx instead16:45
sdezielif you only needed the mail command, that's much lighter!16:47
geniiAye, it's mostly just to send mdadm status to a different machine and no incoming16:50
rbasaksdeziel, genii: I'm going to mark that bug Won't Fix for Ubuntu. It's the nature of a binary distribution like Ubuntu that dynamically linked things pull in dependencies to provide those dynamic libraries even if you don't want them yourself.17:19
sdezielgenii: in that case, I'd suggest using msmtp-mta which is a daemon-less MTA that relays to a real MTA (yours or Gmail's or whatever)17:21
sdezielgenii: much simpler and lighter weight than sendmail17:21
sdezielrbasak: ack17:21
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znfAnyone knows where I can complain about the Ubuntu mirrors?21:21
znfWe have the ro.archive.ubuntu.com that always points to ftp.upcnet.ro -- and this damn thing has had issues for 3+ years now21:22
znfAlways slow as hell, think speeds like 100K/s or less, or being down completely21:22
sdezielznf: there is #ubuntu-mirrors21:23
sarnoldznf: at the moment, mirrors@ubuntu.com  -- there's an #ubuntu-mirrors but it looks like no one is on duty at the moment, so the rt would be fastest21:23

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