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ballWhat's a sensible alternative to Gnome Boxes (a desktop hypervisor)?02:31
ballHow can I list the packages that are installed?03:05
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kedihackerwhat is the pgp key and how to get it (i mean link to pgp key i konow pgp just gimme the key)14:43
hanshhow do i upgrade a 18.04 to 20.04 ?15:06
hanshdo-release-upgrade ?15:07
manu1511why are mkv files played so slow on my computer?17:42
manu1511i've an amd a4 5300b17:42
pmjdebruijnmkv doesn't say anything really17:45
pmjdebruijnmkv is just a container which can container almost any codec17:45
pmjdebruijnmanu1511: i'm guessing it probably has h265 in it or something17:46
pmjdebruijnyou can check using ffprobe my.mkv17:46
pmjdebruijnyou may need to apt-get install ffmpeg17:46
pmjdebruijnand/or of course 4k files in general17:47
pmjdebruijnas in 4k resolution, which can be heavy on older cpus, even in h26417:47
hanshhow screwed am i? do-dist-upgrade ended in https://paste.debian.net/116567118:06
pmjdebruijnhansh: do you have a full filesystem?18:07
pmjdebruijneither / or /boot18:07
pmjdebruijnprobably /boot18:07
hanshyeah /boot only has 33 mb free18:08
hanshim guessing that's what went wrong18:08
pmjdebruijnjust delete something from there, and then resume with apt-get install -f18:08
pmjdebruijnor dpkg --configure -a18:08
hansh... come to think of it, why doesn't do-release-upgrade try to make som educated guess as to whether or not you have enough space in / and /boot before... starting18:08
pmjdebruijngood point18:09
pmjdebruijnhow large is your /boot anyhow?18:09
hansh.. 276M according to df -h18:10
pmjdebruijnin total?18:10
pmjdebruijnthat's tiny18:10
hanshyeah in total18:10
pmjdebruijnin your case, any education guess would almost always error18:10
pmjdebruijnkernel+initrd is like 100megs18:10
pmjdebruijndid automatic partitioning make it 276M?18:11
hansh.. dafuq, and it's using extended partitions for /18:11
pmjdebruijnis your install on a tiny eMMC or something?18:11
pmjdebruijnhansh: that's fairly normal IIRC18:11
hanshi never use extended partitions on gpt, what's the point, maybe it's mbr18:12
pmjdebruijnhansh: no to the automatic partitioning or tiny eMMC18:12
hanshoh it really is mbr18:12
pmjdebruijnhansh: gpt doesn't have extended partitioing18:12
pmjdebruijnbut with a /boot _that_ small I'd probably recommend reinstalling anyhow18:13
pmjdebruijnbut if you need to fix this anyhow, remove something from /boot18:13
hanshi know there's no reason to use extended partitions on gpt, but is it really not possible at all?18:13
pmjdebruijnbut given how tight your /boot is, that might prove tricky, and you might render your system unbootable anyhow18:13
pmjdebruijnhansh: the concept of extended partition doesn't exist in GPT, why would it18:13
pmjdebruijnextended partition are a workaround for a design limit in the original MBR scheme18:14
pmjdebruijnGPT is a new design18:14
pmjdebruijnhansh: if you can spare the spare I'd probably go with 1-2G for /boot18:14
hanshan extended partition is basically just a fake filesystem entry, isn't it possible to make the same fake filesystem entry in gpt?18:14
hanshdoesn't really matter xD18:14
pmjdebruijnit's not a fake filesystem entry18:14
pmjdebruijnif anything you're probably confused by the protective MBR some partitioing tools generate, where both MBR and GPT coexist on the same disk, having the same entries, mapped to each other18:16
pmjdebruijnwhich means you might see extended partitions, but they still don't exists as a concept in GPT18:16
pmjdebruijnit's just another partition18:16
* pmjdebruijn it's entirely sure on the exact details though18:16
hansh> An Extended partition is a special type of partition that contains "Free Space" in which more than the four Primary partitions can be created18:17
hansh(random quote from help.ubuntu.com )18:17
pmjdebruijnit's basically russian nesting dolls with partition tables18:18
pmjdebruijnbut it's not fake in any way18:18

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