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lubot<jbwncster> Hi04:00
lubot<jbwncster> How do you know what version of lubuntu you have?04:01
guiverc@jbwncster, I'd usually use `neofetch` from command line, but `lsb_release -a` works too04:07
guivercjbwncster, if you have a support question, just ask it, chatter belongs in #lubuntu-offtopic04:07
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JenshaeHi all. Are there any guides for building a 16.04 / 18.04 desktop environment on 20.04? LXDE being the base but what packages? How was the CTRL + ALT + T for terminal added?09:28
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guivercJenshae, LXDE was last supported by Lubuntu on 18.04  Whatever docs exists will be wiki pages I'd expect (wiki.ubu..)09:47
Jenshaeguiverc: Thanks. So no one else has wanted to keep the old DE and written a guide yet?09:48
guivercLXDE is based on GTK2 which is really EOL; only the small sections of it still used by GIMP are still maintained, and that will be dropped when GIMP's port to GTK3 is completed.09:49
JenshaeLXDE won't be updated? :((09:49
guivercPCMan blogged about pcmanfm (handles LXDE desktop & doubles as file manager) being ported to GTK3 & it being heavy; thus the re-port to Qt5 and now pcmanfm-qt09:50
JenshaeAnyone ever tried porting the DSL DE?09:50
lubot<aptghetto> Lubuntu 20.04 with LXDE is an unsupported system. I doubt, that anyone is writing guides for an unsupported system.09:50
guivercwork was done years ago, abandoned and LXDE devs joined with RazorQt creating the new LXQt desktop (now not new, it was years ago now)09:50
lubot<aptghetto> We have a manual for 20.04, which can be found on manual.lubuntu.me and it is open source.09:54
JenshaeI like LXDEs features. The panel, the way it displays wallpapers etc. :(09:55
guivercI'm aware a lot of folks love LXDE  (I hear it often!) .. but things change..09:57
* Jenshae starts looking at Arch :P09:58
guivercLXDE is maintained as Pixel by Raspberry.pi folks, I've heard mention of LXDE port to GTK3 being started by arch folks (work done by original devs is now of little use as GTK3 changed too much after they dropped it) but the port may take a long time..09:58
JenshaeReally go off the deep end, try and game on Enoch :D09:59
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Guest48580Hi all, im wondering if anyone can help me find a home network drive in Lubuntu, Its just a usb drive plugged into my WiFi router and everythign else can see it apart from my linux box19:39
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