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om26erzyga ping10:51
om26erzyga can you put your thoughts on https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/limit-a-snap-to-only-access-specific-usb-device/20360, please ?10:51
zygaom26er perhaps on Monday, unless this is a priority?10:52
om26erah, darn, sorry, didn't realize it was weekend :-D10:52
zygaheh :)10:52
zygano worries10:52
zygaom26er IIRC we have raw USB10:53
zygaI think that's a way to do it10:53
om26erhmm, that's a bit too permissive, we wanted something very limited. serial-port interface would have worked if it wasn't available in the core snap10:54
om26erand we won't have a gadget snap since we plan to run snapd on yocto10:55
ograhmm, why is snap warnings not cleared after the condition the warning was about has changed (i.e. i had a warning that telegram could not update because it was running ... after manually refreshing telegram the warning is still there)11:19
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zygaogra there's no such mechanism20:32
zygaogra but that itself will not be a warning for long20:32
zygaogra it will be a destkop notification20:32
* zyga goes to sleep20:32
ograwell, i would expect it to clear up once the condition that caused it is fixed20:34
ograbut that's just me 🙂20:34

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