lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:48
guivercdoes anyone know the program whcih expands the ISO on install?  (it'll be same if calamares/lubuntu or ubiquity/rest so I'm betting not the the installer package)03:37
guivercwrites the squashfs to the actual disk... bug 189830203:40
guivercsorry, wasn't well explained; bug complains ubuntu are putting details in wrong locations on disk, non-Linux standards..  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/189830203:42
sarnoldguiverc: that's called usrmerge, it's all the ragethese days, https://wiki.debian.org/UsrMerge03:44
guivercthank you most kindly sarnold :)   I'll read it.. and hopefully get clues !  thanks03:45
guivercThat's most apt !!  (not the package name, no pun).  thanks!03:46
sarnoldhah, and coming back to re-read what I wrote, 'rage' is quite the perfect choice :)03:46
sarnolda great many people seem to think usrmerge is the best thing ever03:46
sarnoldand a great many people are driven to apoplexy over something so inane03:47
sarnoldanywaym, have fun :)03:47
guiverc:)   always try!03:47
tomreynguiverc: in #ubuntu , nickanme lapion brought up something which sounded similar:09:29
tomreyn<lapion> Why do the ubuntu install dvd's rely on a symbolic and or a hard-link ?09:29
tomreyn<lapion> has everybody forgotton that the only truly useful file system for smaller usb-sticks is vfat ?09:29
tomreynstarting at 02:12 am CEST (should be 00:12 UTC), if you ant to look at the logs.09:31
tomreyni'm not sure it's the same thing, though.09:32
guivercthanks tomreyn09:37
* guiverc was dealing with food so waited till I'd finished & washed hands .. I expected to find a duplicate of it so I could mark it as such, I gave up looking; but settled with EOL'ing numerous bugs that cluttered my searches...09:40
lotuspsychjeguiverc: if my eyes see correctly, the bugs about ltsupgrade seems like to be 4.15 kernel bionics to 20.04.109:41
guivercI was commenting about the /bin link /usr/bin.. ; but most bugs I've seen on upgrade seemed to be python, qt4/5 but I'm opening less than half of upgrade bugs I see on -announce09:44
lotuspsychjeah kk09:45
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tomreynoh i missed that 18.04 -> 20.04 is now supported14:22
tomreynsince 2020-09-2814:25
daftykinsthat was a heck of a delay14:56
tomreynlonger than usual for sure, but probably not longer than needed.14:59
tomreynare zfs services running or even installed on a default 20.04.1 desktop, if anyone knows?17:05
tomreynthat's if the zfs option hasn't been chosen on the installer17:06
tomreyndmesg | grep zfs    on a default install should tell (i don't have one here currently)17:07
lotuspsychjetomreyn: grep returns nothing here17:08
lotuspsychjeand i installed 20.04.1 in such early stage, i cant recall i saw the option in ubiquity17:09
tomreynso before .1 release?17:10
lotuspsychjetomreyn: yeah i always help testing lts very early stage17:11
lotuspsychjeso i dont have .1 clean installed systems here17:11
tomreynokay, so it could have been added late rone17:12
tomreyn* later on17:12
Maikwelcome Squarism & Seven_Six_Two20:03
Maikmy brain isn't 100% awake yet, my apologies for not inviting you earlier20:05
Seven_Six_Twonp. didn't know about this chan. I do sit in -offtopic now and again20:08
Maikofftopic is just too busy and most of the time only about nonsense imho. In this channel users can chat more relaxed about non support related Ubuntu stuff.20:10
jeremy31Anyone familiar with dkms?  I am wondering why it seemed to fail on https://github.com/jeremyb31/bluetooth-5.4.git details at https://askubuntu.com/questions/1277459/bluetooth-rtl8723be-does-not-find-devices-on-lenovo-ideapad-100-14iby21:42
TJ-how is it failing?21:46
TJ-source install path should match the package name and version, e.g. /usr/src/$PACKAGE-$VERSION21:47
jeremy31Hi TJ- It seemed to fail for the user on the askubuntu site, but it worked when I tested it,  his modinfo showed intree module loading after a reboot21:47
TJ-` I must have missed that part in the ask21:48
jeremy31TJ-: bottom of the question, might have been some glich where a new kernel was installed before the dkms was added21:51
TJ-there's a link to "show 14 more comments" but it never does!21:53
TJ-is it a 'depmod -a' issue? or is the module never built or installed ?21:54
jeremy31TJ-: worked fine after I told them to go into the directory and do a make clean, make, and had them copy the new module to where the original btusb.ko was and reboot21:55
TJ-jeremy31: so did they do a "sudo dkms install module/version" ?21:55
TJ-if it fails, it will/should report why21:56
jeremy31TJ-: dkms add and dkms install21:56
TJ-and they've put the source in the correct /usr/src/$MODULE-$VERSION directory?21:57
TJ-you'd need to capture/grab the dkms log of the build from /var/lib/dkms/21:58
jeremy31TJ-: I think I will try again on this machine after installing a new kernel but before rebooting to see what I find out22:01
jeremy31Thanks for your time22:03
jeremy31TJ-: It must have been a kernel update before a reboot when the dkms was installed.  Got similar results on this machine22:43
TJ-jeremy31: that sounds likely, especially if you're not passing the -k option to specify which kernel version to build/install for22:44
jeremy31TJ-: A rare case from what I see.  Any way to do it automatically in Makefile or dkms.conf?22:46
TJ-jeremy31: in theory the /etc/kernel/postinst.d/dkms script should ensure a new build / install... but if that fails (silently) then the symptoms would match22:49
jeremy31TJ-: I think that depends on the newer kernel being installed before the dkms22:52
jeremy31after not before22:53

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