ItzSwirlzIs anybody able to help me at the moment? I'll stay online20:21
ItzSwirlzI was wondering if anybody could help with Bug #188731220:21
ubottubug 1887312 in cinnamon-session (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Cinnamon session doesn't shutdown until all apps close regardless if they act to Cinnamon's logout request" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188731220:21
ginggsItzSwirlz: i can take a quick look20:57
ginggsItzSwirlz: the bug needs to be fixed in groovy before we SRU to focal.  if it is fixed, please mention so in the bug, with a link to commit or changelog entry would be helpful21:04
ItzSwirlzI'm pretty sure its fixed. It got fixed upstream21:04
ItzSwirlzand in debian21:04
ginggsItzSwirlz: ok, i see it is fixed in debian21:09
ginggsItzSwirlz: i've marked the bug fix released (for groovy) and targetted to focal21:16
ItzSwirlzThats fine21:16
ginggsi will look at uploading tomorrow, if nobody beats me to it21:17
ItzSwirlzthank you very much22:20

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