tomreyn...such as which ubuntu version you're using, whether this is a fresh installation, how and what you installed.00:00
tomreynor how you ended up in this situation00:00
zerocoderemove all00:00
tomreynin more than single words, ideally.00:01
joaquinighost01tomreyn: i totally agree00:01
joaquinighost01theyre a troll00:01
zerocodei see00:02
lapionWhy do the ubuntu install dvd's rely on a symbolic and or a hard-link ?00:12
lapionhas everybody forgotton that the only truly useful file system for smaller usb-sticks is vfat ?00:13
tomreyn!discuss | lapion00:13
ubottulapion: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!00:13
lapionand vfat cannot handle symbolic or hardlinks00:13
leftyfblapion: the ubuntu install ISO's are ISO 9660 filesystem, not vfat00:15
lapionI know but mosty systems cannot boot from an isofs directly copied to a partition or a device other than a dvd/cd00:15
lapionand a directly copied isofs to a device renders the rest of the usb-stick useless00:16
leftyfblapion: you can use the ubuntu startup disc creator or something like etcher to flash an iso to a flash drive which will work just fine00:16
lapionA 128GB usb stick becomes a 2.8GB readonly sitck00:17
leftyfblapion: and you're only using it to install an OS00:17
leftyfblapion: also, who spends bank of a 128G flash drive just to install an OS?00:17
lapionleftyfb, no that's not possible because most of those use vfat and vfat cannot do symbolic- and hard-links so the stick cannot scan the filesystem00:17
lapionleftyfb, I do put other data on it..00:18
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lapionsuch as packages I want to have with me to not rely on other peoples internet..00:18
leftyfblapion: flashing an iso using the ubuntu startup disc creator or etcher will wipe the filesystem on a flash drive in order to flash the iso. That's how it works00:18
oerheksmkusb can use the free part as persistence00:19
lapionno leftyfb that's how it works with the current ubuntu default installer which I stopped using the moment it started doing that00:19
lapionan iso filesystem on a sub stick is not bootable on everything but a system with a really good uefi.00:20
oerheksiso is hybrid, legacy mbr and uefi00:21
leftyfblapion: ISO_9660 and EFI standards would disagree with you00:21
lapionleftyfb, okay so you have all those new devices on which you install linux but most systems out there are older efi systems that are not fully compatible and of course then you have legacy boot systems00:22
hackinghornhi, thanks, I'm connecting from ubuntu now00:23
lapionbut anyhow not any part of the boot system should rely on a symbolic link00:23
leftyfblapion: do you have a support question?00:23
lapionthat's just wrong00:23
tomreynit's been and still is a discussion, which i pointed out in the start00:24
lapiona symbolic link is just too unreliable to be used in a critical system00:24
tomreynnot the first time, but lapion keeps ignoring it.00:24
lapionIf it would be useful I will set the question is a different manner.00:26
lapionSorry guys the problem is moot..00:30
lapionporbably due to extracting the iso image with engrampa or some other extract0r somehow probably filenames or folders got extracted with the wrong filenames due to which the boot could not checksum the files00:35
lapionYesterday I mounted the iso as a loop device and copied the files and that resolved the problems..00:36
hackinghornI have cdrom in /etc/apt/sources.list and I read that I should comment it out to install the nvidia driver. Is that really okay?00:50
tomreyni don't see how the two are related. but unless you would like to keep the cdrom available on your drive, commenting it out should be fine.00:51
tomreynnow what did you read aexactly, and what's your ultimate goal?00:52
oerheksif this is a live system, why install nvidia?00:55
hackinghorneh what is live, I just installed it00:56
hackinghornhi tomreyn, I'm installing the non-free driver nvidia-driver-450 but it says "Please insert the disc labeled Ubuntu [...] Focal Fossa [...] in the drive /cdrom" and I installed from an usb so I'm not sure how. Hence I googled and it said delete the cdrom in sources.list00:56
oerheksoh oke, odd, then the cdrom would be disabled in your update-settings00:56
UbuntuDongleI'm installing ubuntu on a PC but it can't install updates because my Wifi Adatpr dongle needs it's drive stuff which it's only set up to install on windows00:56
tomreynhackinghorn: does this system have internet access?00:57
hackinghornyes yeah it does00:58
hackinghornI'm chatting with you on it lol00:58
leftyfbhackinghorn: on Ubuntu or Windows?00:58
hackinghorneh on ubuntu00:58
UbuntuDongleI think I need a way to download the proper drivers and transfer them via another USB disc so that it can connect to internet and do all the other ubdates00:58
tomreynhackinghorn: then just disable the cdrom sources, ensure standard apt sources are configured, and install any pending updates before you install the nvidia proprietary driver.00:58
oerheksUbuntuDongle, what wifi adapter exactly?00:59
tomreyn!repos | hackinghorn00:59
ubottuhackinghorn: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.00:59
hackinghorntomreyn, ahh thankss00:59
hackinghornI think I can do it now00:59
ledeniUbuntuDongle: do you have ethernet port01:01
UbuntuDongleyes and an ethernet cable but I don't really have any experience using it01:01
UbuntuDongleright now I'm able to access internet on a laptop that runs windows but my desktops definitely can't run it01:01
UbuntuDongleactually thinking Ubuntu might be a bit heavy for this desktop... it appears to have locked up during the partitioning stage of the installation01:02
leftyfbUbuntuDongle: Ubuntu is more lightweight than Windows01:02
UbuntuDongleI might need to try Lubuntu again or maybe something even smaller01:02
UbuntuDonglethis thing seemed to upgrade to windows 10 fine for a few weeks then just kept stallin on startup so I figured good time to make a new start01:02
leftyfbUbuntuDongle: then maybe you should look into hardware problems like overheating01:03
UbuntuDonglethe LVM was supposed to make things easier :(01:03
UbuntuDonglethat could be it, maybe I ought to clean it out again, though I barely used it01:03
UbuntuDonglethis all started when I unhooked it... now I'm wondering if maybe I left it where too much sunlight got at it01:04
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lapionUbuntuDongle, like leftyfb says check for overheating. Have you checked for dust in your system ?01:05
UbuntuDongleI cleaned it when I inherited it, definitely used to be a lot of dust but shouldn't be there again01:06
UbuntuDongleguess it's worth a shot though01:06
UbuntuDongleof course I think I already wiped windows 10 off it01:06
lapionleftyfb, oerheks and tomreyn sorry for the rant..01:06
UbuntuDonglebasically did a factory reset then the free upgrade trick01:06
UbuntuDongleyeah I came across that, but doing update commands seems pointless if it's not connected01:07
UbuntuDonglelike I would need to DL the update and then copy it over somehow01:07
tomreynlapion: i don't mind you bringing up discussions, just do it in the right place, please.01:07
oerheksfind a way to do this on wired networking.01:07
lapiontomreyn, I came at the problem from the wrong angle..01:08
hackinghorntomreyn, I found that nvidia provides a driver for this on their website, can that work?01:09
lapionUbuntuDongle, what kind of usb stick do you use to connect ?01:09
tomreynhackinghorn: what is "this"?01:09
hackinghornbut I'm doing what you said, not downloading that01:09
hackinghorntomreyn, for my card, on Linux 64bit01:09
tomreynhackinghorn: which ubuntu version is this?01:10
UbuntuDongleI used a 4GB stick to try and install ubuntu (kinda froze up it seems) and a D-Link DWA-171 AC600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi USB ADaptor is what I want to use01:10
lapionUbuntuDongle, does any list of wifi-networks show up in the indicator applet ?01:10
UbuntuDongleI think thse desktops had internal stuff that wore out01:10
hackinghorntomreyn, ehh focal fossa, nvm, I think I got this01:10
UbuntuDongleno, these are old and I think had corded antennae you screw in01:10
UbuntuDonglebut they do nothing01:11
tomreynhackinghorn: you should use the nvidia drivers packaged in ubuntu, not those available from nvidia.com01:11
lapionUbuntuDongle, open up a terminal and do lsusb and see if the wifi dongle is in the list of usb-devices01:11
hackinghornyeahh, I think so01:11
lapionthen run rfkill to see if the wifi sitck isn't soft-disabled..01:13
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lapionhackinghorn, the latest nvidia drivers included in the distro have made huge leaps in the stability and performance during 201901:16
hackinghornahh I see, thankss lapion01:16
hackinghornheh I'm back01:16
hackinghornbrb, I will restart to test the driver01:17
lapionhackinghorn, the drivers are now working beyond even buggy uefi/bioses01:18
UbuntuDongleI'll go try this on the desktop that's running lubuntu I guess01:19
lapionUbuntuDongle, what kind of desktop is it ?01:20
hackinghornheh it works01:21
UbuntuDongle32bit processoer, 3gb ram, 500gb space01:21
lapionUbuntuDongle, what processor ?01:21
hackinghornthe driver is working, thanks a lot tomreyn lapion01:21
lapionnp hackinghorn01:22
tomreynyou're welcome01:22
lapionUbuntuDongle, does the system have an intel or amd sticker on it ?01:22
UbuntuDonglebtw when I put in this dongle it actually pops up like a USB stick01:24
UbuntuDongleonly two files on it are autorun.inf and setup.exe01:24
lapionUbuntuDongle, does the sticker say core2 duo or celeron or pethium II or anything besides intel ?01:25
oerheksthe article i gave, fixes that with usbmodeswitch01:25
oerheksand howto build the driver ..01:26
UbuntuDongleviiv Q660001:27
lapionUbuntuDongle, your system is 64bit01:28
UbuntuDongleuname -m lists it as i686 so I think 3201:29
UbuntuDongleit's a pain since a lot of stuff isn't updated for that01:29
lapionUbuntuDongle, uname -m lists information of the kernel not the cpu01:30
lapionUbuntuDongle, create a usb stick or dvd with a ubuntu-64bit iso image and you will see that it should work fine on that system01:31
lapionUbuntuDongle, if you have enough ram in that system it should run a fully-fledged ubuntu just fine since it is a core2 quad01:32
lapiona core2 quad is a quad core 64bit system01:32
lapionUbuntuDongle, your processor is equivalent of Intel Core i3-3220 performance whise01:36
UbuntuDonglemaybe originally, it's nearly 15 years old so it's probably equivalent of something pathetic now01:38
UbuntuDongleor maybe processor is fine and it's just the wifi part that fails... the way an antenna has to attach is so weird\01:38
UbuntuDonglewell I do have the USB stick prepped with the 64bit ubuntu iso installed01:39
UbuntuDongleit failed n desktop 2 but I could try it out on desktop 1 that's running lubuntu now I guess01:39
UbuntuDongleand I should clean out #2 tomorrow just in case01:39
UbuntuDonglegonna sleep on it now, thanks for your help everyone\01:39
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georged4sIs there a way to delete a "profile" from a sound card? Every time after reboot the profile of the built-in sound card switches to "HiFi", and I need to run "pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload" and logout and back in again to see the correct profile "output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo" to be loaded.04:00
WalterWhitesCookAnyway to get rid of the ubuntu desktop guide keybind, its not in the settings04:11
matsamangeorged4s: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/462670/set-default-profile-for-pulseaudio ?04:13
matsamanWalterWhitesCook: what's the shortcut?04:13
matsamanwhich Ubuntu version?04:14
WalterWhitesCookIts a laptop english keyboard04:14
matsamanWalterWhitesCook: this could still be applicable: https://askubuntu.com/questions/449780/how-to-disable-f1-for-help-in-gnome04:16
georged4sThanks matsaman. I have tried that as well. I think that it is because the profile is not loaded, so when running "pactl set-card-profile <cardindex> <profilename>" it throws this error "Failure: No such entity"04:16
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georged4smatsaman. pactl set-card-profile 2 output:analog-stereo+input:analog-stereo04:17
matsamangeorged4s: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=32732304:19
matsamanbut it might be easier to just add your known solution to an autostart script04:19
matsamanit's pretty unlikely you actually have to log out & back in04:20
georged4sAhh got it! thanks matsaman :)04:21
WalterWhitesCookI can use dconf-editor but cant add like in 14..0404:34
matsamanWalterWhitesCook: seems slim information; might take less time to remap F1 to something else, like F1304:44
matsamanand call it a day04:44
matsaman#gnome might know better, though04:44
WalterWhitesCookill check in over in #gnome04:50
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ktosiekWhat's a good antivirus for Ubuntu with a decent GUI? I'm looking for something for 2 desktops07:40
oerheksclamav, rkhunter ..07:42
ubottuAn "antivirus" is primarily a concept from the Windows ecosystem and usually a program like that is not needed on Linux because the threat model is different. Malware on Linux does exist, however. Google up "rkhunter" and "linux intrusion detection systems". Also look up !clamav07:42
lotuspsychjektosiek: keeping your system always up to date is also a good protection07:47
ktosiekthanks! I'm up to date, mostly using software from apt, snapcraft and a bit of flathub. I have backups of personal data done with borgbackup, in an append-only mode. The thing I'm worried about is ransomware - I'll have to purge old backups from time to time, and at that point malware would be able to just wipe them. At that moment I'll need a07:50
ktosiekknown clean system07:50
lotuspsychjektosiek: any Os can be browser injected by 0day exploits, a good way of preventing access is not storing passwords in browsers, using vanilla user browsing, use sandboxes like firejail07:52
ktosiekbut even then, I could just do that from a live USB, so maybe I'm overthinking it07:53
lotuspsychjektosiek: be carefull with whom you trade usb sticks with, and not downloading things that arent trusted07:53
lotuspsychjektosiek: on a liveusb, the kernel version is mostly behind then current, so connected for a long time to the internet could also hold dangers07:54
lotuspsychjean offline liveusb box is a good idea though07:54
ktosiekNot storing passwords in browsers? I'm pretty happy with Keepass<->Firefox integration, or do you only mean the builtin password manager?07:55
lotuspsychjektosiek: yeah storing anything in a browser, when its hijacked, they can steal right07:55
lotuspsychjethe less info stored the better07:55
ktosiekright, I have no idea how well the FF's password manager is separated from other parts of the browser.07:59
FuraiHmm, for some time now I don't see hdmi/dp devices in sound. As in there's no option for me at all to play sound via monitors. Is this a known bug? I've only noticed recently but it could be a long standing issue cause I usually don't use it. I'm on latest nvidia driver 450.66 and kernel 5.8.12. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.07:59
lotuspsychjeFurai: did you try switching to another version of nvidia driver yet?08:00
lotuspsychjeFurai: any reason you are on kernel 5.8?08:01
ktosiekFurai: can you check if the HDMI device is shown in the output of aplay -l?08:04
napsterIn a typical makefile, why wouldn't this work? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3y55dmhGnM/08:14
napsterUbuntu 18.0408:14
lotuspsychje!rootirc | dinis08:16
ubottudinis: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.08:16
Maikktosiek: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/security.html#ID1.108:21
Maikaccording to the writer anti virus and root kit removers decrease your security08:22
Furaiktosiek, I don't see it in aplay -l. Actually now that I've asked it I remember that 5.6 introduced some problems with hdmi/display port devices. Current stable in ubuntu is 5.4, right?08:24
tichunHello, what's the recommended way to report problems? E.g. Dash-to-dock has 500 open bugs with zero comments for ages on its github, so it seems its developed in-house/in a closed manner by Canonical. Next, mutter by default opens windows in top left corner on 20.04, how is this any good? I've changed it in dconf - org/mutter/center-new-window but that's just for me, and i'm sure that should be the default for anyone not to be confused.08:24
ktosiekFurai: my 20.04 is on 5.4, yes08:25
lotuspsychjetichun: bugs on ubuntu report to launchpad please08:25
lotuspsychjetichun: check first if your bug doesnt exist here yet: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock/+bugs?orderby=importance&start=008:26
lotuspsychjetichun: oh its dash to panel? gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel08:27
napsterIn a typical makefile, why wouldn't this work? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3y55dmhGnM/08:38
eraserpencilhey, anyone free to help me debug a xubuntu boot from live usb?08:38
Maikeraserpencil: don't crosspost please08:42
ktosieknapster: try adding a simple target with "echo $(ARCH) $(ZMQLIB)"08:42
Maikeraserpencil: not that i can help but could you try to be more specific please about your issue?08:43
ktosieknapster: you probably want ARCH := $(shell uname -m)08:46
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eraserpencilmaik: Sorry about that. I have a laptop, has Windows 10, 16.04 and 20.04.1 (all functioning fine). I wanna try out Xubuntu 20.04.1, so i placed it in a live usb made with Ventoy. In that USB, I have arch, ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 20.04.1, Xubuntu 20.04.1. For some odd reason, I could boot into Ubuntu 16.04 installer, and the one for arch, but not08:47
eraserpencilUbuntu 20.04.1 installer or Xubuntu 20.04.1 installer.08:47
Maikso it's a multi boot live stick then?08:48
eraserpencilI do get thr grub menu options, but just blank screen past that, hoping to be able to configure the grub parameters to atleast output some logs so I could know whats wrong? but i havent had any luck with trying to switch tty after the grub menu08:49
oerheksmade with Ventoy ??08:49
Maiki have no experience with that, sorry08:49
oerheksoh, never seen or read about that..08:50
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: so what happens after you choose xubuntu for install?08:50
eraserpencili installed the current partitions using that, I'm not sure why I cant get pass the Grub menu. or even get logs about the booting process08:50
eraserpencili select xubuntu, i go to grub, i select "try xubuntu ..." blank screen08:51
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: F1 to textboot gives no errors at all?08:51
eraserpencilim not sure F1 did anything08:52
eraserpencili dont see any text08:52
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: you dont have secureboot enabled or so?08:52
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: nvidia card?08:52
eraserpencilyes nvidia card08:52
lotuspsychjewich chipset?08:53
eraserpencili did try "nomodeset" with grub08:53
lotuspsychjeah kk tnx08:53
eraserpencilgtx1070 if thats what you're asking08:53
lotuspsychjeyeah gtx cards result into blank a lot, needs nomodeset bypass08:53
lotuspsychjeguiverc: did you notice any recent xubuntu 20.04.1 bugs lately?08:54
oerheksnomodeset  would be the same for other iso' s on that multi usb,...08:54
eraserpencilso if i understand correctly, grub is unable to find the files to boot the kernel proper?08:54
oerheksmulti boot usb, not worth the trouble, IMHO08:55
guiverclotuspsychje, no i'm not aware of any sorry (none come to mind anyway)08:55
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: maybe to compare, with an usb stick made from ubuntu disk creator single?08:55
eraserpencilokay, i'll give that a try. last question. in Grub, i see "file=/cdrom/preseed/xubuntu.seed"08:56
eraserpencilis that correct?08:56
irgendwer4711hi, how to just download a release upgrade only?09:37
tomreynirgendwer4711: more context please09:38
oerheksthere is no release upgrade package/iso, full iso with point release or daily builds09:38
irgendwer4711to do an do-release-upgrade wihtout installing, just download for later use09:39
tomreyni don't think do-release-upgrade supports this scenario.09:39
irgendwer4711maybe another way?09:39
tomreynnone that's supported. why would you need this?09:40
irgendwer4711because of lame internet09:43
oerheksthere is the !offline method, not sure it covers release upgrades, i think not.09:47
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD09:47
EriC^^irgendwer4711: maybe you can download the iso and it offers a reinstall but leave your current system/packages/user files intact?09:52
irgendwer4711oerheks: its a server, no desktop09:53
oerheksoh server, i hope it is not visible from the www, without updates.09:55
irgendwer4711what? dist-upgrade!09:55
iekfkkshopt -s autocd. can i change the config file, instead of .bashrc to run that cmd....10:01
iekfkki am looking for that alternative as it's faster10:01
lotuspsychjeirgendwer4711: when you ask a question, please add as much info as possible so volunteers can advice you properly, ubuntu version, desktop/server, wich version to wich, etc see !details10:01
iekfkksimilar to systemd10:01
oerheks"shopt -s autocd" sounds like OSX10:02
jljSaw on ask... that the Acer Aspire E5-511 and 20.04 do _not_ play well together. Can confirm. No keyboard or trackpad upon boot-up(!). Trying 18.04 now.10:05
lotuspsychjejlj: do you have a bug about that?10:05
jljHang on -- let me see whether that poster's filed it...10:06
jljH'm... Actually, it may not have been reported yet: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1275809/ubuntu-20-04-lts-laptop-internal-keyboard-and-touchpad-no-longer-work10:07
jljI'll do a bit more digging. Just sort of assumed... :-P10:08
lotuspsychjejlj: did you try this on a clean install/live 20.04.1 ?10:08
jljYeah, clean install of an image I'd burned, maybe a few weeks ago... Just checking... Yeah, it is
jlj"other posts on ask ubuntu suggested it's a bug in recent version of the linux kernel"10:11
jljH'm, not the same as it's been reported as a bug...10:11
lotuspsychjejlj: i always advice when something doesnt work out of the box on ubuntu, affect to the existing bug, or file a new !bug10:12
jljlotuspsychje: absolutely. Will do. Just so used to the community being on it, I guess. Cheers!10:14
lotuspsychjejlj: oh yeah, you did a good thing asking here, maybe volunteers know a solution, still its good for the dev knowing about the bug, so they can work on it10:15
{g}Howdy People!10:34
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tichunHi, do snap packages use some power saving methods? i can see vs code gets blank after not using it for a while, or maybe its on the applications part10:36
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lesshaste I want to print an image at its actual size but it always prints full page. How can I print it smaller?10:58
{g}lesshaste: How do you print it?11:00
lesshaste{g}, using eog currently but happy to use any other method11:01
{g}lesshaste: Well, I have no idea. I print something maybe once a year. Maybe even less often.11:01
{g}Every time I am surprised my old laserprinter still works perfectly.11:02
lesshastenot massively helpful :)11:02
tomreynlesshaste: check if you have a "fit to page" or "shrink to page" option set in the printer driver or the applications' print settings11:04
{g}lesshaste: I just print from whatever program opens the file. Usually Libre Office I think. It has a bunch of knobs and stuff for settings.11:05
oerhekssettings in cups, yes11:05
oerheksi think all channels he asked gives the same answer11:06
lesshastetomreyn,  thanks11:07
oxekwhen I create a LUKS encrypted USB stick using gnome-disk-utility, and then mount it using the same utility (or Thunar), only root has write permissions to the directory11:15
oxekhow can I make current user be able to write to the dir?11:16
tomreynchown -R $USER /media/$USER/name_of_mount11:25
oxektomreyn: so there's no graphical option to do it? only terminal?11:28
tomreynoxek: there probably is, i just don't know.11:29
hotsoupsudo chown -R yourusername /media/nameofusbmount    I'm not sure how to do by GUI because each FM has different method for open as admin11:30
oxekit's really odd that I can partition the stick, create a luks partition on it, and mount it - all without root privileges, but then I need root privileges to write files to it11:30
hotsoupI'm not that strong on permissions either.  It's a headache but it makes the system safe too.11:31
hotsoupthat command we gave you should change permissions for you if its owned by root though.11:32
oxekI'll see what I can do with it. Thank you both.11:33
oxekit works, thank you11:45
thirashello. what is the command to run an application with the nvidia card?12:06
thirasit's 20.04 and official drivers from the official repository12:06
Maikthiras: errrr... if the drivers are installed properly everything runs through nvidia already....12:12
thirasMaik, no it doesn't. i was launching the steam client with right click -> launch with dedicated graphic card button12:13
thirasbut now steam got updated. that option has gone. instead there are shortcuts of steam (like store friends etc.)12:14
Maiki don't use steam so i can't tell. Maybe someone else knows.12:14
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BluesKajHi all12:30
thirasstill looking for a solution12:37
thirasseems it's a fresh update no question on reddit or askubuntu12:37
Maikthiras: try asking over at steam12:57
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Doc-SaintlyIs there a way to make the TouchPad only have a left and right clicks instead of also having a middle click?14:04
Doc-SaintlyIn the settings I can only see "left click only" or "automatic" which results in 3 buttons.14:04
Doc-SaintlyI just want left and right.14:04
isomarigreetings, how do I upgrade from 19.10 to 20.04? the usual method complains with "Your Ubuntu release is not supported anymore"14:08
tomreynisomari: i just responded to the same question you asked in #kubuntu at the same time14:08
tomreyn!crosspost | isomari14:08
ubottuisomari: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.14:08
isomaritomreyn: sorry.14:09
Skotten32I'm trying to rsync a mounted drive on a ubuntu live session to my server, however I get an error. rsync -a /mnt/lars lars@ there a way to do this?14:25
tomreynand the error message is? and which ubuntu version is the live session on, and what's running on the server at .11?14:28
Skotten32All errors har permission related, such as: rsync: [sender] send_files failed to open "/mnt/lars/.cert/nm-openvpn/ca-us13.nordvpn.com.tcp443-ca.pem": Permission denied (13) I've also tried with sudo-prefix.14:30
Skotten32Live session is 20.10, server is 20.04.14:30
Skotten32(I've ended up with the beta version due to extensive problems, ref https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=245132414:31
ubottuGroovy Gorilla is the codename for Ubuntu 20.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu+1. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.14:32
Skotten32Ok. I believe this issue is non-specific to 20.10, but related to rsync, hence why I asked here.14:33
tomreyn !bootparm pci=noaer should help you work around the AER problems14:34
ubottutomreyn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:34
tomreyna bios upgrade may also help14:35
Skotten32Ok. How do I add !bootparm pci=noaer Is it possible to do that with boot-repair, or should I do it manually during boot?14:36
tomreynalternatively, pcie_aspm=off , but this will increase power consumption14:37
tomreyn!bootparm | Skotten3214:37
tomreyn!kernelparm | Skotten3214:37
ubottuSkotten32: To add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters14:37
Skotten32Thank you. I'm using the machine with issues now so I need to log off to try.14:38
tomreynabout rsync, may not be specific to groovy, but until you've proven that, support is in #ubuntu+1 only14:38
tomreyngood luck14:39
jpmiller25Hey ubuntu masters, first time install on an actual machine (I've used VM's for a while) - Ubuntu is incredibly slow to do anything15:13
jpmiller25I'm on the live boot right now and it's snappy but booting to the install is crazy slow. Surface pro 4, booting from a USB hard drive. I'm not sure what logs to get to start diagnosing.15:14
tomreynjpmiller25: if you have internet access:   journalctl -b -p3 | nc termbin.com 999915:19
jpmiller25I do, but from the live machine.  The OS is installed on the usb drive which is mounted in media15:19
jpmiller25is that command still OK to get you what you need?15:19
=== [1997kB]`2 is now known as [1997kB]`
tomreyndoes it have wired internet access?15:20
tomreynprobably not, unless you're tethering.15:21
tomreynor have a usb -> ethernet dingle15:22
jpmiller25sorry yall the live install kicked me off wifi and I had to reboot to get back on15:35
jpmiller25I'm having a problem with my ubuntu install being incredibly slow, installed yesterday on usb3.0 drive on a surface pro 415:35
jpmiller25I got it to complete update && upgrade yesterday but it took 4 hrs, hoped that would help the speed but it is still incredibly slow - takes 30 sec to 1 min to register a mouse click, wont even open software app15:36
jpmiller25I'm currently on live drive with the OS install mounted under media15:36
jljlotuspsychje: just to follow-up, it had been reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/189412515:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1894125 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Acer ES511] Mousepad + Keyboard not working in kernel 5.4.0-45, but 5.4.0-42 works" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:41
tomreynjpmiller25: sudo journalctl -b -p3 --root /media/*/ 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999915:43
jpmiller25tomreyn: https://termbin.com/tb1715:46
jpmiller25says no journal file found15:46
tomreynjpmiller25: ah, my bad.15:46
tomreynsudo journalctl -b -p3 --root /media/$USER/* 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999915:47
tomreynjpmiller25: this assumes you only have mounted one file system to /media15:47
tomreynotherwise, replace /media/$USER/* by the concrete mount point15:48
tomreyni.e. what    gio mount -l    lists, but with file:// stripped15:48
jpmiller25its getting the efi partition15:48
tomreynsee above15:48
jpmiller25the correct directory is a long name, ill get it to work15:48
tomreynjpmiller25: which ubutnu release is this?15:52
tomreynjpmiller25: the one you installed, that is, not the live system (though that could be of interest as well)15:53
jpmiller25current, 20.04.115:54
tomreynjpmiller25: well, let's see the full log then:  sudo journalctl -b --root /media/$USER/LONG_ID_HERE 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999915:55
tomreynreplace LONG_ID_HERE by ... you know what15:55
tomreynyou have BIOS 109.3192.768 03.24.2020 - check for an upgrade while i have a look at your logs15:57
tomreyn"03.24.2020" is the build date (usually same or some weeks / months before the release date given on vendor support websites)15:58
tomreynyou run zfs on this?15:59
jpmiller25I did update the surface firmware from this site a few days ago while going through this process, I had some trouble getting the efi right16:00
jpmiller25whats zfs?16:00
tomreynan installation option marked as experimental16:00
tomreyna specific file system16:01
jpmiller25not that I know of...16:01
tomreynok, maybe those messages are normal on 20.40.116:01
tomreynso maybe those last two lines of your log point to the problem, udisks2, a service/utility to enable normal users to mount file systems in their graphical file browser conveniently, to /media/$USER/...16:03
tomreynyou could try purging it. or to ensure you have all the latest updates installed first of all:   sudo apt update & sudo apt full-upgrade16:04
tomreyn"systemd[1]: networkd-dispatcher.service: start operation timed out. Terminating." also indicates a problem. your system network configuration seems to be managed by systemd-networkd even though it's a desktop / end user device?16:07
tomreynthose usually use network-manager instead16:07
jpmiller25hm ok16:09
tomreynlack of ram could be an issue, too. you have 4 GB physical ram installed, of which some is taken by intel graphics.16:09
jpmiller25i did get it to do update & upgrade yesterday, took just over 4 hours and it did complete16:09
jpmiller25but still super slow16:09
EriC^^jpmiller25: any large cpu usage is 'top' ?16:10
jpmiller25ok could be ram, but it seems weird the live system is at least usable16:10
jpmiller25i did get sysmon to run yesterday while doing upgrade,16:10
jpmiller25the 4 cores showed pretty even usage they took turns, but never really went over 50%16:11
jpmiller25usually 25-30%16:11
EriC^^jpmiller25: what's the output of 'free -h; ps aux | sort -k3 | tail16:11
tomreynyou wrote "booting from a USB hard drive" initially, did this refer to how you boot normally, or to how you booted the live system?16:12
jpmiller25tomreyn: both. Live system on usb thumb drive, installed OS on usb 3.0 hard drive16:13
SmellyCatI have ssh-ed into a remote 16.04 server and did a do-release-upgrade. While it was downloading (400+) updates, I pressed CTRL-C. I assumed that as long as it didn't install anything, I could interrupt the process and restart it, but this didn't really work out how I expected. When I do a do-release-upgrade now, it says I should "install all available updates first". How should I proceed and either revert to a correct 16.04 which16:14
SmellyCatcan be upgraded or continue the upgrade from this situation?16:14
tomreynwhen booting normally, you have   sda = Verbatim Store n Go Drive, 4 GB; sdb = USB DISK 3.0, 115 GB; there's also an nvme mentioned, but not used?16:15
tomreynjpmiller25: ^16:15
jpmiller25nvme is the internal ssd on the surface, I'm keeping the windows install on that one16:17
tomreynjpmiller25: but you're saying the system booted faster off the usb-3.0 thumb drive before, right? those cheap flash drives are generally unreliable, i wouldn't expect anything to work well off them, especially if you do regular writes to them16:29
tomreynbetter get an external ssd then16:29
jpmiller25yeah the os is installed on an external ssd, usb3.0    I got it installed yesterday, but I have never gotten it to operate in any usable fashion, its been incredibly slow since the install.  I'm on the live system right now booted off a flash drive, and it's doing great, at least usable16:32
jpmiller25maybe I just need to try this whole install over again, maybe 18.04 will work better, idk16:33
compdoc18.04 is pretty nice16:34
lotuspsychjejlj: nice find, did you affect yourself to the bug?16:35
tomreynjpmiller25: you should either not partition the full ssd, or enable (fs)TRIM/discard16:38
jpmiller25tomreyn: hm ok, in the install sequence I selected the 'other' option and then partitioned the efi, ext4, and swap before install16:40
jpmiller25temreyn: is that not the right thing to do?16:41
tomreynjpmiller25: that's fine. it's just that ssds can get slow after many writes if the firmware has no menas to juggle data around on disk.16:42
hotsoupHi all. Have a problem with my screenshot utility. I'm using 20.04 Ubuntu and using standard gnome-screenshot tool. I want it to save my screenshots to ~/Pictures/screenshots however I can't get the program to do this.  dconf-editor allows me to save the settings but it seems that gnome-screenshot ignores it and continues to save in ~/Pictures. Does anyone else know about this? Am I doing something wrong?16:43
tomreynthat's why you should either ensure you leave some percentage of unpartitioned space, or use (fs)TRIM/discard to make it aware which parts of the storage aren't actually in use.16:43
jpmiller25ok I'm formatting now with gparted.  If I go into the install with it unallocated, can the install do the partitions automatically?16:45
jpmiller25EriC^^: I kind of hate to do this and undo the work we did yesterday, but idk what else to do!16:47
basenodeis this a valid tmux config? is_vim="ps -o state= -o comm= -t '#{pane_tty}' | grep -iqE '^[^TXZ ]+ +(\\S+\\/)?g?(view|n?vim?x?)(diff)?$'"16:47
basenodei have a bunch of "bind -n C-{} if-shell "$is_vim" ..." commands that seem to work even if im not in vim16:48
lotuspsychjehotsoup: i can confirm, changing dir in dconf-editor doesnt create a screenshot folder neither16:50
lotuspsychjehotsoup: check bug #1862423 please16:54
ubottubug 1862423 in gnome-screenshot (Ubuntu) "Save directory for gnome-screenshots cannot be changed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/186242316:54
Radi dont know why happends this, i switch between desktop manager (xfce4 and mate) and now on mate i can't change wallpaper, just appear a blank img (grey or white ) and i cant't chage , on reboot first appears wallpaper i've choosen, but after 5 seconds , blank colour appear again and same history... any idea how to chage this?16:59
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hotsouplotuspsychie is this a lunchpad bug assignment?17:07
hotsoupI didn't see the bot below your post. going there now.17:08
lotuspsychjehotsoup: if you feel this is happening to you, please affect to the bug on the left upper corner 'yes this affects me'17:10
hotsoupI will look for that.  Ill put a script in in the mean time to move all screenshot files to my desired directory until a fix gets released.17:17
hotsoupApparently, only two other people have reported this affects them so might be waiting a while :-/  Thanks again. much appreciated.17:18
lotuspsychjehotsoup: you can affect the bug with a launchpad account, affecting actually helps speeding up bug solving, you help yourself and the community with that17:20
hotsoupI made my own shortcut in settings "/usr/bin/gnome-screenshots -i"  Then I assigned to print screen.  Interactive mode does remember last saved directory so thats a safe work around for the archive.17:20
hotsoupI have a launchpad account but I don't know how to code. I'm new to linux as my full time OS and I'm trying but coding is a steep learning curve.17:21
hotsoupThanks for your help lotuspsychie17:22
lotuspsychjehotsoup: yoi dont need to code to affect a bug, it just means the bug is what you experience, and the devs can see the users affected17:24
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lotuspsychjeRadioMan: welcome, how can we help you?17:38
sqppHello :)18:09
sqppSo I was trying to install the latest ubuntu release 20.04.1 but it crashed at the very end of installation and the bug which was reported is the following18:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1871268 in apt (Ubuntu Focal) "Installation fails when "Install Third-Party Drivers" is selected" [High,Confirmed]18:10
sqppWonder if there is any soluton for this other an unselecting?18:10
sqppbecause unfortunately, I can't use SecureBoot otherwise.18:10
TJ-sqpp: is the system currently still in the installer?18:11
sqppI simply insert the USB and click on Install Ubuntu then I proceed with it18:11
TJ-sqpp: Is the installer still running, right now, on the target PC18:12
sqppI am from the actual target PC18:12
sqppsince I only have one18:12
TJ-sqpp: if it is there are ways to manually intervene *if* you've started the installer with the "Try Ubuntu" option18:12
sqppNo, I did not18:12
sqppI clicked on Install18:12
sqpp"I simply insert the USB and click on Install Ubuntu then I proceed with it"18:13
TJ-sqpp: as far as I recall, in the direct install mode, there isn't an easy way to do manual intervention when things go wrong18:13
sqppI can always just restart the process or use a Win10 USB so18:13
sqppThe problem is the system is not a quiet easy one18:14
sqppsince it has Dual GPU18:14
sqppas it's a laptop18:14
sqppand there is also a eGPU that I am planning to use18:14
sqppbut right now that is disconnected.18:14
Javidoç/j #GNOME18:14
TJ-sqpp: according to the bug report the latest CD Image has the fix in it. When did you last download the installer image?18:16
sqppusing https://ubuntu.com/#download18:17
sqppI will try the daily one18:21
tommorowohello everyone, I've installed ubuntu 20.04 on my new laptop Asus Zenbook 14 um425ia and I can't set brightness of the screen (different settings have no effect), suspend also doesn't work, but it seems like something is wrong with firmware maybe? could anyone help me please?18:22
TJ-sqpp: see this comment for the  daily-live fixed images: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/+bug/1871268/comments/8318:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1871268 in apt (Ubuntu Focal) "Installation fails when "Install Third-Party Drivers" is selected" [High,Confirmed]18:23
sqppproblem is I will need a different computer to burn it to the USB18:23
sqppor no?18:23
TJ-sqpp: if you boot the current (broken) installer in "Try Ubuntu" mode you can use that18:23
sqppoh true18:24
TJ-sqpp: in "Try Ubuntu" it starts to a live desktop where the Installer is an icon on the desktop that you don't have to start18:24
sqppSo it loaded into RAM right?18:24
TJ-sqpp: correct18:24
sqppAll right18:25
sqppUnetbootin is good for this?18:25
sqppsince I used that on Windows too18:25
TJ-sqpp: I can't say as I don't use Windows, nor the regular installers :)18:25
sqppI mean I just find this interesting18:25
sqppI can remove the files from the USB18:25
sqppthat actually booted18:25
sqpphopefully everything is in the RAM18:26
sqppso I can just remove them >D18:26
sqppAnyways, see you soon18:26
TJ-good luck!18:26
sqppFrom phone atm18:33
robert45hi guys, how can I calculate the cpu usage % on a multi core server? top gives the info per core only18:43
pavlosrobert45: press 1 and top will show all cores18:50
robert45pavlos I know. Im looking for a total, not per core18:51
pavlosrobert45: https://support.site24x7.com/portal/en/kb/articles/how-is-cpu-utilization-calculated-for-a-linux-server-monitor18:53
sqppAnyone knows a fast way to write iso to usb?18:53
pavlossqpp: use usb318:54
sqppAccessible from ubuntu packages?18:54
pavlossqpp: you can use dd18:57
sqppThe guy who helped me still here?18:58
robert45pavlos Thanks, this is what I been looking18:58
sqppI just want to ask LTD probably is the best gor me right? i mean towards the bug18:58
sqppSo focal builds18:58
sqppCrashed again..19:04
TJ-sqpp: to write an ISO9660 image to a USB, assuming the USB device appears as /dev/sdz and the ISO file is $HOME/Downloads/ubuntu-focal-desktop_amd64.iso, in a terminal one would do, "sudo dd if=$HOME/Downloads/ubuntu-focal-desktop_amd64.iso of=/dev/sdz bs=150M status=progress conv=fdatasync,fsync"19:12
sqppNah, I mean19:13
sqppRegards the install19:13
sqppIt seems installed though19:13
foxtrackive reinstalled my system without backing up the windows partition, and hence the drivers for the mouse is out and i cant boot into windows .iso because of my tab key being broken. does anyone have another alternative on a laptop keyboard with inlet number pad so that i can tab past the langauge settings and reinstall windows along side my linux19:13
TJ-sqpp: that sounds hopeful19:13
sqppYeah, but it was the same earlier19:13
sqppI still got the same message though19:14
TJ-sqpp: was this using the Try Ubuntu method?19:14
sqppYes ofc19:14
sqppYou confused me19:14
sqppI meant using the install ubuntu19:14
TJ-sqpp: OK, so once the installer ends/fails whatever, you still have control of the system and can manually correct it19:14
foxtrackActually what I really need is a way to wipe my entire drive.19:14
foxtrackand then worry about it later.19:14
sqppBy the way hope TB3 finally works in latest release19:15
sqppThunderbolt 319:15
TJ-sqpp: ahhh!19:15
TJ-I was going to say, that's a very old version of Mozilla Thunderbird email client!19:16
sqppThinkpad powa19:16
sqppAll I just want to have a working OS19:17
sqppWithout bloatware19:17
sqppAnd able to play War Thunder lol19:17
leftyfbfoxtober: your issue is with hardware and Windows. Nothing to do with linux at all. Try an external usb keyboard19:17
foxtoberleftyfb: what? did you ping the wrong person lol19:18
leftyfbthey left19:19
sqppOne point to Griffendor19:22
foxtrackyeah sorry, so i dont know what i need to be looking for. i reinstalled the system. this guy was smart. converted my jump drive into a section of 512 mb fat 12... i dont even fucking know. so how does one recover from being hacked?19:27
hggdhfoxtrack: please do mind your language19:28
foxtrackold habits die hard. apologies.19:28
hggdhnp :-)19:28
foxtrackim just a wee bit frustrated.19:29
foxtrackIve recently had some keyboard problems as well, possibly unrelated. I cant get into windows to download it because there's no mouse drivers for windows on here anymore.19:30
sqpp@TJ- boot seems messed up a.bit tho19:30
foxtrackmy tab key if it wasnt out, i could likely have no problems.19:30
foxtrackwith the tab key and the mouse both out because of.. drivers? I cant do anything with the windows .iso.19:31
foxtrackyeah. these arent even #ubuntu questions, are they.19:33
* foxtrack face palms19:33
sqppanyone uses EGPU here?19:38
Squarismin unity I could hit some key to get a list of practical keyboard shortcuts with nice help texts. Is there something similar in Gnome?19:42
MaikSquarism: If you mean the list that pops up in Unity by holding down the superkey then i don't think so. At least i never found it.19:49
SquarismMaik, that sounds familiar. Yes. Ok, too bad.19:49
TJ-Gnome expects you to be clairvoyant :)19:49
MaikSquarism: miss Unity? :)19:53
SquarismMaik, tbh both gnome and unity dissappoint me mostly. Even If I've primarily been ubuntu user (since 2011 and lately exclusively) I miss windows as a window manager. Like linux though19:55
SquarismI hope things will get better with Wayland.19:56
Maiki see.19:57
SquarismDesktop apps based on QT and GTK often seem glitchy and wonky and badly designed. No clue why that is.19:57
Seven_Six_TwoSquarism, have you tried any others, like XFCE, KDE?19:57
SquarismSeven_Six_Two, I have not. Maybe I should19:58
Seven_Six_TwoI've been using Cinnamon for a long time now, and really like it.19:59
SquarismI have very little insight in machinery powering the desktop environments and GTK/QT. But I've understood X11 is a sh*t fest. So I guess its hard to build on a shaky api.20:00
Maikmy bad and i should have brought it up earlier by inviting..... let's join #ubuntu-discuss if we want to talk about non support related stuff.  :)20:00
Maiksorry about that20:00
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TaymonMy laptop's built-in webcam is just recording solid black instead of the actual image. How can I debug this?20:19
TJ-Taymon: does it have a lens cover over it?20:21
TaymonThere are no moving parts anywhere near it.20:22
tomreynTaymon: sometimes those are barely visible. if you like, tell us your computer model and we can check.20:22
TJ-Taymon: there may be some clues in the kernel log, "journalctl -k -n 100" might give some clues20:22
TaymonDell XPS 15-759020:22
memeloverI updated ubuntu from 18.04 to 20.04, and I have now entered dependency hell. Outside of reinstalling, is there any way that I could restore the packages to their "default on install" state/versions? eg. I can't install ubuntu-mate-desktop due to dependencies hell. Once I follow the chain down, I can see messages from apt such as "The following packages have unmet dependencies: libgl1 : Depends: libglvnd0 (= 1.3.1-1ubuntu0.20.04.1) but20:23
memelover1.3.2-1~kisak~b is to be installed". Please help.20:23
Taymonjournalctl: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Js8KVYzDNM/20:23
TJ-memelover: looks like "~kisak~b" indicates a 3rd party repository, or PPA20:24
tomreynTaymon: okay, no lense cover indeed.20:24
TaymonI admit it does look very much as though there's a lens cover.20:24
memeloverTJ-: Thanks - it indeed looks like I still have lists from 18.04, including "kisak-ubuntu-kisak-mesa-bionic.list". This might do it. Thanks!20:25
TJ-Taymon: nothing there in the last 15 minutes as a clue20:25
TaymonIs there anything else I can try?20:28
tomreynTaymon: you can run "lsusb" and see which model it is exactly, then search for the model and your ubuntu version and kernel version20:30
TaymonMicrodia Integrated_Webcam_HD, but there don't seem to be any relevant results for that with Ubuntu 20.04.20:32
jljlotuspsychje: I did indeed. :-)20:33
mozzarellaguys help20:34
TJ-Taymon: I'd expect it to be a UVC (USB video class) device but it may have Dell-specific extension functions that the uvcvideo driver cannot understand. They may be shown earlier in the kernel log. "journalctl  -k -g uvcvideo"20:34
Taymonjournalctl  -k -g uvcvideo | pastebinit20:35
TaymonBy the way, the light does turn on when the camera is used, and apps say they recognize it. There's just no image.20:35
TJ-!info guvcvideo | Taymon have you tried other applications to test the camera?20:38
ubottuTaymon have you tried other applications to test the camera?: Package guvcvideo does not exist in focal20:38
tomreynmemelover: as soon as you can install some software again, install apt-forktracer and run it and share it's output. also that of    grep -hEv '^([ ]*#.*)?$' /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*.list}20:39
tomreyn!ask | mozzarella20:39
ubottumozzarella: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:39
TJ-hmmm, guvcvideo is in focal/universe20:40
mozzarellatomreyn: how can I make nautilus open video files using mpv by default?20:45
krytarikTJ-: It would seem you mean guvcview though. >_>  (Also, how crappy to spell..)20:45
tomreynmozzarella: maybe this: settings -> details -> default applications > video20:46
mozzarellatomreyn: it's already set there20:46
sqppTJ- woohoo works man20:47
tomreynmozzarella: right-click on a video file which does not open with mpv, yet, select properties, open with, look for mpv, click on "set as default"20:47
sqppeGPU and everyhing20:47
sqppsecure boot20:47
TJ-sqpp: nice one, well done"20:49
sqppit was a hell of a night20:49
sqppseems only secureboot was complaining here the whole time20:49
sqppThanks for the help man20:53
mozzarellatomreyn: it doesn't want to change20:55
mozzarellait jumps back to Video20:55
TaymonTJ-: I've tried Chrome, Cheese, and guvcview. Nothing works.20:57
TJ-Taymon: OK, so it maye be broken. Has it ever worked?20:58
TaymonI think it worked last week but I'm not absolutely 100% sure of that, my memory isn't perfect.20:58
TaymonI guess I will try booting into Windows with a recovery disk and seeing if it works there.21:00
TJ-Taymon: it could be an ACPI issue21:01
TaymonUnless there are any more promising options?21:01
TaymonHow would I debug an ACPI issue?21:01
TJ-Taymon: has the system gone through a suspend/resume cycle ?21:01
TJ-Taymon: sometimes devices are not correctly re-initialised21:01
TaymonI tried immediately after rebooting. Didn't work.21:01
TJ-Taymon: this may be a workaround https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html21:02
TJ-Taymon: also, cold boot vs warm boot can make a difference (cold boot might 'cure' it)21:02
TaymonIf a cold boot doesn't fix it, does that rule out the ACPI hypothesis?21:03
TJ-Taymon: no21:04
TJ-Taymon: but sometimes warm boots leave the hardware in a different state21:04
TaymonI'll try the script and doing a cold boot.21:04
tomreynmozzarella: hmm, i haven't seen this. which ubuntu release is this?21:05
tomreynmozzarella: (i hope) you're not running as root, are you?21:05
boredguy20.10 seems to have solved my zfs problems21:07
TaymonThat did not fix things.21:07
boredguyNo idea what went wrong with 20.0421:07
boredguyWell, at least it boots up just fine now21:08
TJ-Taymon: which "that" ?21:10
TaymonSorry, I ran acpi_osi.sh and then did a cold reboot.21:11
TJ-Taymon: ahhh... check it has worked with "cat /proc/cmdline" and show us the output21:11
TaymonBOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.4.0-48-generic root=/dev/mapper/vgubuntu-root ro acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2018" quiet splash vt.handoff=721:12
TJ-Taymon: OK, that is correct, so it didn't help21:12
TJ-Taymon: if you start guvcvideo from a terminal there may be debug messages to give a clue21:13
TJ-Taymon: start it with "uvcview -w 10" to get more verbosity21:15
jayjoI have a HDD with a previous installation of ubuntu installed on it that I can't get to boot. I can see the partitions in ubuntu when I boot from another disk. THe only difference I notice from the disk utility is it says "SMART is not enabled". Would that impact booting from this disk?21:15
mozzarellatomreyn: 20.0421:16
mozzarellanot rurring as root21:16
tomreynmozzarella: hmm, i don't know what causes it to jump back then.21:18
TJ-Taymon: looks like at least Contrast and Saturation are very low ... increase contrast if you can21:19
TJ-Taymon: saturation: " min:0 max:100 step:1 def:64 curr:0 "21:20
TJ-Taymon: so set to default of 6421:20
TJ-Taymon: looks like others aren't at default, such as white-balance so try adjusting them21:21
TaymonTried increasing contrast, brightness, white balance. No change.21:23
TJ-Taymon: very weird; possibly broken, unless you can find another OS or kernel version to prove it does work21:24
TaymonOk, thanks for your help.21:25
TJ-Taymon: I'd suspect someone is playing a joke on me and has slipped something over/under the lens!21:26
TaymonThat's how I'm feeling too.21:26
TJ-software thinks it is working fine21:27
jayjoActually, I mounted the EFI system partition and there was nothing there. But the second partition of this drive does have an encrypted filesystem with a home directory that includes Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop README.txt21:28
TJ-jayjo: that is ecryptfs21:28
TJ-jayjo: there's a tool, ecryptfs-recover-private , that can unlock and mount that home dir under /tmp/ for you21:31
TJ-jayjo: you need to know the passphrase, which is usually the same as the user's password21:31
raecarruthhi all21:36
jayjoHmm. $ sudo ecryptfs-recover-private INFO: Searching for encrypted private directories (this might take a while)... find: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied find: ‘/run/user/126/gvfs’: Permission denied21:36
raecarruthhow would I go about creating an auto mounted btrfs partition that can be accessed with maximum permissions by more than one user?21:37
jayjoTJ-: got it! thanks for the help! I had to specify the directory, I thought it was searching the whole system21:38
TJ-jayjo: well done :)21:41
sqppTJ- you still here man?21:55
tomreynraecarruth: look at mount options "user" and "users", and the "chmod -R" (and potentially "chown") commands21:55
sqppAnyone has clue21:57
sqpphow can I set the eGPU as default GPU?21:57
demonspork!fstab raecarruth22:01
demonspork!mount raecarruth22:02
demonsporkWhat is the syntax for sending the information to someone22:02
demonsporkraecarruth: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs and also read up about mount and fstab22:03
Maik!fstab | raecarruth22:04
ubotturaecarruth: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions22:04
raecarruthalready looked at the fstab link22:06
demonsporkraecarruth: btrfs isn't recommended and shouldn't be used for important data22:06
raecarruthi had it working great on another system22:07
demonsporkIt is only useful over other file systems in narrow circumstances22:07
raecarruthwhat do you recommend demonspork?22:07
demonsporkraecarruth: I prefer xfs or ext4. Not sure what Ubuntu installs by default these days, not my daily driver anymore. My biggest reason to avoid it is because recovery of a btrfs filesystem that has gone bad always seems much less likely to succeed22:12
tomreynubuntu defaults to ext422:13
demonsporkI use btrfs on my home server but only for docker because that was what unraid used by default.22:13
demonsporkI had some xfs corruption from a crash the other day and a single repair command fixed it seemingly completely in 10 seconds, but the same server has completely corrupted a btrfs volume multiple times22:15
demonsporkraecarruth: https://amp.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/61js64/lets_discuss_why_do_you_use_or_not_use_btrfs/22:17
demonsporkThe post by deleted is a great summary of btrfs, but most of those advantages are tedious to maintain and are honestly most useful when fully utilized by software that uses those features, particularly containerisation like docker22:18
raecarruthpity hans reiser couldn't keep his hands to himself...22:20
raecarruthsure :p22:21
TaymonUpdate for the curious: I did a factory reset to Windows 10 and the camera's still not working. At this point I'll just have to contact the manufacturer. Thanks for the help.22:31
TJ-Taymon: is it possible the camera has 'slipped' or something has got into the lens? you should be able to pop the screen bezel and check22:41
TaymonI do not see a straightforward nondestructive way to pop the screen bezel.22:42
=== j is now known as jess
TJ-very often they're 'just' on plastic intertwining clips and regular 'spud' and plectrum tools will open it22:43
NightmayrHi I've been experiencing a problem with my HDMI sound output disappearing after a while, the output is there when I list the cards using 'pacmd list-cards'. If I kill pulseaudio the sound output will return but eventually disappears I've noticed after I put the computer to sleep. Anyone know what might be causing this?22:43
TaymonThis looks like it's connected more thoroughly than that, though I don't know for sure.22:44
TJ-Taymon: darn!22:46
lxusr50Nightmayr, Anything showing up in logs?  Also does it happen if you don't put the computer to sleep?22:48
Nightmayr@lxusr50 I think it may have happened even when I don't put the computer to sleep but I'm not 100% on that as I only started observing it more frequently after waking the computer from sleep. Do you know which logs would be useful to check?22:50
=== Tyrasuki1 is now known as Tyrasuki
lxusr50Nightmayr, Probably the syslog would be the best place to start looking.22:52
TJ-Nightmayr: is the HDMI audio output the default output in Pulseaudio?22:52
courrierSometimes dd stops working normally: it copies at at impossible speed and produces a corrupted image file. My only solution is reboot. Any idea?22:52
lxusr50Nightmayr, Might check this out if you haven't already...https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/171892722:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1718927 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "No HDMI sound after suspend/resume" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:56
=== Nightmayr_ is now known as Nightmayr
NightmayrTJ-, `pacmd` shows my webcam as index 0 but thats an input. The HDMI output from my Nvidia GPU is index 1, index 2 is my motherboard sound card. I'm trying to use the GPU for sound output23:04
sqppSeems my Ubuntu is kinda slow23:23
sqpplike it does not have 3D GPU acceleration23:23
sqppor such23:23
lxusr50sqpp, Have you run 'top' from the cli to see what is eating your processor?23:25
sqppnot really23:25
sqppDiscord seems23:26
lxusr50You might want to try it.  tracker was eating my lunch last week after an upgrade to 20.0423:26
sqpphow can I test if turbo actually works?23:27
lxusr50yep...some kind of file organizer that gnome runs in the background23:27
sqppisn't it is Unity now?23:27
sqppor its renamed to GNOME again?23:27
sqppoups, wrong window23:28
lxusr50Yes, Unity.23:28
sqppgnome-s+ eating a lot too23:28
sqpp30% at least23:28
sqppmy CPU itself is a low performance one but it was fast on Windows tho23:28
sqppeven was good for gaming23:28
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lxusr50Same here...Running a old HP box...Worked fine until the upgrade.  I had to turn off tracker.  Everything good now.23:29
sqpphow ttod do that?23:29
sqppsudo apt remove tracker tracker-extract tracker-miner-fs ?23:30
lxusr50I wouldn't do it unless you are seeing a lot of CPU usage from it.  It usually happens on power up or after a reboot and can last for some time.23:31
lxusr50One sec....23:31
sqpp30% is not really low amount23:31
sqppalso do you use Steam?23:32
lxusr50sqpp, This will walk you through it.....https://askubuntu.com/questions/1187191/tracker-process-taking-lot-of-cpu23:33
lxusr50No I don't use Steam.23:35
sqppAhh, its still slow23:36
sqppI might just go back to Win 10 :(23:36
tomreynwhat feels slow exactly?23:37
lxusr50When you ran 'top' Were you seeing anything eating your processor besides gnome-s+...Also what did you CPU load average look like?23:38
sqppgnome, chrome, discord uses at least 40%23:38
=== joaquinighost01 is now known as joaquinito01
sqppsomething called aces too23:39
tomreynof one cpu core, or all of them?23:39
sqppnot sure how to check that23:39
tomreynwell, how do you see it?23:39
tomreynsqpp: you could post some screenshots if it helps you and us getting a better understanding of what may be the issue23:39
sqppyeah will do that23:39
tomreynpost to imgur.com and post the link here23:40
tomreynalso post the output of    free -g   and    df -h | grep ^/dev   to paste.ubuntu.com23:41
sqppseems I can't paste on imgur23:41
sqppafter pressing printscr23:41
tomreynctrl-v doesn't work?23:41
sqppthats what I did23:42
sqppfailed to upload..23:42
sqppwell I am using Chrome anyways23:42
tomreynmaybe run just software which ubuntu came with for now, see whether the system still feels slow then23:43
sqppWell the point is I want to use eventually Edge anyways23:43
sqppits coming soon to Linux23:43
sqppbut yeah23:43
tomreynctrl-v works for me. using firefox on ubuntu 18.04, though.23:46
sqppI also noticed23:46
sqppscrolling in app like steam is horribly slow23:47
tomreynmaybe you have no graphics acceleration23:47
sqppThat's what I thought too23:47
sqppbut same in YT too23:48
sqppat least using Chrome surely23:48
sqppbecause 4K just buffering23:48
sqppand kinda slow too23:48
tomreynthis doesn't seem to contradict this theory.23:48
sqppwhy noot? :D23:49
tomreynurn this in a terminal:   lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999923:49
tomreyn<tomreyn> also post the output of    free -g   and    df -h | grep ^/dev   to paste.ubuntu.com23:49
matsamanwhy would you want to use edge23:51
sqppBecause Edge Chromium is good23:51
sqppi tried also different NVIDIA drivers23:51
tomreynso neither your file systems nor ram are fully used.23:51
sqppimportant to mention23:52
sqppI use external GPU23:52
sqppso using Thunderbolt 323:52
tomreynuh, ok23:52
tomreynnow: glxinfo -B | nc termbin.com 999923:52
tomreynand what does it say for "graphics" under settings -> details -> about ?23:53
sqppVIDIA Corporation GP107M [GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile] / NVIDIA Corpo23:56
tomreynso i guess you should have accelerated graphics through that23:57
tomreynwhich is probably your thunderbird connected external graphics card?23:58

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