Lee36Installing xubuntu 4.14, says it's still installing, not frozen for sure, for over 3 hours now its been at the part of the installation where it says, "Getting the time from a network time server..."01:30
Lee36Does anyone know what's going on here?01:32
tomreynLee36: xubuntu 4.14? i don't think this ever existed01:41
tomreynmaybe you're referring to xfce 4.14?01:44
Lee36sorry it's the XFCE xubuntu01:44
Lee36This is the version we have at school is why I need it. For advanced c++ class01:45
tomreyni will assume you're trying to install Xubuntu 20.04 LTS.01:46
tomreynwhich, like Xubuntu 19.10, came with XFCE 4.1401:46
tomreyndo you know how much memory (RAM) this system has installed?01:47
Lee36no I'm trying to install XFCE Xubuntu 4.14 and 16Gigs. it was the newest XFCE Xubuntu available on the site01:48
Lee36that's 16 Gigs of RAM01:49
tomreynthe "X" in "Xubuntu" standas for "XFCE", because Xubuntu is the XFCE/XFWM based Ubuntu flavor. Xubuntu's versioning scheme follows that of Ubuntu. The latest Xubuntu and Ubuntu release is 20.04.01:50
tomreynXFCE has a versioning scheme of its own, like all the other software that's distributed with Xubuntu.01:51
tomreynXFCE 4.14 is the XFCE version that got incorporated into Xubuntu 20.04.01:51
tomreyn16 GB of RAM should not cause installation problems. I assume that there were network issues, though, causing the network time synchronization to fail.01:52
tomreynSo I suggest you just reinstall.01:52
tomreynWaiting longer at this point is not going to help.01:52
tomreynthe "Getting the time from a network time server..." step should normally take less than 10 seconds.01:53
tomreynand with this, i'm leaving you, Lee36, got to get some sleep. Good luck - and if you can't get help here, consider asking in #ubuntu as well (type: /join #ubuntu )01:54
hanshupgraded from Xubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 yesterday, and it made Eclipse IDE significantly more laggy.. like noticable input delay when typing05:59
hanshany idea what that's about?05:59
hanshlike if i just quickly write asdsadsadsadasdsad there's singificant lag05:59
hansh(notably, Eclipse was always a bit slow, but it's much worse in 20.04 than 18.04 )06:01
diogenes_hansh, maybe try disabling composition.06:08
Maikanother issue might be that 18.04 uses Xfce 4.12 which is for the most part still based on GTK2, 20.04 ships xfce 4.14 which uses GTK3.07:10
Maikjust thinking out loud07:11
eraserpencilhey, anyone around? having trouble booting into a xubuntu live usb08:35
Ziopeppus2Anyone is on ?21:13
Maik!ask | Ziopeppus221:14
ubottuZiopeppus2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:14

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