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medflyhowdy. I am looking at cloud-init failing with "RuntimeError: Unknown network config version: None.". Unfortunately the step I did to induce this failure is "update a system" so its not a great lead. What should I look for for errors?15:10
medflySeems to be cloud-init 19.4.15:11
medflyoh, weird. It seems to have succeeded later.15:11
medflyI am looking at the wrong thing then :-)15:12
medflySorry for the noise15:12
medflyderp, it is failing15:22
meenamedfly: if you post your log files, it's much easier to help you16:22
meena(y'all ever feel like, "my work here could be done by a bot." ?)16:23
medflyThats what I got out of systemctl status (with a bajillion flags)16:25
medflyNot super obvious what my log files are :-/16:26
medflyIt would be nice to know how cloud-init gets its data16:28
medflyThe thing I run a VM on is refusing to run after some changes. I think Im stuck. thx16:33

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