viewer|10My start/meta key is working the first 10 minuttes showing the application menu. Then after 2-10 minuttes it usually stops working, showing the applications menu. But surprisingly the win+e key can open dolphin.. it just doesn't make any sense.. how to fix please? :D01:11
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cabpahello, i would like to inquire about my problem with my Acer Swift 3 SF314-41. The screen remains black after waking up from suspend. The CPU of this laptop is Ryzen 5 CPU and its graphics card is AMD Radion Vega 8. Kernel is 5.4.0-26-generic and Ubuntu verison is 20.04.1 LTS06:33
IrcsomeBot<YesEyeCan> @cabpa I have the same problem on the same CPU. See if this helps: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1032633/18-04-screen-remains-blank-after-wake-up-from-suspend06:50
MASTER99Ciao, ho un problema sul mio PC, è come se sono danneggiati i driver della scheda di rete in quanto non mi da più connessioni visibili... Come posso far rifunzionare correttamente la scheda di rete e potermi connettere ud una wifi?07:23
MASTER99Sto usando ovviamente Kubuntu 20.0407:24
user|99800esys@inesys-Lenovo-G480:~$ sudo apt update07:29
user|99800E: Error reading the CPU table07:29
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IrcsomeBot<Swift110> @TwoMax, Hello12:26
BluesKajHi all12:28
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> How r u12:43
Sia-tomreyn: the defaut option is the same for all machine and works fine, why just kubuntu resize the page??12:58
Sia-hi, printing pdf or any page via kubuntu to shared printer is to small, but the same shared printer via win, mac and ubuntu is standard. any idea why kde or qt tools doing this any fix?13:00
tomreynSia-: no idea then.13:02
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tuxedlinuxMy touchpad could not be found by Kubuntu 20.04 :(13:17
tuxedlinuxI'm using an external mouse but I need help!!13:17
tuxedlinuxBut please help!13:17
tuxedlinuxMy keyboard works but not touchpad :(13:18
tomreynis this a fresh installation?13:18
tomreynis this an upgraded installation?13:18
tuxedlinuxnope, I installed this 3 days ago13:18
tuxedlinuxI didn't use it for 2 days13:19
tuxedlinuxany idea?13:19
tomreynso we can safely assume it has been like this from the start?13:19
tuxedlinuxtomreyn: I just turned it on, logged in, and now the touchpad is not responding.13:20
tuxedlinuxI did not have such problem with Ubuntu with GNOME 20.0413:21
tomreynok, but do you know whether this problem exists since you installed kubuntu 20.04, or are you saying it only started a while after you installed kubuntu 20.04?13:21
tomreyni.e. did the touchpad work on the day of your installation, after first booting the newly installed kubuntu 20.04?13:22
tomreynif you don't know/don't remember, just say so.13:23
BluesKajtomreyn, tuxed got booted off freenode in the ##linux chat, dunno why tho, he wasn't really doing anything wrong from what i could see.13:34
tomreynBluesKaj: apparently posting 5+ lines in rapid succession is a legitimate kill criteria according to #freenode these days13:35
tomreynthis also happened to someone else two or three days ago, and i had reported it there13:35
BluesKajI should have scrolled up ...heh13:37
IrcsomeBot<YesEyeCan> Did anyone tell him to turn the touchpad off and on again?13:39
BluesKajwas gonna suggest he check system settings>input devices>touchpad13:40
IrcsomeBot<YesEyeCan> Yeah, reboot it from there13:42
IrcsomeBotWalrusHorseradish was added by: WalrusHorseradish13:49
IrcsomeBot<YesEyeCan> OH MY GOD IT'S SERIOUS SAM13:50
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Try to update driver for touchpad. Or else uninstall and install touch again(keep a mouse attached to pc while doing this)13:54
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Guest_94Hello, I get random freezes which at times leads to my system rebooting completely. It generally happens when my system is under some load (though I can't pin point it to anything). I tried looking at journalctl -b -1 but don't see anything specific. I am running Kubuntu 20.04 and running nvidia450 drivers. I don't know how to go about next, can15:53
Guest_94someone please help me on the same?15:53
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Sounds like a process is using up the system memory.  Use System Monitor, sort by memory usage and see if you can repeat the issue.16:02
IrcsomeBot<smhk1379> There was a process "unattended upgrade" that causes high load on my laptop16:23
IrcsomeBot<smhk1379> @Guest_94, There was a process "unattended upgrade" that causes high load on my laptop … You can check it maybe could help16:25
user|17917Hellloo everybody !17:39
user|17917I have a problem and don't know how to fix it17:39
user|17917the grub lunch correctly but If i launch kubuntu I stop on the hp screen and do nothing17:40
user|17917if I go by the settings everything go right17:40
user|17917I just cant change luminosity17:40
user|17917so i thinks it's something with nvidia because i tried to updtate the driver before17:41
desk001_check the bootlogs...17:41
desk001_journalctl -b17:41
desk001_or check kernel messages with 'dmesg'17:41
desk001_dmesg | less17:42
desk001_might help17:42
user|17917if that doesn't help ?17:45
user|17917do I try to reinstall nvidia driver ?17:47
user|832I don't know if that's the same server, I'm the guy who had nvidia problems17:58
user|832soo, in software and update i just came back to my previus version of driver (not proprietary)18:00
user|832and work again..18:00
user|832just for you know18:01
user|832I'll just let it like that then18:01
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