phmaI'm trying to package a program I wrote. I typed:02:08
phmabzr dh-make mirasol 0.1.0 ~/build/mirasol/cdbg/mirasol-0.1.0-Source.tar.bz202:08
phmaIt replied:02:09
phmabzr: ERROR: Either run the command from an existing branch of upstream, or move mirasol aside and a new branch will be created there.02:09
phmaman bzr doesn't say anything about dh-make, so I'm lost.02:09
phmaI ran the command in a newly created ~/package directory.02:10
ItzSwirlzdid you run dh_make --createorig?02:16
phmano, I didn't see any instruction to do that.02:18
phmaThe prompt is just "$", which doesn't tell me which directory I should be in when running the commands.02:21
ItzSwirlzI don't use bzr much so I cant help02:23
phmaWhat directory should I run dh_make in?02:28
phmals in ~/package looks like this: mirasol  mirasol_0.1.0.orig.tar.bz202:30
phmamirasol is a directory containing the source code.02:31
ItzSwirlzdh_make should be ran in the root dir of the project03:08
phmaYou mean in the source directory? Nothing goes in the source directory except source files, backup files, and the .git directory.03:13
nano11bravogit commit "cats play in the dark"03:30
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