jrwreni never did master/remember ctrl-a ctrlx for increment decrement integers in vim16:22
jrwreni was watching the lions OTA... https://www.windy.com/-Weather-radar-radar?radar,42.068,-83.134,817:28
jrwrennow that the cloud cover is gone I lost signal. LUL17:28
jrwreni was barely watching, instead finding home network misconfigs and fixing them.17:40
jrwrenTIL: bind statistics-channels17:41
greg-gI can't figure out why a route is being added to my routing table, a tun0 using a 10.132.x.x ip18:02
greg-gbreaks my net18:02
jrwrenopenvpn or something?18:28
_stink_i admit that i use ctrl-a as a way to jump to the next number in a line18:34
_stink_quick ctrl-a, u18:34
_stink_just like i use u, ctrl-r as a way to jump to my previous edit18:34
_stink_maybe there's a better way to do that :D18:34
jrwrenis that vim default?19:09
jrwreni use ctrl-i, ctrl-o to go back and forth in the location stack. I didn't know there was an edit stack. That is great.19:09
greg-gjrwren: yeah, it happens when I enable a ovpn connection :/23:43

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