tomreyninstall and run, from a terminal, glmark2. run all tests, until it finishes by itself. this takes about 5-10 minutes. then post the full output on paste.ubuntu.com00:01
tomreyndon't put the window to the background and dont resize it00:02
tomreynsqpp: example output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7CS8cQycTp/00:06
tomreynsqpp: according to this, you should see roughly half the performance (glmark2 Score) https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare/Radeon-RX-580-vs-GeForce-GTX-1050-(Mobile)/3736vs408800:10
jonjitsuI'm going through the exercise of installing ubuntu using debootstrap. I've arrived at the point of installing grub and it's giving me the error "grub-install: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/nvme0n1p2. Check your device.map." within the chroot. Is there something I can do to help it find the grub drive. I'm trying to use uefi booting.00:10
tomreynwith uefi booting, you should have an efi system partition, and just need to run grub-install without parameters00:11
tomreynthis will only work if you already booted in uefi mode now00:11
tomreynyou can also try passing the disk containing the efi system partition to grub-install, so probably /dev/nvme0n1 in your case. but i don't think that's actually needed.00:12
tomreynactually, it may be needed for the first time00:13
jonjitsuActually, now I'm not sure if my partitioning maybe didn't write correctly.00:15
tomreyndo you have networking, yet?00:15
jonjitsuya I'm using a systemrescuecd on a usb stick00:16
tomreyngmm hopefully that'll be compatible00:17
tomreynlsblk -o +LABEL | nc termbin.com 999900:17
tomreynpersonally i'd be using the ubuntu desktop installer or mini iso to ensure a compatible kernel00:18
jonjitsudebootstrap should work though00:19
tomreynnvme0n1p1 lacks an ESP label00:19
jonjitsuI basically had another system on the vg0-root00:19
tomreynwhat'S the output of:   echo -n 'This system booted via: '; [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS00:20
jonjitsuthat i'm replacing with this experiment00:20
jonjitsuThis system booted via: UEFI00:20
tomreyngood, so bootstrappping a uefi booting system should work out00:20
tomreynwhich file systems do you have on nvme0n1p1 and nvme0n1p2 and the vg0-root LV?00:21
jonjitsup1 is fat32, p2 ext2, vg0-root ext400:23
tomreynno need for ext2 there, you can do ext4, but looks fine. so you just need the esp label.00:24
tomreynor rather you need the right partition type on /dev/nvme0n1p100:25
jonjitsup1 type is ef00, parted -l shows name EFI and flags boot, esp00:27
tomreynhmm this should be fine.00:28
tomreynand inside the chroot, you can run    efivar -l    and     efibootmgr ?00:30
jonjitsuya both work00:31
tomreynjonjitsu: and    apt list --installed grub* 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999    says what?00:31
jonjitsuactually now I'm getting a different error of no sspace on device: /dev/nvme0n1p1        2.0M  2.0M     0 100% /boot/efi00:32
jayjo_I have a drive that I'm trying to get part of a RAID 1 array. In the disk utility, it says "SMART is not enabled". Is that a software choice, or is the drive not capable of the reporting? How can I check?00:32
jonjitsuwhich is weird since it's 200M00:32
tomreynjonjitsu: maybe the partition is 200 but the file system is so snall?00:33
tomreynjayjo_: smartctl -x /dev/disk/by-id/YOURDRIVEHERE00:34
tomreyn+ sudo00:34
jayjo_My machine doesn't have smartctl installed, but a different drive is doing some sort of reporting00:34
jayjo_I can install it, but what is the GUI using to get info on the separate drive?00:35
tomreynif it's a hardware raid, then linux may not get to see the individual members of the array, though00:35
tomreyni don't know what the gui is using00:35
jayjo_It's not, it's just two inexpensive drives that I can see as /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc00:35
tomreynthose name assignments can change, which is why i usually prefer the by-id paths for such tasks00:36
jonjitsu"/sbin/grub-install: error: /boot/efi doesn't look like an EFI partition." Is this due to having an empty freshly formatted efi partition without boot/bootx64.efi?00:37
jayjo_I'm booting from an much smaller SSD, and I have a 1TB drive and 500GB drive in the drive bay. I'm hoping to set them up as a RAID 1 LVM so I can use them as backups for network things and the my home partition on the SSD00:38
tomreynjonjitsu: no, i don't think so, there's another issue.   sudo file --special-files /dev/nvme0n1p1 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999900:40
jonjitsu /dev/nvme0n1p1: DOS/MBR boot sector00:41
tomreynjayjo_: personally, i'd recommend the same disk models, ideally the same batch, for raid. though this can still work out.00:41
jonjitsuwhich mkfs should be used for the efi partition?00:41
tomreynjonjitsu: vfat00:41
jonjitsuthat's what I originally tried when I got the 2MB issue... Lemme try again00:42
tomreynhere's hwat it sas for me: DOS/MBR boot sector, code offset 0x58+2, OEM-ID "mkfs.fat", sectors/cluster 8, Media descriptor 0xf8, sectors/track 63, heads 255, hidden sectors 2048, sectors 974848 (volumes > 32 MB), FAT (32 bit), sectors/FAT 951, reserved 0x1, serial number 0x52208ab, label: "ESP        "00:42
jayjo_not only are they not the same make/model, but different sizes. I just assume I will lose the remaining space on the larger disk? Could it be partitioned and used as regular block storage?00:42
tomreynjayjo_: yes, you can join partitions to a software raid00:43
tomreynyou can also use partitions as LVM PVs00:44
Richard_CavellHello everyone. My computer had Ubuntu on the internal hard disk and it won't boot any more.  I've booted into an Ubuntu 18.04 live DVD and I'm typing on HexChat within that environment.  But I can't see my internal  hard disk!00:45
matsamanRichard_Cavell: where can't you see your internal hard disk? Did anything of note happen before it stopped booting?00:45
Richard_Cavellmatsaman, I can't see my internal hard disk there00:47
tomreynRichard_Cavell: is this a laptop or desktop?00:48
Richard_Cavelltomreyn, a desktop.00:48
tomreynalso, you didn't answer one of matsaman's questions00:48
Richard_Cavelltomreyn, as to what happened... all I know is one day I booted my machine, and it didn't boot00:48
jonjitsutomreyn: there we go grub-install worked, used this based off your output: mkfs.fat -F 32 -n "ESP" /dev/nvme0n1p100:49
tomreynRichard_Cavell: ok. is this a spinning rust hdd or a flash based (fast) SSD?00:49
matsamanRichard_Cavell: disconnect all the cables on the storage drive and reconnect them00:49
matsamanRichard_Cavell: if that doesn't work try different connectors00:50
Richard_Cavelltomreyn, it's a mechanical internal 1 terabyte hard disk00:50
jonjitsuI think my first partitioning with mkfs.vfat dev made it fat16, then the second with mkfs.exfat dev made is something else...00:50
matsamanRichard_Cavell: if that doesn't work try different cables00:50
Richard_Cavellmatsaman, the disk is entirely internal, I never connected anything00:50
matsamanRichard_Cavell: sure but there are still connectors in there00:50
Richard_CavellIt's an iMac, so it's an all in one machine00:50
matsamanoh, so it's a PITA to open00:50
matsamanwell that might still be something you'll have to do, if you don't want to pay someone to00:50
matsamanthey're really obnoxious to open these days, all sorts of glue00:50
tomreynyou should check whether the bios / firmware still sees the drive00:50
Richard_Cavelltomreyn, I don't know how to do that00:51
tomreynit's mac specific, i don't either00:51
matsamanyou should boot the built-in macOS recovery system and see if it sees the drive00:51
Richard_Cavelltomreyn, I know that it has a 32-bit EFI.  And it's not Linux-friendly00:51
jonjitsumight be soldered/glued00:51
matsamanCMD+r during bootup, IIRC00:51
tomreynbut i think it is possible, you press some hiotkey before boot00:51
tomreynjonjitsu: exfat is something completely different indeed ;)00:52
Richard_CavellCan I at least confirm... if sudo fdisk -l doesn't give me sdxx, does that mean the internal hard disk isn't being seen?00:52
tomreynjonjitsu: glad it worked out this time00:52
matsamanRichard_Cavell: if it doesn't give you a device of the right size, most likely something is up, yes00:52
jonjitsutomreyn, yep, thanks00:53
matsamanRichard_Cavell: or put another way: it is ordinary for fdisk -l to show the first internal hard disk as /dev/sda00:53
jonjitsuyou think I will need something specific in the initramfs to decrypt my password protected luks partition on boot?00:54
tomreynRichard_Cavell: you could also post your logs, so we can look at whether the disk failed to detect, or was seen by linux at all00:54
jayjo_tomreyn: https://bpa.st/YEAA seems to indicate the drive has SMART capabilities, but in disk utility I still get that error "SMART is not enabled"00:55
tomreynjonjitsu: which partition is this?00:55
Richard_Cavelltomreyn, which file do you need?00:55
tomreynjonjitsu: oh i see now00:55
tomreynRichard_Cavell: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999900:56
tomreynjonjitsu: be sure to create /etc/crypttab, and double-check it. and i'd start with the default settings for mkinitramfs00:56
tomreyni.e. MODULES=most, i think00:57
jonjitsubasically, it's p1 - efi p2 - boot(ext2) p3 - encrypted blob with lvm and all the "real" partitions00:57
tomreynjayjo_: i'm afraid i can't help debug disk utility00:57
tomreynjonjitsu: right, i just missed the "crypt" on https://termbin.com/vyym4 earlier00:59
tomreynjayjo_: but you could look for an existing bug report, or, if there's none, file one.01:00
tomreynjayjo_: ...by running: ubuntu-bug gnome-disks01:01
tomreynactually gnome-disk-utility01:01
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tomreynjonjitsu: alternative approach https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_201901:03
tomreyni just got anice reminder that i should be in bed. good luck y'all.01:05
Richard_Cavellhttps://termbin.com/95pm Is there anyone who can look through this log and tell me if Ubuntu can see my internal hard disk?01:06
Richard_CavellI've booted into Ubuntu live DVD and Ubuntu seems to not be able to see my internal hard disk01:07
jonjitsutomreyn, have a good night01:07
jonjitsuand thanks again :)01:07
oerheksRichard_Cavell, seems so, is it seen in the bios of that apple?01:10
Richard_Cavelloerheks, I don't know how to tell.  It doesn't produce a log like most computers do01:10
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ComputerTechwhat is the best way to limit diskspace on ubuntu?02:00
ComputerTechquota ?02:02
mozzarellaguys help02:06
bonhoeffermount failed: Operation not permitted. -- when I try and mount a dd image via (sudo mount -t ext4 -o loop,ro,noexec,noload suspicious.dd.sda1 /mnt/test/)02:07
matsamanComputerTech: for individual users?02:09
bonhoefferfyi: losetup: cannot find an unused loop device: No such device02:09
ComputerTechmatsaman for all new users02:10
lotuspsychjemozzarella: ask a question?02:10
jayjo_if I want to use my remaining partition for non-RAID stuff, when I'm using mdadm and see this: "mdadm: largest drive (/dev/sdb) exceeds size (488254464K) by more than 1%" do I have to partition before this, or go ahead and create the array?02:10
jayjo_I thought I had to work with raw disks with mdadm, so not sure about using partitions instead02:11
mozzarellalotuspsychje: I want video files to be opened with mpv by default, I've already set mpv to be the default video app in my settings, but it's not working for all files02:11
lotuspsychjemozzarella: each filetype needs to be set by default02:11
lotuspsychjemozzarella: if you set by default for mkv it wont open all avi's, you need to do it for avi too then02:12
mozzarella lotuspsychje but it won't let me change it02:12
lotuspsychjemozzarella: right click/properties on your video file and change to mpv02:13
mozzarellalotuspsychje: https://imgur.com/a/9emQRT702:15
lotuspsychjemozzarella: click mpv, set as default?02:15
mozzarellalotuspsychje: it's not changing it, it jumps back to Videos02:16
matsamanComputerTech: you should be able to use quotas, sure02:17
ComputerTechit seems a little confusing to me :/02:18
ComputerTechthe blocks part02:18
ComputerTechwhat i'm trying to do is02:18
ComputerTechwhen i add a user02:18
ComputerTechit will set a limit of diskspace of 100mb02:18
ComputerTechfor every user i add02:18
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jayjo_I'm noticing now after I've already started creating the array this line: "If the component devices you are using are not partitions with the boot flag enabled, you will likely see the following warning..." - Does that mean I could have first created partitions in order to create the RAID array? (and that way I could reserve the remaining space on the larger disk?)02:39
jayjo_I found a good question for it: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/320103/whats-the-difference-between-creating-mdadm-array-using-partitions-or-the-whole03:00
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chief-monk_Hello All !  Had issues getting back and now I can pick up where I left oof.04:26
Hashfe80::1%lo0 localhost What does this line in /etc/hosts mean?04:34
HashWhat is % symbol?04:34
HashOct 03 22:32:22 desktop dnsmasq[810]: bad address at /etc/hosts line 8 this is in dnsmasq log04:34
HashThat is line 804:34
derpadminit is the local link address I believe04:36
derpadminbut it is not valid for /etc/hosts04:37
derpadmin::1     localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback04:37
derpadminff02::1 ip6-allnodes04:37
derpadminff02::2 ip6-allrouters04:37
derpadminshould look like this ^04:37
chief-monk_On imgur.com to share all my images so you all can see it.  Would the URL look like username.imgur.com/all to see all my images about an issue I am having?   I think it has something to do with BusyBox (initramfs)04:43
derpadminlol whut04:48
chief-monk_A couple of months I was here asking questions and was told to go to imgur.com and upload images of my issue04:48
chief-monk_So others can see them04:49
HashI see04:49
HashI don't have any dns resolution left anymore04:49
chief-monk_and wanted to know if the url I am looking at is in my account or you be able to see04:50
HashI am trying to use dbab/dnsmasque dns adblocking, and I installed dbab and dnsmasq, set systemd-resolv.conf to not bind to port 53, I start the dnsmasq and dbab services, and system-d resolv is on also, and I have resolvconf package installed04:51
HashI still don't have any dns resolution. I wonder what's up04:51
HashI think I got it05:16
chief-monk_Anyone remembers me please PM me.  Still have not figuge out how to get crashed computer Ubuntu 16.04 is the highest my machine goes. When do I live boot I am able to see my hard-drive with all the data and OS prior to crashing.  The File Manager Image on the Left Panel Right below Network there is 499 GB Volume.  Would like to know how to get it back running again. And think this is the URL to see what I am speaking.The image abouve and the one on05:22
chief-monk_the left show where it stops booting up on its own.  On a side not getting over a health issue other wise it would not have taking me about 2 months or so.  Please PM me  you able to assist.  I am relearning to IRC and do not know how I know if someone directed a message to me.  I think there is a way just forgot.  Hope someone here can help me.  And please teach me to be more terse here instead of writing a book.  Thanks and look forward to your05:22
chief-monk_answer.  One last note some reason this computer new backed up and do not know why.  After I get all information on different device from here plan to reformat computer and rebuild it.05:22
chief-monk_The URL for Images https://chiefmonk.imgur.com/all05:27
Maikchief-monk_: no PM's, support can be given in this channel.07:04
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leibniz[m]What is this jb2/sda2-6 which access io frequently causing a clicking noise07:42
lotuspsychjeleibniz[m]: hd's that make ticking noises is bad news, might wanna do a SMART test07:46
leibniz[m]lotuspsychje: SMART didn't found a problem.07:46
oerheksoh he got enough answers from other channels too07:47
oerheksclicking noise = end of life, replace07:47
lotuspsychjei see its a crosspostHD :p07:47
leibniz[m]I used iotop, HDD clicks seems to happen when jbd2/sda6-8, firefox and a kworker:xxx get executred07:47
leibniz[m]and the execute a lot07:47
leibniz[m]I'm also using TLP. I mean shouldn't they write to RAM first and then write in batch to HDD after a few minues?07:48
oerheksdoesn't change that the disk is bad.07:50
leibniz[m]oerheks: Then why it is silent on winodws 10?07:50
oerhekslikely windows does not use those corrupted sectors?07:52
oerheksyou might want to reask in ##hardware too07:52
leibniz[m]oerheks: Shouldn't SMART detect if something is wrong with HDD? I tested it both on windows (Thinkpad Vantage) and linux, it says its fine07:53
oerheksa smart test could show errors, but can take a while07:54
oerheksobviously the disk is damaged.07:55
fontisDoes anyone know whether the IRC Client Relay ever had a fork or if its still supported?07:58
guivercleibniz[m], SMART is a diagnotic tool that is intended to help detect issues before they occur, best results are regularly watching & noticing sudden changes in the SMART reports; rather than a single report (which is a calculated-guess only), at least from my experience07:59
Maikfontis: the question isn't really related to Ubuntu support08:09
fontisMaik: you are right. Was just curious and thought I'd ask here :)08:10
MaikUbuntu support only in this channel, try in #ubuntu-offtopic ;)08:11
zmagiiHow do I get my file explorer to sort strictly on ascii/unicode rather than ignoring underscores?08:15
zmagii_b a c, rather than a _b c08:16
tichunHi, I reported a bug but it automatically attached a lot of confidential information, like my phone serial number and lots of other, there's option to mark it as private, but *no one* will be able to see the bug. I won't be reporting more bugs and delete the reported one if it has to be this way08:17
Maiktichun: what has ubuntu bug reporting to do with your phone in the first place08:18
tichunDmesg has08:19
Maikyou run ubuntu on your phone?08:19
Maikor was it attached to your machine08:20
tichunNo, it just was connected. That's not the topic. The problem is ubuntu bug reporting adds a lot of information to the report that i am not even able to edit08:20
Maikah, i see08:20
tichunIt has attached list of installed snaps etc.08:20
zmagiiWhat is Flutter?08:21
zmagiiSorry, wrong chan.08:21
oerhekstichun, then don't use ubuntu-bug tool, but manually https://askubuntu.com/questions/473839/how-can-i-delete-private-information-in-a-bug-report08:22
lapionOkay so now I am hiccuping against a artificial limit in the kernel to the amount of usb-devices08:58
lapionNot enough host controller resources for new device state.08:59
lapioncan't set config #1, error -1208:59
tomreynhow many usb devices do you have connected then?09:02
tomreynhost controller resources may well point to a hardware limitation09:09
agopoI tried to get spelunky 2 to run in steam using proton 5.18. After many fails it doesn't run and I'm left with a load of wine- and proton-related files on the computer. I want to delete all that stuff. Since it was a tarball, I tried "make clean". But now "locate proton" and "locate wine" still spit out plenty of files. Can I just delete those and the removal is complete?09:30
sqppHey, so it seems my network and sound is gone on my Ubuntu 20.04.1  system, only Dummy Output displayed at the control panel. Seems the sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel returns not found fatal error09:32
tomreynthat's not how you do software management on ubuntu. you use apt and maybe snap, and maybe yet other software package management systems09:32
tomreynagopo: ^09:32
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tomreynbut steam may differ from that, there's #ubuntu-steam, i think09:32
agopotomreyn, yes and I try to do that and remove packages the regular way. with proton 5.18 that wasn't possible though, it's only available as tarball09:32
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agopobasically I made a mess and now I want to clean it up09:33
sqppit seems the network card is completely unrecognized too for some reason, while the wireless is working09:34
sqppOkay it seems to be something with the Thunderbolt 3 as well...09:35
tomreynagopo: that's outside the scope of what's supported here. the general approach you should take on ubuntu is to install only packaged software on a system level (so outside of /home and maybe outside of /usr/local ), and non-packaged software in /home only.09:36
tomreynagopo: you can run   dpkg -S   against the full path to a given file to check whether it is part of an installed debian package (.deb)09:37
agopotomreyn, I get that. But then I can't be the only one who tried to build from tarball, install a bunch of dependent libs, fail with the tarball and then want to delete the libs09:37
tomreynagopo: some files will be generated during installation of a debian package, though,a nd those cannot be identified this way.09:38
agopotomreyn, I'll try the dpkg09:38
sqppYeah, I probably go back to Windows :(09:38
tomreynagopo: most likely you're not. but most of these people would know where they placed those tarballs, and where they extracted them to, ideally.09:39
tomreynif you're wondering which packages you installed recently, you can check /var/log/apt/history.log09:39
xtaowhat you could do is extract and/or build the tar with a --prefix /tmp/something and then make a list of all the files in that folder and delete those09:40
agopotomreyn, I know the folder I placed it to and deleted it. That wasnt everything though as locate showed09:40
tomreynagopo: locate can output outdated information, it uses a database backend which is not refreshed immeditately09:41
agopotomreyn, I did updatedb09:41
tomreynuse the updatedb command to refresh it, or use gnu find to search09:41
tomreynyou can share your output on a pastebin, maybe we can help.09:41
agopogood idea09:42
agopotomreyn, xtao https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dWRkcYC4py/09:48
agoponeither the packages wine nor proton* are installed. still I get this mess09:49
tomreynis wine* installed, though?09:50
tomreynthe stuff in /home/agopo/.steam you can probably delete. it may break steam, but i guess you can reinstall that if needed.09:51
tomreynthe stuff in /home/agopo/.PlayOnLinux/ would only be used by  playonlinux, if you still have that09:52
agopoI dont, so that gets deleted, too09:52
tomreynif you don't have wine / playonlinux, you should be able to delete /home/agopo/.local/share/mime/application/x-wine-* and /home/agopo/.local/share/applications/wine-extension-* and /home/agopo/.local/share/icons/*/*/apps/application-x-wine-* safely09:54
tomreyn /usr/bin/wine64-stable sounds like you still have some wine installed09:56
tomreyni don't knoiw what /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine belongs to09:57
tomreynwhich ubuntu release is this actually?09:58
tomreynare any of these packages still installed? fonts-wine libwine libwine:i38609:59
tomreyna path of /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine does not seem to exist in focal10:01
tomreyncould be a third party package, though10:02
tomreynfiles in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wine are part of libwine10:03
agopogood call. fonts-wine, libwine, libwine:i386, wine32, wine64 were installed, are now purged.10:04
tomreyngenerally, you should not make such a mess in the first place.10:04
agopohow come removing wine* didnt recognize wine32 and wine64?10:04
agopotomreyn, haha yeah I know XD10:05
xtaomaybe you needed to do wine\* so the shell didn't complete it10:05
agopobuilding from source still drives me nuts10:05
tomreynor maybe you needed regular expressions rather than shell globbing, depends on the commands you used and how you used them10:06
zmagiiDoes Ubuntu still send search strings to Canonical?10:06
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bonhoefferi have a dd to mount -- but I keep getting  mount failed: Operation not permitted.10:20
Maikbonhoeffer: through commandline?10:24
Maiktry adding that to the command10:24
bonhoefferyeah --   sudo mount -t ext3 -o loop,noexec,noload suspicious.dd.sda1 /mnt/10:25
bonhoefferwas trying that10:26
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chief-monk_Maik : Thanks I did not know that with IRC.   But can you assist me with my issue Maik?10:56
Maikif i could i would have answered that by now :)10:57
hejkkii need to install a font that supports Ú (big ú) and other normal letters10:57
hejkkiwhat packet do i need10:57
hejkkifont for terminal10:58
velocity221hi, I've Ryzen 7 4700U based laptop, brightness settings and suspend didn't work on ubuntu 20.04 and 5.4 kernel so I've updated to 5.8.13 and brightness settings work but suspend is still not working on 5.8.13 and 5.9 RC7. cat /sys/power/mem_sleep returns: [s2idle]  and dmesg | grep -i acpi | grep supports returns: [    0.364412] ACPI: (supports S010:58
velocity221S4 S5) . How to fix that?10:58
hejkkiit is strange that the font didn't come by default10:59
ivaatthis bug report for postfixadmin 3.0.2-2 bionic https://paste.ovh/view/raw/407e80c310:59
theopensourcererHi, I just upgraded my desktop PC from 18.04 to 20.04. The only GUI that now works is unity. The Ubuntu and Ubuntu on Wayland load, but then no icons are shown on the desktop and the launcher & the top bar buttons are non-responsive. I have to CTL+ALT+Fx and login to a terminal and then reboot. Any suggestions?11:00
hejkkitheopensourcerer: ubuntu gui? do you mean gnome?11:01
theopensourcererhejkki: Probably. When you are at the login screen, the options are called "Ubuntu", "Ubuntu on Wayland" and "Unity".11:01
Maiktheopensourcerer: unity shouldn't be on there if you installed 18.04 before and upgraded to 20.04. Unless you added the Unity desktop environment to your install.11:11
Maikor did you upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 and then 20.04?11:11
ivaati would recommend to delete this user profile11:11
ivaatand restart gui11:12
theopensourcererIt's a fairly old computer and has been upgraded a few times. When I am at the login screen, I can choose three options as described and the only one that actually aloows me to do anything is unity.11:12
Maiktheopensourcerer: what is fairly old and what are the system specs?11:13
theopensourcererIntel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz × 411:14
theopensourcererMesa Intel® HD Graphics 530 (SKL GT2)11:14
theopensourcerer15.5 GiB RAM11:14
theopensourcererI don;t recall how old it is - probably 5 years or so I guess.11:15
Maikthat not old to me :)11:15
hejkkii had an 8 years old laptop before i changed to new one11:16
theopensourcererI upgraded my laptop a moth or so ago and that was fine.11:17
theopensourcererI created a new account on my PC and can login using the default gnome desktop. So presumably this means I have something in my gnome config which is a bit borked that stops me from using gnome with my main account... Where is this stored? Can I just remove it and it will be re-generated?11:44
TJ-theopensourcerer: generally $HOME/.config/ $HOME/.local and possibly $HOME/.cache/ -- you can try *moving* those to backup names to isolate which, if any, contains something that is affecting log-in11:47
Gwalennhi, is it possible to use thunar insteed of files on Ubuntu 20?11:49
Maiki guess so, install thunar and set it as default.11:51
GwalennMaik, thanks11:53
GwalennIt i not possible to add a link to a folder on Ubuntu desktop ? I tried, but the link appear with a red cross...11:54
theopensourcererTJ-: Thanks. There is a ton of non-gnome related config information in those directories... Is there anything more specific?11:55
MaikGwalenn: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1235661/how-to-create-desktop-shortcuts-for-folders-in-ubuntu-20-0411:56
TJ-theopensourcerer: we generally do that as a test to find out if the cause is in one of them, then either create a replacement directory and copy sub-dirs in a few at a time and keep re-testing the login until it breaks, OR, make a copy of the entire directory and then delete sub-dirs from that a few at a time, until it works :)11:57
TJ-theopensourcerer: generally a bisection approach is fastest for that11:57
theopensourcererTJ-: lol - oh great ;-)11:57
TJ-theopensourcerer: so e.g. if you have $HOME/.config/ with 5 sub-dirs, after backing it up, delete 2 and test. if it works, put the two back and delete one, and test, and so on.11:58
TJ-theopensourcerer: the other option is to search log files for clues11:59
theopensourcererTJ-: in .config I have approximately 70 directories ;-)11:59
GwalennMaik, tanks, not intuitive Gnome, but works11:59
TJ-theopensourcerer: and one last thing - ensure that all files in $HOME are owned by that account and not accidentally by root (do to using 'sudo') -- "sudo find /home/$USER -not -user $USER -ls"12:00
TJ-theopensourcerer: the above command will list files/dirs NOT owned by $USER (replace $USER with the account name with the problem)12:01
MaikGwalenn: you could always switch to any other official buntu flavor if you think Gnome isn't for you.12:01
GwalennMaik, I do not want to make a new install, but I do not feel Gnome. Looks eye candy but not to complicated for me.12:03
theopensourcererTJ-: No need to replace $USER, that's my environment var. I found a few files owned by root; a couple in .cache/dconf, and a load in .local/share/mime12:03
TJ-Gwalenn: you do not need to re-install to use an alternate flavour; E.g. to install and use Xubuntu simply "sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop" then at the greeter log-in, use the session selector (gear icon) to choose Xubuntu12:04
TJ-theopensourcerer: you can correct those with "sudo find /home/$USER -not -user $USER -exec chown $USER:$USER \; "12:05
theopensourcererSure, or sudo chown -R ...12:05
TJ-theopensourcerer: saves time with find - chown does a brute-force of everything12:06
TJ-theopensourcerer: and of course saves writes/erases of the storage medium12:06
MaikGwalenn: besides what TJ- suggested, a new install is done within 15 to 20 minutes depending on your hardware. Or is your set up that complicated? :)12:06
GwalennTJ-, I have done like this in the past to switch to kde, and I remember I got issues after switching.12:07
TJ-Gwalenn: KDE is a bit of a large brute compared to something like XFCE or LXQT though12:09
GwalennMaik, 20 mn for installing the os, and a day for completing installation and settings... I loose two hours this morning because my network printer do not print when i connected to my vpn. Sub network whitelist...et...12:09
MaikGwalenn: try the various flavors from a live usb stick and see what fits you most, then install that one once you made up your mind. The base in all flavors is ubuntu after all.12:09
Maika day?12:09
GwalennMaik, yes at least12:10
TJ-For systems with lots of personal customisations a day is often what it needs - especially when you cannot (or do not know how) copy previous config files in12:10
Maiki'm done within an hour max with updating, configuring and installing a couple of things. Everyone his/her needs i guess. :)12:11
TJ-Gwalenn: you can always test a different flavour using an alternate login account to see if you like it - that will not affect your usual user account until you log-in to that account with the new flavour's session12:12
GwalennMaik, this depend on a lot of things. As said, I loose a couple of hours because with the vpn in use, the printer network won't print.12:13
Gwalennnot so easy12:13
TJ-Maik: some of us have very complex configs across many applications, some of which we rarely tweak, and it takes a lot of time to track down and clone (or worse, figure out what to do when config options and/or files have been removed/changed)12:13
Gwalennor fixing copy/paste from clipboard with vim for example12:14
Gwalennanyway, wait and see. If I can I stay with gnome... If not... Thanks for your help ;-)12:17
TJ-General tip for vim + clipboard pastes. Do "set paste" beforehand and indents won't go mad12:19
xtaoyep. i have that bound to F1212:21
BluesKajHi all12:28
theopensourcererTJ- Looks like it was either .config/Code (VSCode config I assume) or gedit. Thanks for the assistance.12:43
TJ-theopensourcerer: glad you found the culprit; often-times we don't12:43
theopensourcererWas a lot quicker that I imaged it was going to be as well.12:44
iseneAfter having googled this for an hour, I revert to asking for help here. Running a local mail setup with Postfix and Courier imap (accessing mail from mutt via imaps served locally). The setup sees $HOME/Maildir which is actually a symlink to $HOME/Main/Maildir. I want to kill the symlink and have the system recognize $HOME/Main/Maildir as the mail directory. How do I do this without breaking mail?13:46
wyoungisene: Do it and move the Maildir back to $HOME13:47
nbusroneHow do I disable a screensaver if a specific application was running ?13:51
TJ-isene: you'd have to change config in both Postfix and Courier. Both use different options. For postfix you'd need to look at the mailbox_* and/or home_mailbox options13:57
isenewyoung: I want to remove Maildir (as a directory or symlink) from my Home dir13:59
iseneTJ-: Where do I set this in postfix and in courier? What config files or what programs to run to set this?14:00
sqppAnyone can help me with lost of audio and network over wired cable?14:01
TJ-isene: if you're operating postfix these are things you should know, or know where to look in the config and related docs. It is a great responsibility running a public mail server!14:01
sqppSuddenly since last reboot I just experienced no sound and lost of wired network14:02
iseneTJ-: This is not a public mail server. This is on my laptop.14:02
TJ-isene: phew! well, time to read the docs if you're wanting a non-standard mailbox layout14:03
TJ-isene: postfix local mail delivery is based on local (unix) accounts and delivery to the home directory of the recipient14:03
sqppApperently snd-intel-hda not even loaded into kernel.14:04
sqppAnd modprobe can't find the so file14:04
iseneTJ-: Well, that was indeed why I asked here - after having prowled through google and docs for an hour. So, if there are anyone in here that could point me to the exact files/programs to set my Maildir folder to $HOME/Main/Maildir, then that would be just swell.14:05
TJ-sqpp: show us "uname -r; modinfo snd-hda-intel"14:05
TJ-isene: you need postfix specific support; you might be lucky and find someone in #ubuntu-server but it is the weekend so most sys admins are not around14:05
TJ-isene: postfix only defines the *sub-directory* to deliver to (e.g. "home_mailbox = Maildir/") it uses the recipients home directory as the parent14:06
TJ-sqpp6: looks like the kernel packages weren't correctly installed or the system may have run out of space. Check space first: "df -h "14:07
sqpp6def not run out of space but here you go14:08
TJ-sqpp6: looks like a problem since it is apparently missing the package "linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-48-generic" - try a "sudo apt -f install" to fix any existing errors. If that is clean, and it doesn't install that package, do "sudo apt install linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-48-generic" and then figure out WHY that wasn't installed14:09
sqpp6it is installe as well14:10
sqpp6linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-48-generic is already the newest version (5.4.0-48.52).14:10
TJ-sqpp6: then there is a greater problem since the module is in that package14:10
klonhi,getting notifications about minor kernel upgrades from time to time.do i need to install them all?14:11
TJ-sqpp6: maybe depmod failed; try "sudo depmod -a " then re-check for the module with "modinfo snd-hda-intel"14:11
sqpp6return blank14:12
sqpp6"udo depmod -a"14:12
sqpp6sorry, sudo14:12
TJ-sqpp6: depmod will not report anything if successful14:12
TJ-sqpp6: try the modinfo now14:12
sqpp6modinfo: ERROR: Module snd-hda-intel not found.14:12
TJ-sqpp6: something seems broken14:13
TJ-sqpp6: try "sudo apt install --reinstall linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-48-generic"14:14
TJ-sqpp6: the package:file should be linux-modules-extra-5.4.0-48-generic: /lib/modules/5.4.0-48-generic/kernel/sound/pci/hda/snd-hda-intel.ko14:14
sqpp6gotta do a restart then14:14
sqpp6Ok the file is here now14:15
sqpp6modinfo also returns the thing now14:15
TJ-sqpp6: there must have been a failure during the kernel upgrade. for the file to be missing suggests the system powered off unexpectedly14:16
sqpp6I am using like14:17
sqpp6a SecureBoot14:17
sqpp6so it could be14:17
TJ-SecureBoot won't affect this14:17
sqpp6Hope to fix a couple of things tho14:17
sqpp6Some apps don't even seems to use 3D acceleration14:18
sqpp6like Chrome for example14:18
TJ-package manager reports package installed but files misssing - either someone deleted the files manually or they never got installed. Not many scenarios that can cause that if the storage medium has free space14:18
sqpp6I tried some magic with the audio yesterday14:19
sqpp6because it was kind of laggy14:19
sqpp6but I didn' expect the whole audio and network gone14:19
* TJ- suspects this 'magic' was destructive!14:19
sqpp6I really hope14:20
sqpp6MS Edge gonna use 3D acceleration14:20
TJ-Firefox does/can use hardware acceleration of OpenGL14:20
sqpp6I assume there is no DX support for Ubuntu right?14:21
sqpp6as it's a very windows thing14:21
sqpp6yeah, just googled14:22
sqpp6unfortunately many sthing is still choppy slow when it comes to app like STeam for example.14:22
jackiiilonghow to get the reason why system auto reboot ?14:47
TJ-jackiiilong: was it an uncommanded reboot?14:47
jackiiilongit's strange14:48
TJ-jackiiilong: if it was sudden there may not be any clue; but to check the end of the logs of the last boot session use "journalctl -b -1 -n 100" to see the last 100 lines logged in the last session14:48
jackiiilongTJ- systemd-timesyncd[1037]: Timed out waiting for reply from (ntp.ubuntu.com).14:55
TJ-jackiiilong: not significant... indicates that there was no Internet network connection at that moment, often the case during boot-up15:02
sqpp@TJ- seems even after reinstalling kernel it's the same15:04
TJ-sqpp: then your 'magic' broke more things15:05
jackiiilongTJ- no clue about why it auto reboot15:06
sqppTrying something15:06
mozzarellaguys help15:35
rjwiii mozzarella: state your problem and if anyone knows anything, they will answer ... be patient ...15:38
mozzarellarjwiii: nautilus doesn't want to remember my file associations15:39
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mozzarellaubuntu software has a transparent background, why is this?16:50
lotuspsychjemozzarella: screenshot?16:52
mozzarellalotuspsychje: https://i.imgur.com/0T0Q4kx.png16:56
lotuspsychjemozzarella: wich ubuntu version/flavour are you on?16:56
mozzarellalotuspsychje: ubuntu 20.04, normal one (unity)16:56
lotuspsychjemozzarella: ubuntu-desktop 20.04 has gnome by default, did you install unity-desktop ontop yourself?16:57
mozzarellalotuspsychje: oops sorry, I meant gnome16:58
lotuspsychjemozzarella: clean install or upgrade?16:58
mozzarellalotuspsychje: clean install16:58
lotuspsychjemozzarella: wich graphics card chipset do you have?16:58
lotuspsychjemozzarella: sudo lshw -C video, to check17:00
mozzarellalotuspsychje: Cedar [Radeon HD 5000/6000/7350/8350 Series]17:02
lotuspsychjemozzarella: ok tnx, could you pastebin your dmesg please?17:03
mozzarellasearching for a command line paste program…17:05
lotuspsychje!pastebinit | mozzarella17:06
ubottumozzarella: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit17:06
mozzarellalotuspsychje: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jSY2GC7rjD/17:07
lotuspsychjemozzarella: tnx, while im reading try to create a new user, and go doublecheck if software centre is also transparant on the new user please17:08
mozzarellalotuspsychje: works fine on new user17:12
lotuspsychjemozzarella: ok thats pretty interesting17:12
mozzarellaI guess I'll empty my home folder and progressively move everything back? lol17:13
mozzarellaI've carried the same home folder for years17:13
lotuspsychjemozzarella: so we proved its user related instead of graphic issues17:13
lotuspsychjemozzarella: is this gnome software or snap store?17:13
mozzarellait's called ubuntu software17:14
lotuspsychjemozzarella: on ubuntu 20.04 its now default snap-store17:16
mozzarellalotuspsychje: yeah it is snap-store17:16
sqppAnyone uses kernel 5.4+?17:16
lotuspsychjemozzarella: holdon, let me check recent snap store bugs17:16
lotuspsychjesqpp: try to ask your specific question to the channel please17:17
sqppThis was specific..17:17
lotuspsychjesqpp: thousands of users are using kernel 5.4, how does this help you on your case?17:18
tobiasBoraHello, I installed a while ago an ubuntu 14.04, and I recently installed in another partition an ubuntu 20.03. Everything was more or less working, but after a power-off (with the button :-\) when I boot on any of the two systems it starts to boot (blinking underscore) and suddently displays lots of errors, like a kernel panic. You can see the Stack, Call Trace, Code, an in the call trace you can17:18
tobiasBorasee some "queued_spin_lock_slowpath, resched_cpu, rcu_implicit_cynticks_qs, ..., kthread, call_cpu_sched, ret_from_kernel, kthread_park...17:18
tobiasBoraAny idea what's wrong?17:18
sqppThat's exactly helps that now I know its not common to use 5.4+17:18
tobiasBoraI tried a memory test, seems good, and the hard drive is also working (I'm trying to fsck -fcv to make sure)17:19
lotuspsychjemozzarella: i suspect your issue is bug #1886295 doublecheck please17:20
ubottubug 1886295 in snap-store-desktop "Ubuntu 20.04:software installer on gui has no background - very hard to see, a lot of faulty installs going on" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/188629517:20
lotuspsychjemozzarella: your dmesg spits also a lot of apparmor errors on snap-store17:23
mozzarellalotuspsychje: how do I change the theme? I can't change it using the settings program17:24
mozzarella(also another bug I have)17:24
lotuspsychjemozzarella: install gnome-tweaks17:24
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mozzarellathat was what I was trying to do in the first place using Software, lmao17:25
mozzarellaguess I'll use the command l inee17:25
mozzarellanow how do I launch it17:27
tobiasBoraWhoo, seems to boot again if I add "nosmd" flag! (I see errors like “rcu_sched detected stalls on CPUs/tasks”)17:28
tobiasBoraAny idea what's that?17:28
lotuspsychjemozzarella: gnome-tweaks17:30
mozzarellalotuspsychje: yeah, that fixes it, only Yaru-dark seems to be broken, everything else works fine17:30
lotuspsychjemozzarella: do you have a launchpad account?17:30
mozzarellalotuspsychje: both yaru and yaru-light are actually dark… weird17:32
mozzarellaI think I do but I haven't used it in years17:32
lotuspsychjemozzarella: if you want to help the community, please affect to the bug at left upper corner, 'yes this affects me'17:33
lotuspsychjemozzarella: add a new comment with your story is also useful, feel free17:34
mozzarellalotuspsychje: why are yaru and yaru-light dark, though? they seem to be working fine in my new user17:35
lotuspsychjemozzarella: must be some glitch in your current user, works fine at my end too17:38
lotuspsychjemozzarella: gnome-tweaks has a reset to defaults if you like, but careful, that will reset everything to vanilla, backup things if needed17:39
mozzarellaI'll try cleaning up my home folder17:40
tomreyntobiasBora: a good time ago (linux 4.2) there was an xfs (file system) regression involving "queued_spin_lock_slowpath". but it'd be good to see more context from you. and to clarify the ubuntu version you're now running: ubuntu 20.03 does not exist.17:48
tomreyn!14.04 | tobiasBora17:49
ubottutobiasBora: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade17:49
tomreyna "nosmd" kernel parameter is not defined, maybe you meant "nosmt"17:51
JakethepythonHello i just got a new computer running 20.4, my old PC is updated to 20.4 i want to transfer all of my files from my home directory to this computer what is the best way to do that17:53
leftyfbJakethepython: rsync17:53
JakethepythonI used rsync and get a ton of 22 errors17:54
Jakethepythonalso i do not require the . (hidden) files17:54
leftyfbJakethepython: then the next step is to troubleshoot those issues17:55
Jakethepythonrsync: mkstemp "/media/jacob/11B8309C6C3CAAF1/FILES/NJT PTC PROJECT/TEST PLANS2/S&V/S&VPHOTO/GP40/.Thumbs.db:encryptable.Oq4Z8y" failed: Invalid argument (22)17:55
leftyfbJakethepython: that's not your home directory17:56
leftyfbJakethepython: unless you have the drive from the old computer mounted on the new one17:56
leftyfbJakethepython: either way, that particular file can be ignored17:56
JakethepythonI was trying to just do a directory first that's under my home17:57
JakethepythonThe other problem i have is one directory has a space its /home/jacob/CH\ PRECISION however its chaning it to /home/jacob//PRECISION17:59
tichunHi, where to get newer kernel than HWE offers? I need 5.8 for my laptop to work. I want to use 20.0418:12
lotuspsychjetichun: you can try ubuntu 20.10 or test things with !mainline kernels if you like18:14
tichunThe problem is if you know a trusted source for such a kernel18:15
lotuspsychjetichun: do you have a bug about your issue?18:17
tichunI've filled 10 bugs today, one of them was about a need of letting users install newer kernels as an opt-in, e.g. their HWE stack before it's released (it's released 10 months after 20.04)18:18
tichunThe renoir laptop works fine, just needs a newer kernel. I've switched from arch18:19
tobiasBoratomreyn: sorry I meant 20.0418:21
tomreyntobiasBora: post a log: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999918:22
tobiasBoratomreyn: and I'm using normal ext4 filesystem. The second distro was 14.04 (so end of life), and that's the reason why I installed 20.04. And I meant "nosmp"18:22
tobiasBoraas explained here https://serverfault.com/questions/592404/server-freeze-with-rcu-sched-detected-stalls-on-cpus-tasks18:22
lotuspsychjetichun: maybe if you elaborate about your specific issue why you need 5.8 volunteers might be able to help you a better way, we dont need your 10 bugs18:22
tobiasBora(if it makes sense, the computer is quite old)18:22
tichunlotuspsychje: Hahaha. As if some magic was able to fix problems with the hardware. It doesn't work that way. The kernel is responsible for hardware drivers etc. There is no other way. The problem is e.g. that the screen brightness cannot be adjusted, its 100% always and way more issues. That's why we get newer kernel releases18:24
lotuspsychjetichun: thats a bit generalizing things simplistic what you do18:27
tobiasBoraAlso, very regularly (like when I try to put in sleep mode the computer, or when I open a new application), the computer freeze with that screen: https://pasteboard.co/Ju7zeoM.jpg any idea what's wrong?18:27
lotuspsychjetobiasBora: please follow tomreyn advice and pastebing the asked logs18:28
tomreyntichun: you can use mainline images for a while, those are cryptographically signed.18:30
tichunthanks, that's an idea. also i've found liqourix and currently browsing for more alternatives18:31
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tomreyntichun: !mainline is also the first thing lotuspsychje suggested.18:31
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:31
tichuni've read mainline is not supported and has zero patches. also the way it is installed leaves no room for updates, which is a third no18:32
tomreynnot supported is correct, you'll need to keep updating, there are no backported security patches.18:33
tomreynthere are patches applied to it, though18:33
hggdhtichun: mainline kernels are used for verification/validation, not for continuous usage. For example, you can run one of them to verify if a Ubuntu kernel issue is present in mainline as well (or not)18:34
tomreyni don't understand "leaves no room for updates"18:34
tichuntomreyn: there are no updates through apt18:35
hggdhtomreyn: I guess it means "no apt udpates"18:35
tomreynoh, i was guessing it referred to disk space.18:35
sorinelloHello. Does anyobody have any idea why the thunderbird from the official repositories is version 68 ? The latest version is 78, which is like 10 versions ahead. version 68 is one year old18:35
tomreynsorinello: *which* official repositories?18:36
tomreyni.e. which ubuntu version are you referring to?18:36
sorinellotomreyn, I guess the channels that Ubuntu comes with oob18:36
tichunI guess it might be an ESR release or that was the version when the repository got frozen for 20.0418:36
sorinelloI am on xubuntu 20.04. And it seems I am on the "latest" repo version, 1:68.10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.20.04.118:37
tomreynyes that'S right, it's a long term support release.18:37
sorinellobut is there a package with a newer version ? By package I mean something that can be installed via apt-get18:38
tobiasBoralotuspsychje: tomreyn Here are the log when I boot the older system without nosmp https://pasteboard.co/Ju7E1W2.jpg18:38
tomreyni think you can get a newer release through snap now, or you can wait a little for 78 to reach 20.0418:38
tobiasBora(^ is 14.04)18:38
sorinellotomreyn, will 78 react 20.04, or it will reach it only in 20.10 ?18:39
tobiasBoralotuspsychje: tomreyn and here are the logs of the 20.04 https://pasteboard.co/Ju7EwC0.jpg (also without nosmp)18:39
tomreynsorinello: i think it will reach all supported releases18:39
tomreyntobiasBora: that's a screenshot18:40
lotuspsychjesorinello: snap info thunderbird, will show you the snaps channels18:40
sorinellotomreyn, thanks. I am not familiar with these release processes, but afaik, since 78 was not available at the release of 20.04, can it be added later ? If yes, based on what will it be added later ?18:40
tomreyntobiasBora: does it not boot at all now?18:40
sorinellolotuspsychje, yes, snap has the latest, but I preffer to have it via apt-get.18:41
tomreynsorinello: sorry, i was wrong with this part: there are no ESRs for thunderbird.18:41
sorinellotomreyn, just out of curiosity, what is the reason version 78 wasn;t pushed yet on the update channels ? because I am sure there is a reason.18:42
tobiasBoratomreyn: well when the computer does not boot it's hard to get better outputs. It boots only if I put the option nosmp as explained here https://serverfault.com/questions/592404/server-freeze-with-rcu-sched-detected-stalls-on-cpus-tasks18:43
tomreynsorinello: i do not know. i could speculate: the incomplete gpg implementation could be one reason. a topic for #ubuntu-discuss, maybe.18:43
tobiasBoratomreyn: and when 20.04 boots, I get other issues with freeze of screen as I explain here (with lspci/lsusb, let me know if you have other command you want to have) https://askubuntu.com/questions/1280023/regular-freeze-of-the-screen-with-strange-lines18:44
tomreyntobiasBora: okay, can we get a log of it booting with the nosmp parameter set?18:44
tomreyntobiasBora: use !nomodeset as well, or boot to !recovery18:45
tomreyn!nomodeset | tobiasBora18:45
ubottutobiasBora: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.18:45
tomreyn!recovery | tobiasBora18:45
ubottutobiasBora: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode18:45
tobiasBoratomreyn: if I boot with nosmp, what log do you want? dmesg?18:47
tomreyn<tomreyn> tobiasBora: post a log: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999918:47
tomreynjust dmesg is ok, too, for starters18:48
tomreyntobiasBora: but boot to a supported release and kernel, if you can18:48
tobiasBoratomreyn: ok, I'm trying. nomodeset let me boot at least, I just get "smpboot: do_boot_cpu failed(-1) to wakeup CPU#1"18:49
tobiasBorais it possible that CPU#1 is broken?18:50
tobiasBora(logs are comming)18:50
tobiasBoraHere are the logs: https://termbin.com/m2m9t18:51
tobiasBoratomreyn: ^18:52
tomreyntobiasBora: could be, sure. but not too likely for now. this bios is very old, have you looked for a newer one? also try booting with !dis_ucode_ldr18:56
tomreynah we don't have a factoid on it. it disables early microcode (CPU patch) updates18:56
tobiasBorado you think a microcode update broke the system? (could explain why the system suddently stopped working on both 20.04 and 14.04 at the same time)18:57
tomreyntobiasBora: oh this log you posted didn'T involve nosmp, so i guess it actually boots without that18:58
tobiasBoratomreyn: this one was with nomodeset as you suggested after18:58
tomreynyes, so that helped it booting, too, nice18:58
ash_worksianyone happen to know why pandoc wont highlight my code blocks properly?18:59
tobiasBora(both nosmp and nomodeset works, but nomodeset gives me crazy screen resolution I can't even display a full window, so it's super hard to configure the system)18:59
ash_worksiI explicitly set pygments as the highlighter and my php and python code blocks don't look anything like how they show up on github18:59
tgagreetings. so I took a 1TB external disk (NTFS) and happily dd'ed a 1GB install iso on top of it. any idea what (if anything) will recover the previous partitions and files?19:00
tomreyntobiasBora: right, neither nomodeset nor nosmp is ideal, currently you can choose between graphics limitations and cpu limitations.19:01
tobiasBoraI'm trying the dis_ucode_ldr right now19:01
tobiasBorasounds to work19:01
tomreynyou have M4N68T-M-V2 BIOS 0702    01/26/2011, there is Version 1001 2012/01/18 at https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M4N68TM_V2/HelpDesk_BIOS/19:02
tomreynso you're missing "Improve the stability of the lan" and "Improve memory compatibility" - may not be relevant here.19:03
tomreynif you can boot fine with dis_ucode_ldr, post another log19:04
tobiasBoratomreyn: ok. I may upgrade the post latter, but I need to fix the computer by tonight (it's not my computer and I won't be back before one month so want to make sure that the system is stable enough for now)19:05
tobiasBorathe bios latter*19:05
tobiasBoratomreyn: ok, I'll post a lot. I tried to go to sleep mode with dis_ucode_ldr, but the screen froze again with a similar screen (but in white) https://askubuntu.com/questions/1280023/regular-freeze-of-the-screen-with-strange-lines19:07
tobiasBoraa log*19:08
tobiasBoratomreyn: here are the logs https://termbin.com/3fg419:09
tomreyntobiasBora: i suspect this nvidia hardware may be no longer supported.19:09
tomreynso this would probably explain the video issues.19:09
tobiasBoratomreyn: it could also explain issues with sleep mode?19:10
tomreyna broken / unsupported graphics driver? maybe. but i have not spent the time to try and find out whether it'S really unsupported.  and i don't fancy supporting nvidia.19:11
tomreynso so far that's just a theory19:11
tomreynyou really shouldn't be using WEP anymore19:12
tomreynfor the wireless19:12
tobiasBoratomreyn: ahah yes, I said it to my friend before19:12
tobiasBoraOh, dis_ucode_ldr does not work for 14.04?? (it didn't have any sleep mode issue/ graphic bugs)19:13
tomreyndis_ucode_ldr was only introduced two (?) years ago19:13
tomreynor so i think19:13
tobiasBoraok, so for 14.04 the best option is nosmp?19:13
tomreynfor 14.04 the best option is a release upgrade, since we don't support it here19:14
tobiasBoraI can't understand why 14.04 is suddently broken... is is that microcode gots updated by 20.04?19:14
tobiasBoratomreyn: but 20.04 does not support this nvidia you said?19:14
tobiasBoraI'd be very happy with 20.04 working, but can't find how to make it work so far19:15
tomreynstart by updating it to the latest path levels19:15
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.19:16
tomreynthe kernel currently installed is from july19:16
tomreynUbuntu 5.4.0-42.46-generic19:17
tobiasBorayeah, I installed the system this summer, and the system got broken yesterday (20.04 was never stable due to these graphic bugs, but at least it could boot). Will try to upgrade the kernel19:18
tomreynhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/linux-image-5.4.0-48-generic is what you should end up with19:19
tobiasBoraI'm lost, I tried to reboot with dis_ucode_ldr, and I can't boot anymore on 20.04 --'19:21
tomreyntobiasBora: i think !nomodeset will still work, though19:22
tobiasBoratomreyn: oh, I can't boot again. Seems that I can't reboot, but it I poweroff and start again it works (??). Will try to upgrade19:23
tomreynhttps://termbin.com/3fg4 shows that your NVIDIA C61 graphics chipset is being run by the nouveau open source driver. that's a best effort mostly reverse engineered driver for nvidia graphics hardware, since nvidia hasn't released open source grahics like intel and amd have. there are proprietary grpahics drivers for nvidia graphics cards, but they only provide hardware support for hardware form the past 10 or so years.19:24
tomreyntobiasBora: on systems with improper sleep / power states, you should always power cycle instead of soft rebooting.19:25
tobiasBoratomreyn: good to know19:25
tomreyntobiasBora: you can use    ubuntu-drivers    from a terminal to see whether potentially (!) suitable proprietary graphics drivers are available for this graphics chipset.19:26
tobiasBoratomreyn: ubuntu-drivers list/list-oem does not give me any suitable drivers19:27
tomreynwell bad luck, i guess.19:28
tomreyni see this system uses liughtdm as a login manager, why not the default gdm?19:28
tobiasBoratomreyn: was using xubuntu (simple to use + lightweight)19:29
tomreyni see. did you disable smp in bios?19:31
tobiasBoratomreyn: not that I can remember. Should I?19:33
tomreynno, i'm just still puzzled by "smpboot: do_boot_cpu failed(-1) to wakeup CPU#1"19:33
tomreynmaybe the cpu is really half dead19:34
tobiasBoratomreyn: because can you explain why the 14.04 suddently stopped working?19:37
tobiasBora(if it's not that the cpu was suddently broken)19:37
tomreynwell, i'm actually assuming the cpu issues and the system instability can be realated19:38
tomreynthis is probably a good time to consider acquiring new(er) hardware19:39
sqpp@TR- upgrading to kernel 5.8 solved it lol19:39
tobiasBoratomreyn: what do you mean by instability? The boot issue or the sleep mode/graphic bugs in 20.04? Because the system is actually stable on 14.04 (except that I need this nosmp option now)19:40
tomreyntobiasBora: the sleep / power (cycling) issues, the cpu core not coming up issue. which could also cause graphics problems as a side effect.19:41
tomreynon 14.04, you are probably using the proprietary nvidia driver that was available back then19:42
tomreynhaving to resort to snosmp because a cpu core isn't coming up isn't what i'd call stable.19:42
lesshastechromium freezes completely every now and then on 20.04. Is this a known problem?19:42
lesshasteit's quite annoying when I have 20 tabs open19:42
tomreynlesshaste: how much ram does this syste have?19:43
lesshastetomreyn, eMm:           13Gi       8.4Gi       378Mi       749Mi       4.9Gi       4.2Gi19:44
lesshasteMem for the first part19:44
tomreynhmm, so it's likely something else, maybe something related to snap packaging.19:45
tobiasBoratomreyn: hum, makes sense. Guess I can't use these drivers on 20.0419:46
tomreynyou could look for existing bug reports, or file one, if a bug tracker is available19:46
tomreynlesshaste: ^19:46
tomreyntobiasBora: surely not, no.19:46
lesshastetomreyn, yes I was looking19:46
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rajivmarshi all! i m using ubuntu 20.04.1. i don't know why sometimes when i start my laptop it just hangs on the boot splash. i have to press the power button to switch it off and then turn on again. why is this happening? because i have used ubuntu 18.04 for 2 years and nothing like this have ever happened with that.19:50
tobiasBoratomreyn: the drivers are linked with the kernel? So it means that any distribution won't have the latest drivers I guess?19:51
tomreyntobiasBora: which drivers specifically?19:51
tobiasBoratomreyn: the nvidia19:52
tomreynnvidia proprietary dirvers work very differently than open source ones19:52
tobiasBoratomreyn: so the proprietary ones (since the open source ones does not work in my case apparently)19:52
tomreynopen source drivers come with linux, the proprietary ones are separate, need to be patched by nvidia to work with newer kernel versions19:53
tomreynbut if your hardware is out of vendor (and thus proprietary drivers) support, which it seems to be (ubuntu-drivers did not list a compatible proprietary driver) then you're out of options regarding this driver.19:54
tomreynyou can still try to make nouveau work somehow, but ... i won't spend time on this.19:55
tomreynalso with the cpu problems you have more serious problems to turn to.19:55
tobiasBoratomreyn: I guess yes19:55
tomreynyou could try a cmos /nvram reset, sometimes this helps with bad firmware configurations which got stuck.19:56
tomreynbut that's more of a topic for ##hardware19:57
tomreynrajivmars: difficult to tell, more info needed. can you run this and post the output?   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999919:58
jayjoI'm trying to define a libvirt network in order to bridge physical connections with a VM. I'd like the VM to appear on the physical network (https://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Networking) as a traditional machine. Does this bridge have an address itself? https://askubuntu.com/questions/407828/why-do-we-need-an-ip-address-for-a-bridge Or is it like a (virtual) unplugged cat6 cable20:06
lesshasteseems it is a known problem but I can't find a bugzilla entry for it20:08
tobiasBoratomreyn: Ok, thanks a lot for your help. So for now I'll just tell my friend to use 14.04, with nosmp enabled (or maybe nomodeset is better, but if anyway one cpu is down not sure if nomodeset is better?)20:11
i8252i wanted to swtich from arch to ubuntu because "its just werks" but the fucking installer kept craching so i gave up on ubuntu20:13
i8252anyone know how to fix this annoying shit the soydevs failed to fix?20:13
tomreyntobiasBora: nomodeset prevents user mode setting, a mechanism required by the proprietary nvidia driver. so i guess you want nosmp if you want 14.04. but i don#t think you want an EOL release.20:14
tomreyn!language | i825220:14
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i8252Why? no legit why? whats the point? so we can pretend that we are back in kindergarden? whats this bullshit about? we are all adults and if we have kids in here, they are clearly not supposed to be on any form of irc server/channel.20:16
tomreyn!ops | i825220:17
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i8252!ops tomreyn20:18
i8252!ops | tomreyn20:18
ubottutomreyn: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, chu20:18
eli8252: swearing at people makes the whole atmosphere feel bad for everyone, so we'd prefer if it stopped20:19
tobiasBoratomreyn: anyway, I don't have any good solution: 14.04 is end-of-life, 20.04 does not have the good driver... Guess I'll just ask my friend to buy a new computer, or maybe he can use nix pkgs manager if he wants later packages20:39
tomreyntobiasBora: whatever works, i guess. if the cpu didn't look like it's broken i'd suggest just swapping the graphics card from the freebox. but, really, this hardware is very old, could probably replace it by something newer and better for free.20:56
jayjostill drudging through the VM networking details - if I use netplan and set an interface to use DHCP, is that happening in the kernel? I'm trying to set two interfaces to be used by pfsense, and solicit an IP from the ISP via DHCP, should I *not* have the kernel do DHCP on the interface, and instead pass the bridge to whoever picks it up on the end of the line (the VM)?21:41
TJ-jayjo: DHCP is done by the DHCP client  of the network management tool (systemd-networkd or NetworkManager)21:43
jayjoif my interface is setup to be bridged along these lines: https://netplan.io/examples/#configuring-network-bridges (two NICs, one the WAN from a modem and one to a LAN switch), would linux solicit the address from the WAN and pass it to the pfsense VM?21:49
TJ-jayjo: if doing DHCP on the bridge interface then the DHCP SOLICIT broadcasts will go out on both WAN and LAN slave interfaces21:50
jayjoJust to be clear (maybe I misunderstand) I'm intending to create two bridge interfaces, wan_bridge and lan_bridge, using enp1s0 and enp2s0 repsectively21:52
TJ-jayjo: Maybe I'm missing something here. Are these on a host and will be shared by virtual machines being created on that host?21:53
TJ-jayjo: because I'm failing to understand why the need for bridge interfaces with only a single slave each21:54
jayjoYes, that is my goal. I have a machine with 4 NICs, that I'm setting as my always-on router/firewall. I would like to set a VM, pfsense, to use enp1s0 (for WAN) and enp2s0 (for LAN)21:54
jayjoI had thought to have a VM appear as a traditional host on the network I had to bridge the NIC with libvirt21:55
jayjoand then my ubuntu host can use the remaining 2 NICs for its own use, and they will be connected to the switch21:55
TJ-jayjo: In that case the bridge with have 2 slaves; the physical interface and the virtual interface of the VM, so that makes sense to me now21:56
TJ-jayjo: so you'd configure the VM's interface to do DHCP - not the host bridge side21:58
TJ-jayjo: that way, the VM will run a DHCP client and broadcast the SOLICIT which'll go out on all bridge slaves, meaning it'll go out on enp1s0 to the ISP21:59
jayjothanks for the feedback, that's the line I had gone down too. Sorry to clarify again. With the new netplan configs I will just set each interface as a bridge but pretty much turn off all kernel networking? No static IP, no dhcp, etc? Should the LAN get a static IP if this is supposed to be the LAN gateway? pfsense could solicit from the ISP, but could it set a static address itself on this interface?22:12
oerheksif that is what you put in netplan, yes; if you set a static ip there, or a dhcp-range.. like normal networking.22:13
TJ-jayjo: if you're using libvirt then you'd enslave the physical interfaces to libvirt-created bridges using libvirt network profiles, not using the host network management tooling22:17
ajayahmedhello. why are the default times at 6am for daily, weekly and monthly schedules?22:32
Richard_CavellHi everyone.  I've booted into an Ubuntu 18.04 live DVD.  I did this because my computer will no longer boot from internal hard disk, and I want to diagnose why.  Ubuntu seems to be working fine, but it's working entirely from optical disk and RAM - it doesn't recognize the internal hard disk.  Any ideas?22:34
Richard_Cavellhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/VPYhtBxsdH/ This might help22:35
TJ-Richard_Cavell: failed disk, cables come loose22:36
TJ-Richard_Cavell: show us the URL produced by the command: "pastebinit <( journalctl -k )"22:36
oerheksRichard_Cavell, is it seen in the bios of that apple?22:37
Richard_Cavelloerheks, It boots using an EFI.  I think the answer is "no", but it doesn't give a POST screen like a conventional PC does.22:37
oerheksi am sure apple shows the installed hdd in the bios22:38
Richard_CavellTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FCBPFcwsCj/22:38
Richard_Cavelloerheks, it shows no bootable HDD at startup.  Whether that means that it can see the HD, I don't know.22:41
TJ-Richard_Cavell: OK, and now "pastebinit <( lspci -nnk )"22:42
TJ-Richard_Cavell: no fixed disk is reported, either good or faulty. Now we check for the disk controller to ensure that is found. If it is, then the best bet is the disk has become disconnected (data or power) or has completely failed22:43
TJ-Richard_Cavell: IDE/SATA controller shows up22:44
TJ-Richard_Cavell: is it possible some recent knocks or vibration has dislodged internal connections? those are easiest to check for and re-seat22:45
TJ-Richard_Cavell: if that doesn't help assume the disk has completely died. usually even a failed disk is reported by the kernel though, which is why I suspect a physical issue22:45
Richard_CavellTJ-, It's an iMac so it's an all-in-one unit.  Not easy to get inside this unit.22:46
tomreynRichard_Cavell: so this examination seems to have provided the exact same results and suggestions we came up with yesterday.22:46
oerheks"Replacing an iMac's hard drive is easy, but you'll need these special tools...."22:46
oerheksand IDE, is it worth looking into ..?22:47
TJ-The elegance of Apple design :D22:48
Richard_Cavelloerheks, I don't understand your last comment22:48
TJ-"hands off, don't touch"22:48
Richard_CavellMy major concern is to try to pull some data off this hard disk22:48
TJ-Richard_Cavell: possibly too late22:49
Richard_CavellI have a backup that is a bit old.22:49
Richard_CavellI could try removing the internal hard disk and putting it into an external enclosure22:49
Richard_CavellTJ-, thanks for your help22:58
Richard_CavellI'll take this damn machine apart and see if I can rescue anything22:58
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Richard_Cavellone more question about my disappearing internal hard disk - if I boot Ubuntu with pnpbios=off, is that likely to make my internal hard disk invisible to ubuntu?23:47
Richard_CavellIf I boot normally, the text that appears on screen advises me to use pnpbios=off, so I've been using it and the boot process is more reliable when I do that23:47
Richard_Cavell(and I don't get that error message)23:47

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