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cabpahello, i would like to inquire about my problem with my Acer Swift 3 SF314-41 that the screen remains black after waking up from suspend. The CPU of this laptop is Ryzen 5 CPU and its graphics card is AMD Radion Vega 8. Kernel is 5.4.0-26-generic and Ubuntu verison is 20.04.1 LTS06:28
diogenes_cabpa, suspend/wake on Linux in general has always been troublesome, it will work correctly only if you're lucky to have a very well supported hw.06:49
giordano_hi, i can't get my xerox 6130n printer to print in color11:32
pmjdebruijnhow did you configure it?11:34
giordano_following the installation procedure requested by ubuntu from the printer panel13:12
pmjdebruijnwhat I meant, as it configured as a postscript printer?13:22
pmjdebruijndid you find a driver that is called exactly like your printer?13:22
giordano_in practice, ubuntu already finds postscript.13:25
giordano_in practice, ubuntu already finds postscript.13:27
pmjdebruijnwhat happens if you print a color image? you get just a grayscale output?13:28
giordano_only grayscale13:29
pmjdebruijnand you're on xubuntu 20.04?13:32
giordano_ubuntu dde 20.0413:32
tomreynmv giordano_ ../13:33
tomreynyou're assking in the wrong place13:40
tomreyn* asking13:40
giordano_i installed ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu but all distros gave the same problem with the printer.13:47
giordano_if I remember correctly only Kubuntu recognized my printer.13:47
pmjdebruijngiordano_: regardless, if you're not running xubuntu, it's hard to convey any instructions14:08
pmjdebruijnthe fact that it worked in kubuntu is rather surprising, given it uses the same infrastructure as the rest14:09
giordano_ giordano_: regardless, if you're not running xubuntu, it's hard to convey any instructions14:17
giordano_<pmjdebruijn> the fact that it worked in kubuntu is rather surprising, given it uses the same infrastructure as the rest14:17
giordano_something the others do not have and vicevers, in practice they are all lame.14:18
giordano_if you continue like this I don't see a good future for Linux.14:18
giordano_all this makes me increasingly clear about the philosophy of stave J. and to say that he was not wrong.14:18
giordano_anyway thanks for the attention that was not little.14:18
pmjdebruijnwether or not a single printer is hard or easy to get fully functional, is hardly predictive of Linux' future14:42
wasabiharissahi guys17:55
wasabiharissai ve go serious problem here17:55
wasabiharissai upgraded my xubuntu 16.04 to 20.0417:56
wasabiharissanow it doesn't start and neither do windows17:56
wasabiharissagrub-rescue shows17:57
wasabiharissai m on installation live usb atm17:57
wasabiharissareal story is: upgrading from xubuntu 16.04 to 20.04 made xubuntu unlaunchable then i went to windows to reinstall xubuntu from live usb. i may have deleted the grub partition while installing17:59
wasabiharissanow i can't launch windows17:59
wasabiharissai m very desperate so plz some1 come help me18:00
wasabiharissai ve 2 hard drives /dev/sda with windows installed and /dev/sdb/ with half is ntfs and other half had xubuntu installed on it18:02
wasabiharissa112 ghosts are connected18:05
sorinelloHello. Does anyobody have any idea why the thunderbird from the official repositories is version 68 ? The latest version is 78, which is like 10 versions ahead. version 68 is one year old18:35
tomreynpartially answered in #ubuntu18:47
sorinellotomreyn, thanks for answering. I will wait it on the update channels18:49
tomreynsorinello: there are indeed several unfixed security issues in ubuntu's thunderbird according to https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/pkg/thunderbird.html18:53
tomreynmost of them should not impact thunderbird too much or at all, as long as you don't use html mail18:54
tomreynit's still a sad state. but much of it is due to how thunderbird and firefox release software, as well as due to the complexity of those softwares.18:54
sorinelloI see. so this might be the reason why there is an old version put out officially ?18:55
xtaowith firefox the suggestion is frequently to use snap as well, but the snap version doesn't include widevine DRM so various sites don't work with it18:55
sorinelloyeah, don't want to fire up a debate, but I prefer not to use snap18:56
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