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paridesmoser, hi, I prepared https://github.com/canonical/cloud-utils/pull/16 mainly to upload the "bad variable use" fix13:04
paridesmoser, would you have time to review/sponsor?13:08
catphishis there any documentation / tutorial anywhere on how a datasource should respond? i'm writing one, but i feel like i'm having to employ rather a lot of guesswork to know what methods to implement and what they should return13:39
smoserparide: i ack'd you want me to sponsor too.i can13:39
paridesmoser, thanks, just let me fix the missing ] in d/changelog13:40
paride[Scott Moser13:41
paridethat's because I added the entry manually because log2dch ignored it13:42
smoserright. i'm fine to not receive credit.13:42
smoserparide: go ahead, make change, force push, i'll grab13:43
parideforce pushed13:43
paridewill merge after CI finishes13:44
paridethe "Whitespace cleanups" entry was not added by new-upstream-snapshot because log2dch ignores the github merge commits13:45
paridesince https://github.com/canonical/uss-tableflip/commit/b88bae402a7a4dc63bb7a41bfa4feff4bb20783913:45
paridebut as log2dch runs `git log --first-parent` we end with no trace of the merged branch13:46
parideif I'm not mistaken. Want to check with blackboxsw13:47
smoserparide: c-i is done. https://github.com/canonical/cloud-utils/pull/1613:54
smoserland and i'll upload.13:54
paridesmoser, landed13:54
smoserparide: is there somethign that tags ?13:54
paridesmoser, tag pushed13:58
smoserparide: i uploaded... but dont have a email from the archive yet.14:04
paridewell it's here: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/groovy/+queue?queue_state=114:06
smoseroh irght. it has to be accepted.14:06
smoseremails come on accept.14:06
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