santa_good morning everyone07:03
santa_RikMills: yesterday the fw 5.75 tars were published while I haven't seen a mail about them yet. anyway I plan to proceed with them soon now that the LP build farms seems more clear, you want me to use the _staging branches, correct?07:06
RikMillssanta_: yes07:07
santa_about alexander's patch, I can confirm the nodoc thing is NOT a problem, however the patch as a couple of issues so I plan to work with the guy to get the patch in shape07:08
santa_so maybe we could include the patch in the beginning of groovy+1, even if that means having a small delta with debian (different version in the e-c-m-doc Breaks/replaces)07:09
RikMillssounds reasonable07:11
santa_also they are other things we could merge from debian's e-c-m, so maybe I could get our ka-debian2kubuntu-merge in shape in the beginning of groovy+107:11
santa_note that they, apparently, still have the Broken Breaks™ in frameworks packages, but they seem to not update the versions of the Breaks anymore07:13
santa_let's hope they drop that strategy some time07:14
Mamarokanother thing that broke since 2 days ago is my sound: the USB sound stick is not recognized anymore. So no Bluetooth adapter and no USB sound stick :-(11:17
Mamarokand no working NumPad, tried all the suggestions I found online, just doesn't work. I suspect some kernel modules not being loaded11:18
BluesKajHi all12:15
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Mamarok I can confirm BT sound is not properly working in Groovy.  Also, my non-BT USB speakers are swapped (right sound comes from left speaker and visa versa when clicking the Front Left/Right buttons).    Sound is not properly auto switching when I plug/unplug my BT headset even though pulseaudio-module-gsettings/groovy is installed.14:22
Mamarokwell, my external soundcard is on USB, not BT, so my BT adapter is not seen anymore, the sound card over USB is not recognized and the NumLock is broken (again)14:40
Mamarokon a far brighter side: I ordered my new laptop today, Ryzen 5  4600H. 64 GB RAM and a 2 TB SSD :-) Should arrive in about a week14:42

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