IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> @user|17917, Sdcard with unformatted or unknown file system will stop system from booting. It will freeze and won't move ahead of hp splash screen. Remove sdcard if you have any.02:47
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> If the system boots from any other method, boot it and remove automount at login option in removable storage settings.02:49
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Exfat and NTFS formated sdcard will give you such trouble.02:50
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> You need to install exfat and NTFS tools to make it work properly.02:51
wilmer_quien ahí?02:53
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Hola03:38
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> @sammy_v, Hey03:57
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IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> @Swift110, Hi05:18
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> 👋05:18
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Any detected partition with unknown file system or is unformatted  will also stop system from booting.05:21
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> This part of Linux security to stop unknown file system from mounting.05:22
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lordievaderGood morning07:04
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Hi tuxedlinux07:12
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Gm lordievader07:12
lordievaderMorning sammy_v07:16
kab0mHow can i disable hibernation and remove the menu entrie from the restart menu?08:36
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IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Hibernation can be disabled from power setting.10:35
kab0msammy_v in system settings is no option to disable hibernation entrie from the startmenu11:15
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1021874/how-to-disable-sleep-hibernation-key-or-entirely-on-kubuntu12:04
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> Maybe this will help you.12:04
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> https://www.reddit.com/r/Kubuntu/comments/fpwja3/how_do_i_completely_disable_suspendsleep/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body12:06
BluesKajHi all12:15
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> @sammy_v, How r u12:29
IrcsomeBot<sammy_v> I m fine12:31
BluesKaj!u @Swift11012:41
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> @sammy_v, Good to hear12:42
BluesKaj!u | @Swift11012:42
ubottu@Swift110: Shortened English is difficult for some non-native English speakers to read. Please use full words instead. Thanks!12:42
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Ok12:55
Maikplease, also try not to start a offtopic conversation in a support channel. ;) :)12:56
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dhanasekarjjoin #openbmc13:55
IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Ok, well whoever wishes to have offtopic discussion please come to ##forthenerds14:19
MetamorphosisHello, is there any good voice notes taking program on Kubuntu? (QT preferably)14:42
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wombat_hello i need help with a checksum ( sha256sum ) who can help please?15:12
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Guest15653Is this the right place to enquire about contributing some testing skills to Kate or Elisa?15:19
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IrcsomeBot<mx_tom> I think for that the best channel would be #kde on freenode or maybe even #kde-devel16:04
IrcsomeBot<Empire201_Off> What are IRC addresses (KDE / Kubuntu)? And how the basic KDE IRC application can be accessed16:18
MetamorphosisI'm seeing Xterm and UXterm apps on my Kubuntu 20.04. Can I remove them without causing issues to the system and Konsule?16:36
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asparkoffireHello, I have a question18:38
asparkoffireAndroid 10 broke clipboard sharing, but I see Join app by joaoapps has a workaround for that issue18:40
asparkoffireIt asks for additional permissions that can be granted by adb18:41
asparkoffireIs it possible to implement the same in KDE Connect?18:41
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