steffhow do i get an account please08:38
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Guest90954Hi there, I am having some issues installing lubuntu. The error message is complaining that thereis no release file for a CD rom source. I have  tried removing this from the sources.list under /etc/apt and via the sources setting app but it still throws this error. Is anyone able to help.09:47
Guest90954""External command finished with errors.09:47
Guest90954Command apt-get update finished with exit code 100. Output: Ign:1 cdrom://Lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS _Focal Fossa_ - Release amd64 (20200731) focal InRelease Err:2 cdrom://Lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS _Focal Fossa_ - Release amd64 (20200731) focal Release Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs Reading package lists... E: The repository 'cdrom://Lubuntu 20.04.1 LTS _Focal09:47
Guest90954Fossa_ - Release amd64 (20200731) focal Release' does not have a Release file""09:47
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lubot<Jonathan Hayes> I'm running Lubuntu 18.04.5 and the MUTE button (F6) does not unmute when pressing Volume UP (F8). Is there an easy way to fix this. Maybe F5 could toggle? TIA16:31
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lubot<Sergio_Security> Fwd from Sergio_Security: After latest update & upgrade:23:02
lubot<Sergio_Security> (Photo, 1280x1143) https://i.imgur.com/oqnR6GG.jpg23:02
lubot<Sergio_Security> Lxkd dies. I've started a live usb and everything works. My guess is nvidia propietary drivers messed up bumblebee. Any advice? I just have a dmesg warning, but after login my screen os black. If I ctrl+alt+f1 i can see the msg in the picture23:05
wxlsearch that and you'll find nvidia mentioned often. you'll also see suggestions to purge and reintall the proprietary nvidia drivers23:06
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> to do that … 1) remove nvidia drivers … `apt list --installed | grep nvidia` … `sudo apt purge nvidia-driver-xxx` … 2) let Lubuntu search for new drivers … `ubuntu-drivers devices` … 3) install the recommanded driver … `sudo apt install nvidia-driver-xxx`23:13

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