gardard0ugal: why do you say so?11:53
d0ugalgardar: I don't think there are blatant lies, but I guess I am not sure what you mean12:03
d0ugalIf you suspect a doc error it would be good to raise it on discord or in a bug.12:03
gardarwell, according to this there is no centos-8 image yet https://discourse.maas.io/t/where-is-centos-8-in-maas-2-7-0/1334/315:15
d0ugalgardar: right, I believe you can build your own if you need it now15:31
d0ugalbut I am not that familiar with the status of CentOS 8.15:32
d0ugalHowever, I agree the wording on the release note was wrong :)15:32
gardarYeah well you can build whatever you want, why would it be announced in the release notes if that's just the case? :)15:56

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