facubatista¡Muy buenos días a todos!10:59
bthomasनमस्ते facubatista11:15
facubatistahola bthomas :)11:16
jammorning all11:23
facubatistahola jam11:24
bthomasMorning jam11:35
bthomasWhat can cause a Juju unit to stay indefinitely in "waiting for container" state ? I did check that docker image used successfully deploys using kubectl on microk8s and passes its liveness probe test. I am using juju with microk8s. I see no errors in juju debug-log. Juju version is 2.8.12:53
bthomasnever mind fixed the issue13:29
justinclarkbthomas, I think I remember you mentioning in standup last week that we're using elasticsearch 6.8 rather than 7.x. Is that correct?14:07
bthomasjustinclark: That is correct. Although I am still working with 7.x because the docker container I was using was 7.x I will rebuild that container and switch to 6.8 shortly.14:08
* facubatista -> lunch15:50

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