callmepkgood morning00:15
pieqMorning all!01:52
Maikgood morning01:59
callmepkmorning pieq Maik 03:07
dufluMorning pieq, Maik, callmepk 03:48
callmepkmorning (almost noon though) duflu03:55
jibelGood morning04:53
dufluMorning jibel 05:18
callmepkmorning jibel 05:23
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jibelhi duflu and callmepk 06:05
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marcustomlinsonmorning callmepk pieq Maik duflu jibel and desktoppers06:53
callmepkmorning marcustomlinson 06:53
dufluHi marcustomlinson 06:53
didrocksgood morning07:06
jibelSalut didrocks 07:07
didrockssalut jibel 07:07
dufluMorning didrocks 07:07
marcustomlinsonhey didrocks07:08
didrockshey duflu, marcustomlinson 07:09
jibelSalut marcustomlinson 07:11
seb128goood morning desktopers07:38
dufluMorning seb128 07:41
seb128hey duflu, how are you? how was your weekend?07:41
dufluseb128, it was nice. Got a few things done and saw family. You?07:42
marcustomlinsonhey seb12807:45
seb128duflu, it was nice enough, though it has been raining most of it. We did assemble some new furnitures and did watch some tennis on TV, nothing fancy, mostly relaxing07:50
seb128hey marcustomlinson, how are you? had a nice weekend?07:50
marcustomlinsonseb128: productive yeah, lots of repairing of things around the house, so not so relaxing :p07:51
GunnarHjseb128: As regards translations and gnome-software/snap, I suppose we should add "X-Ubuntu-Use-Langpack: yes" to gnome-software anyway. Would that possibly help wrt the snap?07:52
seb128hey GunnarHj, I don't see how it would help with the snap?07:53
didrockshey seb128, GunnarHj 07:53
seb128the snap doesn't use the same prefix and doesn't have read access to the langpack directory07:54
GunnarHjMorning didrocks!07:54
seb128lut didrocks, en forme ?07:54
GunnarHjseb128: I thought that the snaps might include the langpacks...07:54
GunnarHjProbably not then.07:55
didrocksseb128: un peu mal à la tête, mais ça va08:03
marcustomlinsonhey Laney, good long weekend?08:13
seb128shrug, I didn't notice the eth cable unplugged from the wifi router when I moved it08:14
seb128GunnarHj, the snap has some UI changes and extra strings so it couldn't use the translations from gnome-software directly, you can only have on domain08:14
seb128hey Laney, how are you? had a nice weekend?08:15
seb128didrocks, outch, manque de sommeil ? trop picolé ? ;-)08:15
seb128going to be a busy week, GNOME .1 and product sprint08:15
GunnarHjseb128: It sounds that merging gnome-software translations into the snap manually could help then. But let's listen to Ken's input first.08:17
seb128GunnarHj, if you know how to do that automatically or easily ...08:19
GunnarHjseb128: Unfortunately I don't.08:20
seb128GunnarHj, it sort of was discussed on https://bugs.launchpad.net/snap-store-desktop/+bug/187867208:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1878672 in snap-store-desktop ""_Permissions" string not translated" [High,Confirmed]08:20
seb128see my comment there08:20
seb128GunnarHj, the snap does a msgmerge but that leads to fuzzy strings in some cases08:21
didrocksseb128: même pas, justement, aucune idée, et c’est lancinant (ça vient et ça part, bizarre…)08:21
didrockshey Laney 08:22
seb128didrocks, :-(08:22
GunnarHjseb128: This is not ideal. How many translators know that they need to go to https://translations.launchpad.net/snap-store-desktop to translate Ubuntu Software?08:24
seb128GunnarHj, I had emailed the translators list about, unsure what else we could do?08:27
GunnarHjseb128: That's the channel we have. I might post a reminder. But there should really be a smooth way to import gnome-software translations. Might play around later.08:30
seb128GunnarHj, I see the way is to rebase the fork on the current gnome-software git08:32
seb128that would include refreshing the .po to their current version08:32
GunnarHjseb128: That was over my head. :-/08:33
seb128GunnarHj, well, snap-store is maintained as a forked version of gnome-software, so rebase on the current source of gnome-software should mean bring to the po/ to its current upstream content08:36
seb128the .po in the source dir are not modified08:36
GunnarHjseb128: Ah, now I see. Sounds reasonable. Would you mind if I make an attempt to update gnome-software first?08:37
seb128GunnarHj, please do08:37
Laneyhey marcustomlinson seb128 didrocks 08:44
seb128I wonder if I do something wrong or if that's configuratble08:45
Laneybreak was very nice thanks, who says you can't have a good holiday with rain/wind all the time :p08:45
seb128do other also get annoyed that gbp buildpackage doesn't let the tree in a clean state?08:45
seb128having to git clean -fdx or similar after a test build is annoying08:45
seb128(It's better now that I googled how to properly use clean, before I ended up doing a clean -f and a manual rm of some subdirs :p)08:46
GunnarHjseb128: One question, so I don't mess up things again: Should I start with debian only, or is there some special import procedure when both debian/master and ubuntu/master exist?08:50
seb128GunnarHj, start from debian/master, do the gbp import there, then yes you git checkout ubuntu/master and git merge debian/3.38.0-1 (or whatever Debian version you just tagged)08:50
seb128do forget to gbp pull before doing the import :p08:51
GunnarHjseb128: Got it. Nope, won't forget gbp pull. ;)08:51
seb128gbp should really autopull for us08:52
seb128or at least ask a 'are you sure you want to import on an outdated checkout'08:52
seb128if you want to try maybe to write a patch :)08:52
GunnarHjGood idea. (The patch will have to wait.)08:53
Laneyseb128: you can pass --git-export-dir=../build-area/ (or set that in config) and then it gets exported to there before building, that might be more like what you want maybe09:38
seb128Laney, is that how you do it yourself?09:39
seb128or do you just manually git clean after the testbuild?09:39
seb128(or build another way, maybe that's what I'm doing wrong?)09:39
LaneyI have it set, yeah09:39
seb128I will do that then, copying the masters can't be wrong :)09:40
* seb128 pauses09:40
LaneyI always build in sbuild by doing gbp buildpackage -S and then sbuilding the .dsc09:40
Laneyso I probably wouldn't have the same problem anyway09:40
seb128right, I'm lazy and don't do that usually, especially not for minor updates09:41
seb128I just gbp buildpackage on my normal system09:41
Laneyit's fine, just saying that I might not have noticed if this isn't enough for you09:41
LaneyI think it is though09:41
seb128well, I wil try and see how it goes :)09:41
Laneyyou just clean up the build area every so on09:42
seb128that's fien, will reming me from the bzr times :)09:43
GunnarHjseb128: Did the Debian part. Good if you check and upload before I continue. Especially check out the latest commit (I don't really know what I'm doing, but it made dh_missing happy.)10:11
seb128GunnarHj, removing the .a there makes sense yes10:14
seb128GunnarHj, the update seems fine to me10:15
GunnarHjWill you upload if I finalize d/changelog?10:16
GunnarHjseb128 ^10:16
seb128GunnarHj, yes10:24
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, done.10:27
seb128GunnarHj, gnome-software, you are going to update for Ubuntu? I didn't review the changes but that might need a ffe?11:34
seb128(would be nice to have the updated serie though)11:34
seb128I've uploaded to Debian11:34
GunnarHjGreat, thanks!11:35
GunnarHjseb128: I'm just preparing an Ubuntu upload. What do you mean by updated serie?11:37
seb128GunnarHj, 3.38 (vs 3.36 we currently have)11:38
LaneyGunnarHj: any problem with uploading a new default wallpaper to groovy?11:39
seb128Laney, could you do the new tepl sponsoring for Olivier in Debian?  11:39
LaneyUIF wise11:39
Laneylater, I'm working on that now and raspi image in parallel11:39
seb128Laney, the abi changes so packages got renamed, which means binNEW which means a binary build and I'm out of clean Debian env to do the build atm11:39
GunnarHjseb128: Right, ok. I'll file a FFe request then. (There are quite some changes...)11:39
seb128between other updates and the sprint I'm probably not going to resolve that before a bit11:40
seb128GunnarHj, thanks11:40
GunnarHjLaney: No problem.11:40
seb128Laney, no hurry, just if you can squeeze that in at some point11:40
seb128GunnarHj, the ubuntu-software dummy package can go now12:58
seb128GunnarHj, also the depends in universe is fine now that the source moved to universe12:58
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, let me drop the dummy then. But please note that I enabled langpacks...13:00
seb128GunnarHj, I saw, that's fine, it can probably go directly to Debian though?13:03
seb128it's just a control tag13:03
GunnarHjseb128: Yeah, the thing is that I came to think about it only after I had finalized debian...13:04
seb128GunnarHj, stage it in the vcs for next upload?13:05
GunnarHjseb128: Maybe I misunderstood "the depends in universe is fine now".13:06
seb128GunnarHj, also unsure why the polkit build-depends is required in Ubuntu but not Debian?13:06
seb128GunnarHj,     - Disable malcontent for now as it's not in main yet13:06
seb128we can revert that change, gnome-software has been demoted to universe13:06
GunnarHjseb128: Because of dh_translations. But indeed, I can stage those changes in Debain's VCS.13:07
GunnarHjseb128: I see. Then I'll need to figure out the nature of the change.13:08
seb128GunnarHj, I basically sync we could sync gnome-software13:08
seb128think we could sync rather :)13:08
GunnarHjseb128: So it seems. Maybe I should prepare another Debian upload?13:09
seb128GunnarHj, that would be fine, or we could so an ubuntu1 and sync when Debian does the next upload13:10
GunnarHjseb128: Ok, that's probably good enough.13:11
KGB-1gnome-control-center tags c7f9346 Sebastien Bacher upstream/3.38.1 * Upstream version 3.38.1 * https://deb.li/3Uru113:17
KGB-1gnome-control-center pristine-tar ed3545e Sebastien Bacher gnome-control-center_3.38.1.orig.tar.xz.delta gnome-control-center_3.38.1.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-control-center_3.38.1.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3SKe413:18
KGB-1gnome-control-center upstream/latest 75de78c Sebastien Bacher * pushed 17 commits * https://deb.li/NkrM13:18
KGB-1gnome-control-center signed tags f8d49f0 Sebastien Bacher ubuntu/1%3.38.1-1ubuntu1 * gnome-control-center Debian release 1:3.38.1-1ubuntu1 * https://deb.li/Pdhz13:39
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master c38f312 Sebastien Bacher * pushed 26 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3JNys13:39
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 32d094b Dušan Kazik po/sk.po * Update Slovak translation * https://deb.li/nGcv13:39
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master f386ca6 Cheng-Chia Tseng po/zh_TW.po * Update Chinese (Taiwan) translation * https://deb.li/iwk4n13:39
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 5d42f20 Efstathios Iosifidis po/el.po * Update Greek translation * https://deb.li/lG8c13:39
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 35e1577 Hui Wang panels/sound/cc-sound-panel.c * sound: update the profile list after getting the signal from gvc * https://deb.li/3Pkty13:39
KGB-1gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 2cb8709 Arne panels/sound/cc-subwoofer-slider.c * sound: fix subwoofer slider * https://deb.li/5N6G13:39
KGB-1glib debian/master Simon McVittie * [open] merge request !9: WIP: clean up unmanaged libraries * https://deb.li/i4Dze13:44
KGB-1glib Simon McVittie 195746 * commented merge request !9 * https://deb.li/3iJt213:52
KGB-1glib Simon McVittie 195747 * commented merge request !9 * https://deb.li/i2uBC13:58
KGB-1glib Simon McVittie 195749 * commented merge request !9 * https://deb.li/3UM3G14:05
KGB-1glib Didier 'OdyX' Raboud 195750 * commented merge request !9 * https://deb.li/itDJM14:07
KGB-2glib Simon McVittie 195753 * commented merge request !9 * https://deb.li/3I7Ie14:14
paridejibel, it seems that the /efi directory is back in the ISO images15:12
parideI think it has different capitalization than before15:12
paridebut it's there15:13
Laneyseb128: got to reject your nautilus, sorry, you can't do that substitution in an arch:all package :(16:04
seb128Laney, thanks for catching that one, do you have an opinion on how to fix it? I'm leaning toward moving the apport script into the nautilus binary...18:05
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