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phmaWhat does "-us -uc" mean? It's not in the debuild man page.00:37
phmaWhat's an innocent third party bug?00:38
Unit193       -uc, --unsigned-changes00:38
Unit193              Do not sign the .buildinfo and .changes files (long option since dpkg 1.18.8).00:38
Unit193       -us, --unsigned-source00:38
Unit193              Do not sign the source package (long option since dpkg 1.18.8).00:38
jbichaphma: https://manpages.debian.org/unstable/dpkg-buildpackage00:39
phmathat's for dpkg-buildpackage, not debuild00:41
Unit193debuild is a wrapper for dpkg-buildpackage.00:42
cjwatsonThe debuild man page says "[dpkg-buildpackage options]" in its SYNOPSIS00:42
cjwatsonSo you need to refer to the dpkg-buildpackage man page for details of those00:43
phmahttps://wiki.debian.org/Packaging/Intro?action=show&redirect=IntroDebianPackaging says something about closing an ITP bug00:43
phmalintian says: W: mirasol: new-package-should-close-itp-bug00:44
mwhudsonif anyone can figure out what's going on here, i'm all ears: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/z3/4.8.9-1/+build/1996557403:30
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Tuxisthi can i build i386 libs for legay support with pbuilder in ubuntu 20.0406:10
Tuxisti wan't to build pipewire i386 libs06:11
Tuxistactuelly i got noe dev packages so pbuilder will aborted06:12
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mitya57Tuxist: you can use pbuilder-dist, e.g. pbuilder-dist focal i386 create && pbuilder-dist focal i386 build *.dsc07:48
mitya57See http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man1/pbuilder-dist.1.html for details07:49
mitya57… reading your question again, I understand that probably some libs are not in i386 whitelist. In that case you have to build those libs in an i386 pbuilder first.07:50
Tuxistmitya57: thanks07:53
Laneyparide: hey, just wanted to check/poke, would you be able to help get https://github.com/canonical/cloud-utils/pull/14 uploaded to groovy please?10:10
Laneymerci for the merging, and to smoser for the developing10:10
parideLaney, yes, sure thing10:12
Laneypi images thank you10:14
parideLaney, cloud-utils is in Unapproved14:14
parideLaney, the changes not related to the variable fix are on the tests and CI bits14:17
Laneyparide: merci merci, i will look at the queue later on hopefully14:20
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ubottuddstreet, rafaeldtinoco, rbasak, sil2100, slashd, teward, tsimonq2: DMB ping19:02
tampuriiniHello, anyone here developing apt?19:21
tampuriiniThe ipv4 fallback is so slow and i got lots of AAA record lookups as refused and it tooks 2min to fallback to ipv419:22
tampuriinii have looked the problem with wireshark etc and the problem exists in lots of places including countries in asia and europe19:22
tampuriinidisabling ipv6 does the trick but it's not so customer friendly becouse people don't know always whats the problem19:23
rbasaktampuriini: I suggest you file a bug with details on your specific network circumstances that you've gathered with wireshark that result in the fallback being slow in your case.19:48
dokotjaalton: not sure if you can help ... which nvidia drivers am I supposed to install for an ubuntu server installation? the nouveau driver only shows a blurred text console19:59
tjaaltondoko: you can disable nouveau with nomodeset20:01
tjaaltonon the kernel cmdline20:01
tewardrbasak: blah every single time the meeting is about to happen I get pulled into freaking "stuff broke dude" with work20:13
teward(also IRC is not the best medium IMO for meetings anymore)20:13
teward(my 2 cents)20:13
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mwhudsondoko, cjwatson: can you restart https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20200925-groovy/+build/20074318 ?20:29
mwhudsonlooks spurious20:29
dokomwhudson: all failed builds were already re-started. so this is at least the second time that this fails. anyway, given back20:31
mwhudsondoko: hmm20:31
mwhudsoni really should be NMUing these gcc 10 fixes to debian i guess20:40

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