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lotuspsychjegood morning03:07
lordievaderGood morning07:04
sorcererim trying out a different but very sleek ubuntu07:43
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tomreynTJ-: maybe you should find some other buttons to debug in bed. :-P19:28
TJ-tomreyn: !!19:28
tomreynwe're (especially now) going OT in #ubuntu, so i switched over here19:29
TJ-tomreyn: then the duvet could fall out of its cover :D19:29
tomreynoh yes that sounds too dangerous19:29
daftykinsyou could be trapped for hours going in to investigate :)19:30
daftykinsTJ-: \o hope you're well, i was just looking at your (almost) FDE guide recently, to use for creating some ubuntu server VMs for a friend's business19:30
tomreyni have a hp laptop i run 20.04 on, which has a touchpad which i use occasionally, but this system has suspend issues of its own, so that's not useful input to your question19:31
Bashing-omTJ-: Updated touch recognizer of value " https://fossbytes.com/touchegg-2-0-0-released-a-linux-multi-touch-gesture-recognizer-app/ >> A Linux Multi-Touch Gesture Recognizer App ?19:32
tomreynit even gets stuck when i connect or disconnect or just power on/off the external monitor during uefi startup (pre-boot, i think)19:32
TJ-tomreyn: ouch! We've got Thinkpad E495s with AMD Ryzen 7s; so far been really good with no problems19:33
tomreynaaw lovely19:36
tomreyni didn't get a say in what was being bought, as you can tell by the brand name19:36
tomreyn1600 eur for... crap19:37
tomreyn400 of those probably went into the hipster uefi additions19:38
tomreynnow super secure because we have all kind of totally awesome sekuriti software running in ring -219:39
TJ-ouch! we only paid £425 each for 6 E495s in February. Once Covid hit and demand for laptops shot up they doubled in price19:39
daftykinspesky scalpers19:40
tomreynmine was a standard (pre corona) retail price, but they probably got 10 or 20% off.19:41
TJ-That is the Lenovo price :) We got in when AMD were still offering rebates to buy Ryzen 7 mobile devices19:41
tomreynthis lenovo price is indeed reaaally cheap if you compare to intel models19:42
TJ-we went for no OS, 32GB RAM, 477GB NVME, full-HD19:44
tomreynmaybe you got the campus model19:44
tomreyndid you have problems with the gpu initially?19:45
Bashing-omUWN: On the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue651 :D19:46
TJ-No, no problems whatever19:46
TJ-put 20.04 alpha/beta on them from the start19:46
tomreynoh ok19:47
tomreynoh the 's' is the campus model, right? students?19:47
TJ-not sure... don't think there was that distinction when we ordered19:50
daftykinsusually the s's in the other ranges are slightly slimmer variants with some sacrifices19:50
tomreynit has an rj-45, usb-c + usb-a v3.1, hdmi 1.4b. all you need.19:50
tomreynoh could be slim as well19:51
TJ-my main aim was to buy something with AMD not Intel CPUs, and wanted latest Ryzen mobile19:52
TJ-They're a bit plastic-y and we're about to do a warranty claim on some that appear to becoming banana shaped but we've not had problems in performance19:53
tomreynoh hehe19:53
TJ-mainly because my apprentice, Cal, doesn't like that the corner of his screen when 'black' has a white tinge unless you press the bezel :D19:55
tomreynthis sounds like decomposing-too-early20:00
TJ-looks like poor chassis design allowing the case to flex20:02
daftykinskinda what i'd expect of a value series :>20:06
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guiverc:)   looks like I've new wallpapers being installed !23:40
Bashing-omguiverc: \o/ eye candy :D23:40
Maiksaw the post by OMG!Ubuntu earlier today23:41
Maiki'm almost tempted to do as i did in the past, instead of sticking to LTS releases just follow and install every new version that comes out.23:43
guivercAs I'm heavily testing (esp. Lubuntu), it just makes sense for me to be on dev cycle...  I try and last a week before I bump my release, I got ~26 hours on stable focal; so didn't do well that time23:46

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