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LimeOnHello. Im having problems with the app called Zoom, i cant share some of the lubuntu's default apps(i.e the qpdfview) and also i cant see what i draw in the whiteboard10:56
LimeOnI only see a black screen. After i draw something, it dissapears, but other participants can see it(but not me)10:57
LimeOnI know that the problem isnt present in default Ubuntu because i know of somebody that uses it normally10:57
LimeOnI tried to allow the ports in the firewall, also disabling it a moment, but the problem is still there10:58
LimeOnSome idea of what could be?10:58
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LimeOnany idea about the zoom problem?15:04
lubot<kc2bez> Maybe you need to turn on Compton, the compositor?15:17
LimeOnhow i do that?15:20
LimeOni have it on the accessories tab, but it does not open15:20
lubot<kc2bez> There is no GUI, If you clicked it, it should be active. If you want it enabled on login you have to go to the session settings. You can find more about that in our manual https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/3/3.2/3.2.13/session_settings.html?highlight=compton15:23
LimeOnthat thing does the trick kc2bez15:24
LimeOni can see the apps now15:25
LimeOnthank you very much!15:25
lubot<kc2bez> Excellent! Happy to help.15:25
LimeOnthere's some reason to have compton disabled by default?15:26
lubot<kc2bez> It does use more resources so having it disabled helps those folks that are on lower end machines.15:27
lubot<kc2bez> The difference is pretty small though.15:28
LimeOni see, thanks again. Have a good day!15:29
lubot<kc2bez> You as well!15:29
lubot<matkoniecz> Is there some easy way to prevent booting computer during some specific hours?22:33
lubot<matkoniecz> I setup cron to shutdown computer between 0:00 (midnight) and 5:00 (on every minute between this hours cron has `shutdown` command). … Sadly I learned how to kill cron from boot screen, so it is trivial for me to get around it and I need a new blockade for myself.22:35
wxlis this a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde sort of problem?22:42
lubot<matkoniecz> more or less22:43
wxli mean i don't know how you can protect yourself against yourself22:43
lubot<matkoniecz> I get quite stupid late in night "lest look at mildly funny videos for 3 hours" or "play Facorio until 4 AM"22:44
wxlmaybe you should consider the old tame the beast trick for the ethical werewolf: chain yourself to something22:44
lubot<matkoniecz> :)22:44
LimeOnwhat about hide the power cable of the pc?23:08
LimeOnor something like that23:08
lubot<matkoniecz> @LimeOn [<LimeOn> what about hide the power cable of the pc?], It is pretty hard to automate this one, though robot unplugging power cord and running away would be fun :) … Also, I just bought a laptop that still has a working battery23:10
LimeOnbut the battery goes down, i mean, you will be able to use it until a certain amount of time23:13
LimeOnafter that you will have to "searc" the charger23:14

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