DarkTrickapport-gtk never works. It always drives the CPU to 100% forever, until I kill it. Is this very uncommon?02:19
lotuspsychjegood morning03:31
lordievaderGood morning06:55
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DarkTrickWhen there is popup messsage like "problem detected", does any (which) component (xorg? gtk?) knows that window is actually a popup window? Or does it just looks like a modal window?12:26
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: thats actually also an ubuntu support question, fits in #ubuntu12:33
DarkTricklotuspsychje, so I'll move it there then, thank you.12:42
xMeiawhatup folks12:56
lotuspsychjewelcome xMeia12:58
lotuspsychjexMeia: have you been able to tweak your system allright?12:59
lotuspsychje!pm | xMeia13:07
lotuspsychjelets talk here plz13:07
lotuspsychjexMeia: you can tweak startup items too with an extra command13:08
lotuspsychjexMeia: sudo sed -i "s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g" /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop13:09
xMeiawhat does it do13:09
lotuspsychjeto get the full list of startup items13:09
xMeiaSince the laptop is newly formatted I believe that's why nothing showed up so on that regard I'm fixed :D13:10
xMeiaanything else?13:10
xMeiaI don't remember what haveged did actually, just that it was good, what does it do?13:10
lotuspsychjexMeia: man haveged13:14
xMeiastill don't quite get what's the purpose with haveged throgh manual though my instinctive thought is that it somehow makes some type of operations to make usage of hardware/software smoother??13:20
xMeiaanother thing13:27
xMeiamy tabs open up to the left of my icons in the bar.. I want them to the right of my icons13:28
xMeiaXubuntu 20.04.1 LTS13:28
akemXubuntu must have its own channel.13:37
lotuspsychjegood night23:39

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