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apwenyc, which packages have you installed for these old kernels08:39
enycapw: just ubuntu kernels from 18.04 and possibly before, there were various series of hwe kernels over time09:09
enycapw: i found out that the sata_sil module i'm using is actually in a -extras package09:10
enycapw: which was why i couldn't boot, anyhow =)09:10
apwenyc, which makes sense indeed09:10
apwenyc, as the kernel is incomplete (as -generic) without -extras; that eseenstially is you installing -virtual ie a kernel which has what a VM needs not what metal needs09:11
enycapw: i've just copied onto my 20.04/mint20 system the /boot/ files and /lib/modules  files from these older 2 kernels,  which is enough to rebuild initramfs and rebuild grub  so they will boot and 'work'09:12
enycand run older dvb-t2 driver and try to figure out wtf going on!09:12
apwunauthadox and hard to clean up from afterwards, but each to their own09:14
enycapw: easy to clean up, remove same files and update-grub, no problem09:46
enycits' just ... package syse not away of thex tra old kernels09:46

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