JanCSoni: I assume you can find that in qemu documentation  :)00:06
JanC(I never tried to use its s390x implementation)00:06
Soniit's been at "installing kernel" for a while now00:06
JanCdo you think it emulates a system with a lot more cores/cpus than the host system?00:07
JanCthat would explain slowness for sure  :P00:07
JanCIIRC there is also another s390x emulator named 'hercules', but I assume it's slower than qemu even...00:11
Sonior maybe it's singlecoreing the whole thing00:12
Sonior maybe there's an "Error: Timeout was reached" in the full log00:13
Soniokay it's still going00:25
compdocqemu is pretty fast on decent hardware00:28
compdocI use vert-manager and assign virtual cpus based on need and how many cores the host has00:29
compdoc1 to 2 cpus is good for most servers00:30
JanCcompdoc: for s390x or for other guest hardware?00:31
Soniso maybe our hardware is crap :v00:31
compdocfor most guests00:31
compdocI run servers in vms00:31
JanCif you do amd64-on-amd64 it will be fairly close to native00:32
compdocon the host, you want as many cores as you can afford00:36
Soni10 hours later it's finally installing openssh-server00:57
Sonimaybe we're using bad mirrors or something01:58
Soniwon't know until it's done tho01:59
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lordievaderGood morning06:55
RoyKgood moaning06:56
lordievaderHey RoyK , how are you doing?07:06
RoyKnot coronised, though, which is nice07:07
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computer2000Hi all. I need to setup a mini pc for an outdoor vistor kiosk application that should just show one electron chromium app that lets the user browse through a static website and watch some mp4 videos. Is Ubuntu Server with NODM and OpenBox a good choice for this?09:34
RoyKcomputer2000: I've setup similar stuff with just a raspberry pi11:54
computer2000@RoyK but we already have a lenovo thinkcentre :)11:56
RoyKcan't see why it shouldn't work :)11:57
RoyKprobably overkill in terms of cpu and memory, but then, that's just fine11:58
RoyKseems nodm might not be developed actively anymore according to some sites - if so, lightdm should probably work just fine. I used that for some infoscreens on a pi. It's lightweight enough12:03
computer2000@RoyK did you use https://github.com/spanezz/lightdm-autologin-greeter ?12:08
RoyKI didn't use that, no, just automatic login with chromium in kiosk mode. the ones that are in production just show a series of web pages, autoconfigured by their MAC-based IPv6 address (no IPv4 used) so that it can be easily managed centrally. hid devices are disabled by blocking the kernel module evdev on these, so no worries there.12:16
RoyKcomputer2000: if I need console access to the unit, I either use vnc or login via ssh and modprobe evdev to access it manually. everything is locked down to only ipv6 and only a small network segment is allowed remote access (and obviously, there's authentication etc)12:26
computer2000@RoyK thanks i've just made it work with https://github.com/spanezz/lightdm-autologin-greeter12:26
computer2000seems pretty straight forward12:26
computer2000and can use /etc/xdg/openbox/autostart for auto starting stuff after openbox opens12:27
RoyKjust enable some security so that people won't get access via a usb keyboard or similar ;)12:27
RoyKcomputer2000: does this computer come with a touchscreen?12:28
computer2000@RoyK the device is inaccessible and airgapped12:28
computer2000@RoyK yes it has a touchscreen12:29
RoyKok - I just go into paranoia mode whenever I start talking about public computers :)12:29
computer2000:) public computers should always be the least public possible!12:43
iceyhas anybody seen something with netplan where a interface that has an address and vlans and is all using static IPs comes up without the vlans getting any addresses>12:53
iceyjudicious use of `ip link delete` and `netplan apply` has resolved my issue but that's quite frustrating, and seems like it will reproduce the next time I reboot as well :-/13:09
RoyKicey: I guess filing a bug would be appropriate, then13:10
iceyRoyK: I'm honestly not even sure what to include in the bug :-/13:10
iceyI haven't found any log that says anything actually happened13:10
RoyKbetter start out by listing current versions of things, the config files related and what the output of "ip l l" and similar are after a reboot and I guess you'll get more questions13:11
iceyI'm about 6 hours of other annoyances from tearing down the entire environment :-P13:12
RoyKjust trying to help here :)13:13
iceyfor sure, and I'm collecting what I've got on it :)13:13
iceyI do appreciate it, I'm just annoyed by the set of machines at the moment, and then this happened :-P13:14
Soniadding an extra virtual cpu and getting rid of snapd seems to be helping13:18
Soni(what's snapd for, anyway)13:19
Aisonany body experienced with isc-dhcp-server? is it possible to not send a global option to a specific host?13:22
Aisoneg. option routers {do not send}13:23
tewardAison: usually you override that client-side on the specific host13:43
tewardrather than rely on the DHCP server to not send a router/gateway address13:43
Aisonhmm, the problem here is, that somehow the initramfs of ubuntu is borked13:43
Aisonas soon as I send static routes on netboot, it fails13:43
Aisonwhen I omit this option it works. for all other normal booting ubuntu clients static-routes are even required13:47
Aison(what is correct)13:47
Aisonmaybe I can modify initramfs so that this option is not requested13:47
tewardi'm still wrapping my head around automated installs / netboots - usually I don't set the static routes via DHCP unless I know what i'm doing and tested in a lab environment13:48
tewardusually anywhere that needs static routes I set *after* boot :P13:49
teward(but I do a lot of admin scripting in my system so)13:49
Aisonteward, the problem is, many clients are not under my control. Therefore I have to distribute these static routes per DHCP13:51
Aisonin almost all cases it is working without any problem13:52
Aisonexcept this "stupid" initrams :D13:52
Aisonwith nfs boot13:52
Sonihow do you make --no-install-recommends permanent again?13:55
Soninvm found it14:02
coreycbicey: victoria-proposed has been promoted to victoria-updates14:16
ddstreeticey you should now have upload rights to the openstack packageset, via your membership in ~ubuntu-openstack-dev; rafaeldtinoco can help with adjusting the seed/packageset list of specific packages15:17
rafaeldtinocoddstreet: thakns dan, icey I'll check the list you sent to me this morning and will reply to you once is done. that will likely be done before eow (we're sprinting). o/16:34
bulleHi! im trying to figure out how to make the ubuntu-server installer create a raid1 uefi setup for me ? it seems it cant be done ?17:26
tomreynbulle: i'm pretty sure i already did so20:21
tomreynwhat makes you say so?20:21
tewardtomreyn: was it with the subiquity ISO or the original debian-installer format installer?20:35
teward(might be relevant)20:35
tewardalso, bulle: which Ubuntu version are you installing?  (also relevant)20:35
tomreynteward: subiquity20:39
tomreynbut it may have been a 20.04 pre-release build, i think20:39

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