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hellptrying touse a found Network I got this message: (nm-applet:1658): gtk-warning: can´t set a parent on widget which has a parent nm-applet-message: IP:IP:IP:IP: No keyring secrets found for NETWORK-wireless-security; asking user.          (nm-applet:1656): gtk-critical **: IP:IP:IP:IP: gtk_widget_destroy: assertion GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)08:28
hellpI found some Information on the Internet, but is over my knowledge08:29
SteveGoodeyHello, just a quicky, what filesystem does Xubuntu install as default? Thanks.10:00
SteveGoodeygnrp: Thanks for the quick answer. :-)10:05
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coltigoreHello, I'm trying to get soemone set up coming from linux from windows for the first time, and I was wondering if xubuntu would be just as easy as regular as normal ubuntu for someone who's scared of the terminal. it's a low spec laptop which is why i'm recommending  an xfce distro14:38
diogenes_coltigore, Xubuntu is an excellent choice for new users.14:46
coltigoreThanks! diogenes_14:49
diogenes_coltigore, then only thing you probably would want to do is to move the panel from top to bottom and pick some themes.14:51
pmjdebruijncoltigore: if you really want to easy one into linux, you might considering settings someone up with firefox/libreoffice first on windows, before trying to move them to linux15:06
diogenes_well you can install pretty much any browser on Xubuntu, Firefox is default but you can install Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, Slimjet, Brave and others, rhere are rumors that Edge will come too, and if you're absolutely desperate for ms office, it can run on wine.15:13
coltigorethey don;t really need office, they're a google docs user.15:57
pmjdebruijnah... that'll make it relatively easy then :)16:09
xu-help29whow cam i have mirror display and monitor on xubuntu 20.4.1?16:20
manu1511lookin for an offline english-german dictionary for linux17:56
SpoonerHi! Is there a manual way to fix the xfce4-weather-plugin in Xubuntu 18.04?19:35
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