IrcsomeBot1<therealriganb> @chak, yes pantheon is among the best for non tinkerers, pretty understandable02:10
IrcsomeBot1<therealriganb> @chak, Idk, auto tiling is something that seems pretty useful for certain people but I like doing it manually02:10
nieminenHello! Can someone help me with an odd issue? Just installed fresh Kubuntu, and I've got probably a weird setup, where I have two HD monitors, and two 2K monitors, which may contribute to the issue.03:57
nieminenWhen hovering over certain windows/text/text-inputs, my cursor jumps to about 3x the size it should be.03:57
nieminenSeems fine over system title bars03:58
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @nieminen, Did you apply any accessibility features?04:00
nieminenNope, totally fresh. Installed, ran updates, restarted, and set up my monitor condfiguration.04:04
nieminenI'll check and see if any are active though04:04
IrcsomeBot1<Swift110> Cool04:04
nieminenNothing seems apparent04:04
nieminenSaw one Stack Exchange post that mentioned replacing the cursor pack with one that only contains a single resolution. I'd rather not unless it's my only option.04:05
nieminenRunning MSI GTX 1660. According to the driver manager, I'm on the open source driver.04:08
nieminenThis answer suggests the auto login is part of the issue. I'll switch that and see if it makes a difference.04:11
Voidablazeris kde plasma usable with wayland yet?04:12
-Voidablazer:#kubuntu- ?04:12
keithzg-MVoidablazer: I've found it so on my laptop. In fact as of 20.04, mysteriously Xorg no longer works right there, but Wayland *does*!04:40
keithzg-MThis causes some issues because Xorg 100% doesn't work and unfortunately SDDM still opens in Xorg, although it supports choosing Wayland sessions. So I had to go with another DM. But that was the biggest issue I've noticed.04:40
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @nieminen, Ok then it must be a bug.04:41
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> Try changing cursor.04:42
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @nieminen, Possible04:42
* keithzg-M had thought `do-release-upgarde -d` failing meant the upgrade was over . . . nope the sources are already switched over, okay, lets do this then :D04:43
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> 20.10 beta is too unstable...04:55
keithzg-MGalantGTR: Oh I have multiple other computers here at home, and even a dual-boot setup on the machine in question; unstable isn't a big concern for me!05:04
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> Try to do anything, crashed the desktop, than the settings program...it's to early to use it as a beta. … It's an alfa version!05:04
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @keithzg-M, I have 2OS boot too.,Win10 and KUbuntu...but it's the first time that KUbuntu beta is so bad pre-released05:06
keithzg-MGalantGTR: Well when you consider the release cadence it makes some sense; the last release was the LTS, a lot of the stuff in the *buntu repos for 20.10 is all the stuff that was held up because it wasn't necessarily tested and stable enough yet!05:10
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @keithzg-M, I had an lts 20.04 and do the upgrade to 20.10 beta...that was to bad... I'm really sad that this time is crashed 1/3 off all apps and around 25% of all process05:13
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> I send a 1000yh reports...but I'm not sure that they can fixed all problems until 24.1005:14
keithzg-MIf a lot of things are crashing, it's quite possible there's some single central issue.05:14
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> @keithzg-M, I'm going to uo-2-date it everyday...but the problem that discover crashed...and I can't change the settings of updater source...05:18
keithzg-MGalantGTR: No need to use Discover, just use `apt` from the terminal :)05:18
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> Before I could choose between release and lts...now it's not possible05:18
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> How to change that in terminal?05:19
keithzg-MUhhh, you can't because that's not something that can be changed.05:19
keithzg-MThat is to say: you've already upgraded past 20.04, which is the last LTS release.05:19
keithzg-MYou could do the very messy thing and change your sources in /etc/apt/sources.list to be focal rather than groovy, then force reinstallation of things manually.05:20
keithzg-MBut downgrading isn't really supported.05:20
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> I was on 20.04lts...than upgrade to 20.10 beta :((05:20
keithzg-MYeah, and 20.10 is not an LTS, thus Discover wouldn't give you the option to only upgrade to LTS releases. Next LTS would be 22.04.05:21
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> I'm waiting for a release...than it's possible to run the discover I think05:21
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> 22.04?05:22
keithzg-MMaybe, it won't just magically fix when there's a release though.05:22
keithzg-MYeah, 22.04 is the next LTS, the LTS releases come out every 2 years.05:22
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> Oh year every 2 years. U r right05:22
IrcsomeBot1<GalantGTR> Thx...I will try to reinstall 20.04 lts....if it's not possiy to downgrade05:23
keithzg-MWell, it's possible! Just not officially supported ;)05:24
keithzg-MIf the stars align it might even be as simple as changing every instance of groovy to focal in /etc/apt/sources.list and then running `sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop^` or such05:25
keithzg-MChaos may ensure, however ;)05:25
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keithzg-Ms/ensure/ensue (chaos is not ensured, although it is also not unlikely, hah)05:29
lordievaderGood morning06:42
Voidablazerdo you suggest wayland with kde?07:15
IrcsomeBot1<mx_tom> If I were you I would still wait a little bit. There has been a lot of progress with wayland on KDE recently but not all of it has found its way to Kubuntu yet and there is still a bunch of bugs. However if you want to try it it's definitely usable just not quite stable. If I were you I would wait at least until 21.04 but probably until 21.10 and then it might be kind of stable07:59
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BluesKajHi all11:24
floownHello. I search a smarcontrol packet adapted to Plasma. Doest exist?12:20
floownI have read a tutorial with gsmarcontrol12:21
floowng is for Gnome, I suppose?12:22
BluesKajfloown, /var/lib/smartmontools/ perjaps12:27
BluesKajperhaps even12:27
user|31610hello everybody !13:13
user|31610I have Kubuntu 20.04 and have some problems13:13
BluesKajuser|31610, just ask your question13:14
user|31610I don't know how I hade an error and crash KDE plasma13:15
user|31610now I can run latte dock13:15
user|31610like impossible to reinstall proprely13:16
user|31610I don't know if the best way is just to reinstall kubuntu ?13:16
user|31610I have a / and /home partition13:16
BluesKajwhich kubuntu release?13:18
BluesKaj20.04 ok13:18
BluesKajhave you updated and upgraded your packages lately?13:19
user|31610I tried to update all yes, but changed nothing13:21
BluesKajnot just update, but also upgrade13:21
user|31610With a sudo apt upgrade ?13:24
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user|31610yes I dis that too13:25
BluesKajlook in /var/log/syslog for errors13:27
user|31610I'm on Windows right now i need to reboot, It's possible to come back directly to this forum ?13:28
BluesKajyes, the kubuntu default irc client is Konversation13:29
user|31610I'll come back in 1min then13:30
user|35317I'm back13:34
user|35317I had bug with the interface too, like don't see widget, app or weird colors13:35
BluesKajwhich interface?13:36
user|35317Kde plasma13:37
BluesKajdo you have the default panel?13:38
user|35317that mean ?13:38
user|35317But i think yes13:38
BluesKajtask manager etc13:39
user|35317I try to reset the panel too13:43
BluesKajwhat kind of gpu/graphics ?13:44
user|35317intel core with a nvidia graphics13:44
user|35317had to install nvidia driver afterwards13:45
BluesKajare you running in legacy bios mode or uefi?13:48
user|35317I think uefi, how can I be sure ?13:49
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BluesKajrun df -h in the terminal and look for /boot/efi13:50
user|35317yes it's write /boot/efi13:53
BluesKajwas just making sure that your computer isn't too old to handle graphics like the latte dock thing13:54
user|35317It's a good machine I won't have problems like that13:55
BluesKajok now Open the KDE Application Launcher (button at the far left end of the Kicker --aka KDE Panel) and click the Applications tab at the bottom and then click Utilities. You should see an entry labeled Dock14:00
user|35317I have nothing called Dock14:05
user|35317but I have the Latte widget14:05
BluesKajit should show latte dock14:07
user|35317It open a very thin dock, but not the same settings,etc14:11
BluesKajwell it worked here,.i just removed it14:12
user|35317It worked the first time i install it..14:13
user|35317until I had my KDE issue14:13
BluesKajperhaps you could right click on the panel and adjust the height14:14
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> @GalantGTR, That should be fixed in 20.10 now. May still crash until the system is rebooted or some cache somewhere clears.14:15
BluesKaj@RikMills, yeah I'm using GG and have no issues with the dock14:16
user|35317I tried14:17
user|35317doesn't work14:17
BluesKajbut I prefer the icons only taskbar instead14:17
user|35317That look nice and the fact it appear on top of app when you're close is nice14:18
BluesKajthat zoomt effect doesn't do much for me, but that's my taste14:20
user|35317Yes but it's not normal it doesn't work like the first time when i de/install it now14:22
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> @RikMills, Seems another patch might be needed14:32
user|56501Still no answer for why latte insn't working ?14:48
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> @GalantGTR I have just uploaded a fix for discover settings page crash to 20.10. Hopefully that will be available to test in a few hrs14:57
IrcsomeBot1. was added by: .15:14
user|698I have some issues with kubuntu 20.04 and I want to reinstall I like you can with Ubuntu15:54
user|698But after I restart with the USB boot and select download, I have the same procedure and they ask me the partitions of the disk15:55
user|698Do I need to format something? Just install like that? The aim is not to lose data15:56
user|698Thanks for your help I found nothing :)15:56
diogenes_user|698, 'I restart with the USB boot and select download'?16:00
steveireIs it possible to upgrade a 18.10 system anymore?16:32
steveire`sudo do-release-upgrade` doesn't work.16:32
IrcsomeBot1<michellabrie> Hello. What is the error message ?16:33
Aristidei'm « Michel labrie » its easier for me on Quassel xD So, steveire, what is error message (if error message appear) ?16:34
steveire`An upgrade from 'cosmic' to 'focal' is not supported with this tool. `16:34
steveireIs there some other way? Just hack my sources.list?16:35
steveireI think that's what I used to do years ago.16:35
AristideOk. I have check. Repository has been deleted (end of life since 2019). Maybe with replace all entrys in source files (manually replace cosmic to focal), and update + dist-upgrade and pray for work =)16:37
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Aristidesteveire: You can try. But prepare a USB Key for reinstall from scratch if needed ^^16:43
steveireYes, I will. The blog approach didn't work for me, so I'm just hacking sources.list.16:56
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user|60992How can I change the volume control applet, to an applet from XFCE (xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin)19:14
IrcsomeBot1<sammy_v> @Aristide, Maybe manually adding focal fossa repository links to update manager will work. Do delete old version repository links.20:06
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