pieqI'm writing a Python script using launchpadlib, and I'd like to know if it's possible to access the creation time of a given milestone06:30
pieqit doesn't seem possible from the API doc, but I want to make sure06:30
cjwatsondlcusa: You have an old Launchpad account with the same email address; I guess at some point you deleted your Ubuntu One account and are now trying to recreate it.  Do you want to reclaim the old Launchpad account?08:19
cjwatsondlcusa: (We can do that for you, but either way it requires some manual fiddling.)08:19
cjwatsonpieq: Indeed, that's not currently exported (or even modelled in our Python code, although it's in the database schema).  Feel free to file a bug if you need it - it wouldn't be too difficult to export08:21
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xnoxmy dput uploads to ubuntu don't appear to go through / appear in the queue12:40
xnoxi had s390-tools / s390-tools-signed focal sru, which is not in the queue12:40
xnoxand no emails12:40
xnoxis there sftp upload available for ubuntu?12:41
cjwatsonLP emailed you a rejection12:41
cjwatson2020-10-07 09:21:10 DEBUG   Rejected:12:41
cjwatson2020-10-07 09:21:10 DEBUG   File s390-tools-signed_2.12.0-0ubuntu4.tar.xz already exists in Primary Archive for Ubuntu, but uploaded version has different contents. See more information about this error in https://help.launchpad.net/Packa12:41
xnoxi'm looking at it, and it is a bad version number12:41
cjwatson2020-10-07 09:21:10 DEBUG   Files specified in DSC are broken or missing, skipping package unpack verification.12:42
cjwatsonSimilar for s390-tools12:42
xnoxso my email must be bad12:42
cjwatsonBut yes, if you want then this works for Ubuntu sftp:12:42
cjwatsonfqdn                    = upload.ubuntu.com12:42
cjwatsonmethod                  = sftp12:42
cjwatsonincoming                = ubuntu12:42
xnoxoooh nice, i shall do that. too12:42
xnoxwhat's the email title?12:42
xnoxi wonder if i delete them by accident12:43
cjwatson2020-10-07 09:18:11 DEBUG     Subject: [ubuntu] s390-tools_2.12.0-0ubuntu4_source.changes (Rejected)12:43
cjwatson2020-10-07 09:21:10 DEBUG     Subject: [ubuntu] s390-tools-signed_2.12.0-0ubuntu4_source.changes (Rejected)12:43
cjwatsonto your preferred address in LP12:43
dlcusacjwatson, I guess I'd prefer to use the original account, unless you can think of a good reason not to.12:46
xnoxhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#search/subject%3ARejected => gives me nothing12:49
xnoxonly reject from yesterday (from the queue) =(12:49
xnoxit should go to xnox@ubuntu.com -> launchpad@surgut.co.uk12:49
dlcusacjwatson, if it matters, I'm not using Ubuntu.12:50
cjwatsonxnox: Directly to launchpad@surgut.co.uk, in fact12:51
cjwatsondlcusa: It doesn't matter.  Fixing it up for you now12:51
cjwatsondlcusa: Try now, should be fixed12:51
xnoxcjwatson:  hm. and gmail could have silently dropped it on the floor, cause it loves doing that sometimes.12:51
dlcusaThat worked--thanks!12:52
cjwatsonno problem12:53
xnoxcjwatson:  changed address to @canonical.com instantly got the reject email for another upload.13:39
xnoxso yeah, it's me =(13:39
xnoxcjwatson:  what does "Mismatch in binaryfulness. (arch) False != (files) True" mean?13:45
xnoxi think it's non clean source build, fixing.13:48
xnoxcjwatson:  did my @surgut.co.uk send back a bounce to bounces@canonical.com ? or do i need to ask #is about that?14:34
xnoxemail looks like it is taking a different path to deliver to @canonical.com (and it's faster) so actually might just stick to that for now.14:35
cjwatsonxnox: No idea, wouldn't be able to see it if it did14:37
LocutusOfBorgdoes anybody please understand what is triggering this failure? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/silver-platter/0.3.0+git20200906.d2bd137-1/+build/1994826817:00
LocutusOfBorgwe can't reproduce locally17:00
LocutusOfBorgMissing build dependencies: brz-debian (>= 2.8.41), lintian-brush (>= 0.70)17:02
LocutusOfBorgthis is simply not true...17:02
LocutusOfBorg lintian-brush | 0.81          | groovy-proposed/universe | source, all17:02
LocutusOfBorg brz-debian    | 2.8.42        | groovy-proposed/universe | all17:02
LocutusOfBorgis it not even trying to use proposed pocket?17:02
LocutusOfBorgI mean, I see it is not trying to use it, but I don't understand why17:03
LocutusOfBorg(publishing history says that the package went in release by mistake, so maybe this is what happened)17:06
LocutusOfBorgI'm tempted to just no change rebuild and live happy17:07
cjwatsonWell the build is in the release pocket, yet17:08
cjwatsonProbably as you say17:09
cjwatsonMight be able to move it around somehow but a no-change rebuild would be by far the simplest17:10
LocutusOfBorgyep thanks17:10
LocutusOfBorgand it worked thanks <317:19
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