Arcorann_There are timers you can plug the power cable into, though I guess those might be easier to disable than hiding the charger00:04
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john86i heard lubuntu changed the underlying system06:19
john86what is happening to PCManFM?06:20
john86Well, I found it out myself: seems it has been superseded by PCManFM-Qt, which is used on 18.10 and later.06:29
john86Yeah, I am running behind...06:29
john86~$ cat /etc/issueUbuntu 18.04.5 LTS \n \l06:30
john86Apart from some freezing problems, I really really love PCManFM.06:30
john86Hope I will get the same, or better experience with PCManFM-Qt.06:30
john86Guys responsible for this software....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!06:31
guivercjohn86, GTK2 is dead (used only by gimp which hasn't completed port to GTK3 yet) Pcman the creator of `pcmanfm` ported it to GTK3 and blogged about slowness/heaviness; it was then re-ported to Qt meaning pcmanfm-qt is where development now is. LXDE devs joined with RazorQt creating new LXQt project06:44
guivercthe LXQt work isn't really new, they started years ago, Lubuntu's last four releases have used LXQt06:45
sublim20hey all, im running lubuntu, and im trying to install mono.  on the webpage of mono, it indicates two different install methods.  one for ubuntu, and another for debian.  which should i use?06:47
guivercsublim20, Lubuntu is a Ubuntu flavor, so the Ubuntu method06:51
sublim20guiverc, thank you.  i thought so, but wanted to check06:52
guivercLubuntu is an official flavor, so you're welcome to use #ubuntu here (the base of Lubuntu, Ubuntu and other flavors are all identical; the desktop on top of Ubuntu base is the difference).  You're welcome06:52
sublim20guiverc, what do you mean by 'flavor'?06:53
guivercLook up ubuntu.com yourself, ie. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours06:53
sublim20heh.  thanks for the response guiverc.06:53
sublim20*feels dumb for asking now* :p06:54
guivercnot a problem, better to ask than be unsure or in the dark (even if just potentially)06:55
guivercIf you download a flavor ISO, it'll be from ubuntu.com (a dead giveaway if using a fake, they'll download from elsewhere)06:56
guiverc(in case you're confused; if you go to lubuntu.me to download an iso, you select, then download comes from cdimage.ubuntu.com as all Ubuntu flavors do)06:56
murlidharok should i install the alternate or the desktop ... am using core 2 duo processor . its a 2009 pc.07:48
tomreynmurlidhar: if you want 20.04, i thinkt here's just the desktop available.07:55
tomreynhow much ram do you have, if you know?07:55
murlidhartomreyn:hi. no idea how much ram i have07:57
murlidhartomreyn:i dont mind installing an earlier version.07:57
tomreynit should say in the bios07:57
murlidharcan i not find using any terminal command?07:58
tomreynsure: free -g07:59
murlidhartomreyn: everything is zero here07:59
tomreyn"total" "Mem" is installed ram07:59
tomreynhmm, just    free -h08:00
tomreynthat is... not much08:00
murlidharold pc   200908:01
tomreynyes, sure. i'm just meaning to dicourage you from running a desktop and multi-tab web browser there08:01
murlidhari dont' use the desktop much. now i just want to edit pics in rawtherapee app .08:02
murlidharnot sure if upgrading the ram will help, dont want to put money on my desktop to upgrade. looking for a cheaper solution.08:03
tomreynhmm, you can try. i haven't used it but assume a raw image editor could use much ram08:03
murlidharcurrently i am using lubuntu n it is much easier to run than say ubuntu08:04
tomreynmaybe you can get some ram for free or really cheap pre-owned?08:04
tomreynif you can afford to, start saving for a new computer, though, since those core 2 are old, draw good amounts of power.08:05
murlidharyeah i will try but dont want to give up before trying to upgrade my lubuntu ... its an old version and i am not able to upgrade it.08:05
tomreynis there an error message?08:06
tomreyndo you want help with it?08:06
murlidharsudo apt-get upgrade gives errors08:06
murlidharnot able to install any app either. it is giving me errors. like if i do sudo apt-get install rawtherapee it gives me errors08:07
lubot<matkoniecz> Switching to Qt version of Lubuntu requires clean install, there is no in-place upgrade. … Remember to backup your data!08:08
tomreyncan't help you with out seeing those error messages08:08
tomreynoh right, no in-place upgrade for some lubuntu releases08:08
murlidharok let me pastebin it. ... where do u think i should pastebin ? i dont remember those websites where we could pastebin it08:08
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:12
murlidharkc2bez:thanks. i googled it :)08:12
tomreynmurlidhar: so what are you running now? lsb_release -ds08:13
tomreynthe problem seems to be with teh discord package, not rawtherapee08:14
murlidharsays ubuntu 19.0408:15
murlidharbut it is running lubuntu08:15
tomreynmurlidhar: uh that's been eol for a while08:21
ubottuUbuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) was the 30th release of Ubuntu, support ended January 2020. see !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2020-January/005263.html08:21
tomreyni think you'll need to do the fresh install first of all08:23
tomreynif you intend to keep using 19.04 a little more before you do, with its outdated and insecure software, you can use "sudo dpkg --purge discord" to try and get rid of the problematic package.08:24
murlidhartomreyn:yes thats why i was asking if i need to install alternative or desktop version09:00
john86@guiverc Thanks for your answer. I've been testing 20.04 now in a virtual box. PCManFM-Qt looks great there. One of these days I will promote my desktop system top 20.04.09:47
john86Lubuntu that is :-)09:47
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OlymposDear Sirs, until yesterday I used Lubuntu 18 version with the capacity to shift languages from English to Greek and vice versa with a simple click on a  relevant icon (flagged) on my screen but now with the installed Lubuntu 20 version the icon is gone and I cannot write a message in Greek. What can I do to restore this language shift capability?y10:13
LimeOnHello, you want to "see" your programs in greek or just "write" with the specific chracters of the greek language?10:15
OlymposI only want to also use the Greek characters in my e-mails to Greeks with a simple click on a screen icon as before.10:18
LimeOncheck the tab "keyboard and layout"10:18
LimeOnyou can add greek as a secondary layout and switch between with a key(that you can select)10:18
OlymposThank you very much for your help! I will follow your instructions!10:20
LimeOnIf that does not work, there's algo another application called fcitx10:30
OlymposUnfortunately, it did not work!10:32
LimeOni found that the 1st option toggle key didnt worked for me either10:33
LimeOnwith that you should change them with that window i think10:33
LimeOntry fcitx, i managed to press the "toggle keys" and write a character with the other layout10:33
OlymposWhy shifting languages in the key board with the latest Lubuntu version is now impossible?10:36
LimeOni have no idea of that, i just knew where the option was :)10:40
OlymposWhat can I do now?10:40
OlymposIf you want to write an e-mail in Greek what will you do?10:41
LimeOnyou can switch them ammnually10:42
LimeOnentering in keyboard and mouse> keyboard layout10:42
OlymposHow? I am not an expert in computers!10:42
LimeOnis just write in the menu "keyboard and mouse"10:43
LimeOnopen the icon with that name10:43
LimeOnnow in the window that appears, there's a "big button" called "keyboard layout"10:43
LimeOnyou choose that one and you will see that you have some buttons, called "add","up","down"10:44
LimeOnif you press the one that says "add" a new tab will appear and you can choose greek there10:45
LimeOnthen you will see the different greek layouts supported10:45
LimeOnyou choose the one you want(or try add one and check if that is the one you want)10:46
OlymposIn the menu "keyboard and mouse" there is no layout for any languages!10:46
OlymposI cannot see in my menu what you describe!10:47
LimeOnyou dont see the icon called "keyboard and mouse" in your menu?10:47
LimeOnor you dont see the option to add the layout?10:48
OlymposAre you on TeamViewer?10:48
OlymposI do not see the option to add the layout!10:49
LimeOncheck in the linkthe 4th image10:49
LimeOnthat is what you should see10:50
LimeOnhttps://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/_images/keyboardlayout.png (this is the image)10:51
OlymposI do not see what is described in the link. How can I get there? Do you go there via the preferences menu or in another way?10:53
lubot<Jonathan Hayes> @matkoniecz [It is pretty hard to automate this one, though robot unplugging power cord and r …], Rather than a timer, have you considered a Wyze power switch? You can schedule it for any times you like. You can (2) for $15.  … https://wyze.com/wyze-plug.html10:54
LimeOnOlympos: you need to open the menu bar(the one with the bird) and where says "search"(just above the icon) you put "keyboard and mouse"10:55
LimeOnyou will see only one result, the icon of the app is a keyboard10:56
Olymposwhat I see there is quite different from what I see in the link on the subject! The only option I am given is to type something on a  window11:00
LimeOncan you share a image of it?11:01
OlymposWhat I see is the exactly same with what I see going there via the preferences menu!11:01
LimeOnyou can also acces to the app via preferences>lxqt settings>keyboard and mouse11:02
OlymposHow can I make you see what I see in my screen on the subject?11:02
LimeOni think that you have in your keyboard a key called prnt screen or print11:03
LimeOnif you press that one you take a picture of your screen11:03
OlymposI did press that  print key! What is next to do? Did you get a photo of my screen?11:06
LimeOnyou will see the photo in a new window11:07
LimeOnand you must save it somewhere in the computer11:07
OlymposI saved it!11:09
OlymposWhat next?11:09
LimeOnyou should upload it now11:09
LimeOnhttps://imgur.com/upload i think that here you can upload it without registration11:09
LimeOnsimply by drag the photo there11:10
OlymposDid you get it?11:14
LimeOnyou need to share the link11:14
LimeOnafter upload the photo they will give you a link11:15
LimeOnto do so, after the message "upload complete" you should make a right click on the image and choose "copy image location"11:16
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OlymposAt last, I found what we were looking for but the system did not follow my instructions because of the Fcitx Input Method !!! In conclusion, the Lubuntu 20 version must be updated with the option to shift languages on the keyboard with a simple click or touch on a certain pair of keys like Alt+Shift17:13
OlymposAny other suggestions for shifting languages on the keyboard with mouse?17:17
OlymposWill  Lubuntu 20 allow the use of an additional language on the keyboard with mouse, as Lubuntu 18 version?17:20
LimeOnyou solved the problem?17:33
LimeOnany other input system will overwrite the toggle key of the keyboard and mouse app17:33
LimeOnOlympos: i found the way17:41
LimeOnby deafult, an app called iBus is whom defines the keys to change the languages17:41
LimeOni managed to change from arab to english with shit+space for example17:41
LimeOnشس غخع ؤشى سثث17:42
LimeOnas you can see17:42
LimeOnYou need to open iBus app(you can find it in the search bar of the menu)17:44
lubotRobert Chamberlin was added by: Robert Chamberlin17:54
OlymposI did not see iBus on the menu!18:10
OlymposHow can I find iBus app?18:11
LimeOnIn the search part18:15
LimeOnabove the bird menu button18:15
LimeOnyou will see a result called "iBus preferences"18:16
OlymposShould I write something there in the empty space?18:17
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