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slyonHey! Could somebody with the powers please re-trigger the netplan/focal test on ppc64el, arm64 & amd64 https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/netplan.io/focal/ppc64el ? It failed for flaky tests... was successful before in bileto.07:36
Laneyslyon: pretty much all of the autopkgtests are failing for me now when trying a test run locally in qemu... do you know why?11:22
slyonLaney: not sure... let me re-try that locally as well. I verified that all were working before the upload.11:23
LaneyI'll try to re-run one arch on focal11:24
slyonthank you11:26
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Laneyseems to be working, so I did the others11:53
Laneyno idea why qemu isn't working properly :(11:53
cpaelzerslyon: what is your commandline to get qemu autopkgtest runners?12:11
cpaelzer... -- qemu --qemu-options='-cpu host' --ram-size=1536 --cpus 2 ~/work/autopkgtest-groovy-amd64.img12:11
cpaelzerwould be my tail that I use for these most of the time12:11
slyonLaney: cpaelzer: qemu is doing good for me so far, it's still in the middle of the test, but all tests passed up to now. I do not have any special commandline, just using "-- qemu ./autopkgtest-focal-amd64.img"12:13
Laneylike that but without --cpus 212:15
Laneyautopkgtest --timeout-copy=6000 --apt-pocket=proposed=src:netplan.io netplan.io -- qemu --ram-size=1592 autopkgtest-focal-amd64.img12:15
Laneypretty much everything broke, way more than did in the runs that failed on autopkgtest.u.c so I don't even12:16
Laneyhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8hQwp8wk8G/ for example12:17
Laneybut running that without the --apt-pocket=proposed=src:netplan.io was mostly good https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Ym5QhHHsJ9/12:17
slyonThat's interesting... I can reproduce it if I use --apt-pocket=proposed=src:netplan.io (instead of using the source dsc). I need to look into that12:23
slashdrbasak: could you please reject my 'sosreport' upload in bionic ? I need to arrange a few things and will re-upload later.12:24
slashdre: LP: #1892275 ^12:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1892275 in sosreport (Ubuntu Bionic) "[sync][sru] sos upstream 4.0" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/189227512:25
rbasakslashd: sure12:37
slashdrbasak: thanks12:37
xnoxdpkg-genchanges: error: cannot fstat file ../linux-firmware-raspi2_1.20200902-0ubuntu2_amd64.buildinfo: No such file or directory13:51
xnoxdpkg-buildpackage: error: dpkg-genchanges subprocess returned exit status 2513:51
xnoxanybody had this before, whilst building source build of the package only?13:52
jchittumLocustusOfBorg: i updated lp:1895862 with more information. I took the path of using the pre-installed virtualbox-guest-utils module. However, attempting an upgrade or install will fail. This will end up breaking anyone using the vagrant-vboxguest plugin or that installs an update via automation (such as Ansible)14:00
cousteauHi, I had to rebuild and install package `git`.  Now `apt policy git` shows two candidates: 1:2.25.1-1ubuntu3 500 (the one from repos) and 1:2.25.1-1ubuntu3 100 (the one I installed).  Now, if I `apt-get install git`, for some reason it thinks the one from repos is more modern than the custom one I built and installed, and reinstalls the one from repos15:24
cousteauI have no idea what those 500 and 100 mean15:24
cousteau(on an unrelated note, git with GnuTLS doesn't work on my company network)15:25
cjwatsonYou should change the version if you rebuild it locally15:35
cjwatsonIncrease it very slightly, e.g. 1:2.25.1-1ubuntu3+local115:35
cousteaucjwatson: I suspected that.  After some research, apparently the 500 is a pin priority established by apt_preferences(5)15:47
cjwatsonIt's possible to adjust pinning, but much easier to change the version15:47
cousteauNow let's see how easy it is to change the version number.  Guess it's a matter of touching the DEBIAN file15:47
cjwatsonJust requires sticking a new entry at the top of debian/changelog15:47
cjwatsonDo not ever touch DEBIAN (all-caps) manually15:47
cjwatsonYou modify packaging metadata by editing things under debian/ (all lower case) in the source package15:48
cousteauOr the... whatever file that later generates the DEBIAN15:48
* cousteau followed a tutorial mostly blindly and didn't have much idea what he was doing 15:48
cjwatsonAny tutorial that advises touching DEBIAN/ (all-caps) should be cast into the sea and replaced with some other tutorial :)15:49
cjwatsonIt's a good filtering mechanism15:49
cousteauYeah sorry.  I just remembered there was a DEBIAN file or folder so I mentioned that15:50
cjwatsonYeah, it's an internal detail used by dpkg when assembling the control.tar part of the binary package15:50
cousteauIn fact this tutorial said to edit debian/control and never mentioned the all caps version15:51
cjwatsonOh good15:51
cjwatsonBut debian/changelog for changing the version15:51
cjwatsonThere's a fairly precise format.  The "dch" tool will help15:51
realtime-neilIf Ubiquity doesn't support preseed keys for the `base-installer` component (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbiquityAutomation), then how do I tell it which kernel to install? Equivalently, what is the Ubiquity way to do `base-installer/kernel/image`?15:53
cousteaucjwatson: https://devopscube.com/gnutls-handshake-failed-aws-codecommit/ the tutorial, in case you're curious :)15:53
cjwatsonYeah, I would generally recommend sbuild instead to keep your main system clean, but that's not wrong15:56
cjwatsonBut it indeed omits changing the version, which is wrong :)15:57
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: I'm several years out of date, but generally speaking ubiquity doesn't have configuration for this sort of thing because it's designed to copy a squashfs instead - you give it a different kernel by preparing a replacement squashfs that contains that kernel16:00
realtime-neilcjwatson: that's incredibly helpful. How can I edit the documentation to this effect?16:00
paridehi Laney, did you have a chance to look at the broken xenial migrations? Is there a LP project where it's sensible to file a bug against for this?16:03
Laneyparide: A bit, but I didn't get to the end yet with the sprint and stuff, sorry about that16:05
Laneyyou can file it on the 'britney' project16:07
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parideLaney, https://bugs.launchpad.net/britney/+bug/189890716:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1898907 in britney "britney isn't doing Xenial migrations" [Undecided,New]16:32
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cjwatsonrealtime-neil: Sorry, I'm too far out of the loop to know where would be best to edit - I used to work on this stuff but not for >5y16:40
realtime-neilcjwatson: no worries; I'll keep looking around16:41
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mwhudsonfwiw subiquity's squashfs doesn't have a kernel in it, but it doesn't really have a sensible hook for letting you change which kernel to install19:43
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