marcoagpintoThe demon!05:44
marcoagpintooerheks: ???05:49
oerhekshi colamonster05:49
marcoagpintoyes, it is me05:50
marcoagpintohow did you know that a girl at works calls me "little monster"?05:50
lordievaderGood morning06:42
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subcoolHey. Q. - I am trying to run CLI of fsck. - but the only options i am given are ext2-4, hfs and hfsplus. The drive is mounted as fuseblk-ntfs. But when i try to plug it into a windows computer to have it checked, its seen as an unknown fstype13:52
leftyfbsubcool: your support questions belong in #ubuntu.14:11
subcoolid thought usage of fsck isnt "on topic"14:12
leftyfbsubcool: if Windows isn't detecting your filesystem at all, no amount of fsck is going to fix it14:14
subcoola long time ago, when i larned not to use ntfs iwth linux...14:15
subcooli had a simliar issue, but worse. Found what i JUST found - ntfsfix - fixed it with that.14:16
UssatNTFS is fine w/linux as long as its RO14:16
subcoolTHEN - went to a windows machine.14:16
subcoollol - yeah..14:16
subcoolUssat, lol -14:16
subcooli didnt realize this drive was ntfs until i found an error :/14:16
subcoolbut - i think i got it. :)14:16
subcoolhow what?14:20
subcooltomreyn, ^14:21
tomreynsubcool: i understood that you solved the problem somehow, i was wondering how you solved it.14:22
subcoolHow- well just kinda.14:23
subcoolIm about to see.14:23
tomreynan ntfs file system windows doesn't recognize, should be difficult to fix.14:24
subcooli havent been able to get anything to scan it. I finally got the ntfs to scan it and "fix" it, which i dont belive either.14:24
tomreynyou 'got the ntfs to scan it and "fix" it', how?14:25
subcool──╼ $sudo ntfsfix -b -d /dev/sdc14:26
subcoolMounting volume... OK14:26
subcoolProcessing of $MFT and $MFTMirr completed successfully.14:26
subcoolChecking the alternate boot sector... OK14:26
subcoolNTFS volume version is 3.1.14:26
subcoolGoing to un-mark the bad clusters ($BadClus)... No bad clusters...OK14:26
subcoolNTFS partition /dev/sdc was processed successfully.14:26
tomreyni see, you used ntfsfix14:26
subcoolsorry i didnt spell it out.14:26
tomreynyou mentioned it earlier, but it wasn clear (to me) whether this was what you ended up with.14:27
subcoolhhmm.. windows still isnt seeing it.14:27
subcoolguess my luck ran out that first time i did it.14:28
subcooloh well.14:28
subcoolits fixed enough to pull the files.14:28
tomreyni assume windows doesn't like to read file systems from unpartitioned media14:31
subcooltomreyn, youre a wise man14:52
MacGregorHmm.. in order of first appearance: Xfce, KDE and gnome. I always thought gnome was first. Learn something new everyday21:38
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