carakaAm I correct in assuming that the LP builders have the same backports config as the general releases, i.e. that they will only install from Backports when manually requested?20:47
caraka(via debian/control)20:49
cjwatsoncaraka: We don't do anything special with backports, except that backports will only be in sources.list at all if either building for backports itself or if it's explicitly configured in "Edit PPA dependencies" on a PPA21:01
carakaYes, I've explicitely configured it in "Edit PPA dependencies" and I am probably over-worrying that it will introduce other, unwanted backports inadvertantly. If the builder is only going to grab a backported version if it is explicitly requested by the control file, then I have nothing to worry about21:04
cjwatsoncaraka: I should say that I don't remember precisely how apt's build-dependency resolution works with respect to that, but all supported *-backports have "NotAutomatic: yes" in their Release files and IIRC sbuild basically just calls apt-get build-dep, so should be OK if apt-get build-dep isn't inexplicably silly21:07
carakaThanks, that was my assumption, since all the releases since Natty are "NotAutomatic:yes" as well, to the best of my knowledge. So I have presumed that the builder will only look in backports if it cannot satisfy the version from the default repos.21:09
caraka(and the fact that it all seemed to work as expected when I tested it)21:10

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