lubot<Sergio_Security> @Michaël Van Bogaert [to do that … 1) remove nvidia drivers … apt list --installed | grep nvidia … sudo apt …], My screen still black after login. I can see the login screen, but after I introduce my password, I cannot see the desktop. … I upgraded to 20.04.1 LTS but still not working. Any clue?09:41
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> Are you sure that the drivers are installed?10:13
tomreynSergio_Security: press ctl-alt-F3 to switch to a tty, login, and run:  rm -r ~/.cache  then logout and ctrl-alt-delete, see whether it helped.10:45
tomreynmake sure you have no typo in the "rm ..." command, or you may delete precious files.10:46
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lubot<Sergio_Security> Same black screen :(15:26
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> can you open cli?15:29
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paradiscan i get info on OS lighter than Lubuntu?16:24
paradisI only have 1GHz and 2GB ram16:24
paradisas good as Lubuntu please16:24
LimeOnhave you tested lubuntu already?16:24
paradisalready using Lubuntu on the stated laptop16:25
paradisit's a bit lag16:25
LimeOni see16:25
paradisits a decent laptop in 201216:25
paradisbut that was long ago16:26
LimeOnyou want desktop enviroment,right?16:26
paradisyes please16:26
LimeOni can suggest older versions of lubuntu, but they are EOL(end of life)16:26
LimeOnthey were a bit more lightweight i think16:26
paradisok thank you16:27
paradis errr can you suggest a decent VPN?16:30
paradisI'm sorry16:30
plujonI have 2 lubuntu VMs.  On one of them, the network does not come up after booting.  I can manually configure an IP address, but ... I want to know why it doesn't get an IP automatically.18:07
plujonI was trimming packages on the VM yesterday, and perhaps I removed something I shouldn't have.  What ordinarily brings up the network on lubuntu 18 ?  Network Manager?18:08
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lubot<matkoniecz> Any idea what is the proper way to run script directly after booting system? … https://askubuntu.com/questions/814/how-to-run-scripts-on-start-up has wide variety of outdated answers, I tried  two of them and both failed23:00
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> (Photo, 594x621) https://i.imgur.com/uRX04cn.jpg what's the trouble using the gui?23:05
lubot<matkoniecz> @Michaël Van Bogaert [<reply to image>], This runs after login, not after system boot.23:09
lubot<matkoniecz> Or is it possible to configure to run it before login screen appears?23:09
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @matkoniecz [This runs after login, not after system boot.], okay23:10
lubot<Michaël Van Bogaert> @matkoniecz [Or is it possible to configure to run it before login screen appears?], don't know  … sorry23:10

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