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MikeRLSo I upgraded from 20.04 only to find dozens of LSP Plugins related entries cluttering up the applications overflow. What program does this likely belong to?23:21
MikeRLI've tried looking it up in Synaptic, GNOME Software, and deleting it in alacarte, and it stays even after a shell restart.23:22
MikeRLAlacarte also didn't indicate a program that it belonged to. Just a name.23:22
MikeRLStanger yet the language appears to be German, even if I try changing it.23:23
MikeRLHmm. https://lsp-plug.in/23:24
MikeRLWonder why it got installed.23:24
MikeRLNVM. Found it.23:25
MikeRLAnswered my own question. Now I can navigate my applications overflow again.23:26

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