waldo323i'm looking for software(open source preferred ) recommendations for external vulnerability scanning, does anyone have some recommendations? we've been using openvas but it has been difficult to maintain14:52
cmaloneyMight want to ask on Mastodon as well. I follow some security folks there14:54
cmaloneyI'll boost14:54
jrwrenlike pentesting?16:02
jrwrenSANS504 still teaches Nessus. It has kinda been the standard for many many years AFAIK16:07
jrwrenthere is also w3af.org16:13
jrwrenand inguma - inguma.sourceforge.net16:13
Scary_GuyGo into 4chan's /g/ and antagonize the nerds there with an IP as the username.  Trial by fire :)18:01
greg-gheh, we get enough shit as it is :)18:07

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